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<ul><li> 1. Andy Bedenk, Clay Goddard, Joey Torras<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Overview<br />Movies, Interviews, Non-stop entertainment<br />For the Movie Enthusiasts and Movie Lovers<br />Lineup is in the hands of the viewer<br />$6.99 per month<br /> 3. Voting and Lineup<br />Every week viewers vote<br />3 choices for each night<br />Each night of the week has its own genre<br />Monday Comedy<br />Tuesday Action<br />Wednesday Horror<br />Thursday Original Series (no voting)<br />Friday Feature Film<br />Saturday Romance<br />Sunday the results are revealed<br /> 4. Website Integration<br />Allows for 24 hour viewer interaction<br />Includes many extras that arent shown on TV<br />Movie of the Week<br />Style of the Stars<br />Web-exclusive Interviews<br />Web-exclusive behind the Scenes<br />News and Forum pages<br /> 5. Movie of the Week<br />Movie with the most votes becomes Movie of the Week<br />MINE analyzes and breaks down the Movie<br />Allows the movie enthusiasts to immerse themselves even deeper than ever before<br /> 6. Style of the Stars<br />Allows viewers to learn more about their favorite stars<br />Keeps the viewer engaged on our site<br />Breaks down Styles of stars<br />Hairstyles<br />Clothes<br />Workouts<br />Etc.<br /> 7. Promoting MINE<br />Sweepstakes<br />Celebrities Twitter Partnership<br />Billboards and Radio<br />Theatre Partnership<br /></p>