Mind Mapper Bangladesh Mind Mapper Bangladesh is a leading management consulting firm operating across

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Text of Mind Mapper Bangladesh Mind Mapper Bangladesh is a leading management consulting firm operating...

  • www.mindmapperbd.com

    Mind Mapper Bangladesh


  • www.mindmapperbd.com


    Envision in delivering sustainable human capital for the future.


    To design and deliver high impact development programs and a wide range of consultancy services that

    produce outstanding human performance in your organizations.


    Since inception in 2010, Mind Mapper has been operating with 4 unique wings of its business:

    Mind Mapper Bangladesh is a leading management consulting firm operating across all industries in Bangladesh and the Asian region. Mind Mapper works with leading organizations across private, public and social sectors. It is a trusted advisor for building its clients’ competitive advantages by shaping their knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Mind Mapper develops, redesigns, and improves strategies and processes to come up with the solutions to the problems that its clients are facing for optimizing their business.

    Mind Mapper’s customized approach ensures that its clients achieve outperforming competitive advantages, make processes more resilient and agile, and secure sustainable outcomes. Mind Mapper Bangladesh identifies clientele’s highest-value opportunities, addresses mission-critical challenges, and redesign and improve organizational structure which are able to counter challenges successfully. Mind Mapper Bangladesh proudly provides a range of services for contributing to excel both individual and organizational performance.

  • www.mindmapperbd.com

    Our International Partners

    Sensei International Sensei currently is one of world’s top 22 Leadership Development Organizations. Sensei International is a global yet boutique consulting organization with its head office in New York, USA and it’s regional office in Dubai. Sensei works on “Engaging human performance to dramatically Improve strategic business results” Since 2001 Sensei International has been working with over 40 MNCs and local Corporate in Bangladesh. For more details: www.sensei-international.com

    International Supply Chain Education Alliance – ISCEA

    ISCEA is the World Leader in Supply Chain Education, Certification, and Recognition Programs. International Supply Chain Education Alliance – ISCEA, is currently world’s most popular organization in training and educating current and future leaders in Supply Chain Management. With its headquarters in Ohio, USA, ISCEA operates in all the continents. Since 2010 ISCEA Bangladesh has educated over 1000+ supply chain professionals through it’s CSCM, CSCA, PGDSCM & CDSCM certifications. For more details: www.iscea.org


  • www.mindmapperbd.com

    Training Wing

    We are specialized in organizing training programs on the following areas:

     Leadership & Team Performance Development

     Interpersonal Skills Development

     Marketing & Sales

     Finance & Accounting

     Human Resource Management

     Customer Service

     Operations & Supply Chain

    As we conduct extensive research on sustainable business development through excellent human assets,

    we design & deliver each of our programs understanding clients’ requirement and to address the real

    challenges that our clients face.

  • www.mindmapperbd.com

    Consultancy Wing Mind Mapper Bangladesh approaches to provide consultancy services to develop, redesign, and improve both single or multiple processes and the holistic business environment that can optimize throughput leading to increased profitability. Our consultants come from a remarkable range of professional, cultural and educational backgrounds. We are specialized in articulating the corporate strategy and aligning that with the supply chain and operational strategy. We first diagnose your process and find out the problems or gaps and then work with your teams together to achieve previously set benchmarks. We work with our clients as we do with our colleagues. We help you to identify what’s coming in the future and to act on it now. We believe that a next generation company doesn’t make any excuse for any problem or challenge it faces. We see your problem or challenge as your stair to go upward. And we are confident enough that at the end of the day, your level of performance will be an agenda of your competitors’ board meeting. We are specialized in your following work area:

    • Manufacturing Process

    • Supply Chain Management

    • Human Resources

    • Process Automation

    • ERP Implementation

    • Lean Six Sigma

    Over the years, Mind Mapper Bangladesh has assisted a range of clients to design and improve their sup-

    ply chains and organizational system in a holistic manner. We help our clients grow their businesses

    with the right people and the right process.

  • www.mindmapperbd.com

    Qualification Wing We exclusively represent ISCEA (International Supply Chain Education Alliance) in Bangladesh; hence we are offering globally recognized qualifications in Supply Chain Management. Also, our pool of resource persons and alliances with global professional bodies, we also offer certification programs on other business areas.

    Qualifications we offer:

     Certified Supply Chain Manager (CSCM™)

     Certified Supply Chain Analyst (CSCA™)

     Post Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management (PGDSCM)

     Project Management Program (PMP)

     Six Sigma Certification - Green Belt/ Black Belt

    Please visit: www.iscea-bangladesh.com for qualification details.

    Executive Search

    Mind Mapper Bangladesh understands your unique need and sources you with professionals satisfying

    your required qualification. We have a good track record in sourcing employees. We test potential

    employees on the basis of your required qualification and send those who can meet your requirements.

    We provide you with executives for lower, mid and top level management.


  • www.mindmapperbd.com

    Leadership & Team Performance Development  Accelerating Team Performance

     Advanced Influencing

     Basic Leadership Skills

     Build High Performance Team through SL Model

     Business Leadership: Becoming a High Performer

     Coaching- A Leadership Skill

     Coaching Performance Breakthroughs

     Great People, Great Habits

     High Impact Leadership: Expanding Your Influence to Achieve Results

     Leaders of the Future

     Leadership and Coaching

     Leadership Development for New Managers/ Supervisors

     Leadership Excellence for Managers

     Leadership Journeys

     Managing People

     People Management Skills

     ‘Remarkable Leadership’ Program

     ‘Situational Leadership’ Program

     The 360⁰ Leadership for Excellence

     Transformational Leadership in Organizational Context

     Leadership @ Excellence Series

  • www.mindmapperbd.com

    Interpersonal Skills Development  Advanced Negotiation Skills

     Business Etiquette: Getting that Extra Edge

     Business Presentation using Excel and Power Point

     Business Report Writing

     Change Management

     Communication Secrets

     Conflict Resolution

     Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making

     Creative Thinking & Mind Mapping

     Effective Presentation Skills

     Effective Supervision & Delegation

     Handling Difficult Conversation

     How to Lead Brainstorming Sessions

     Improving Business Communications

     Management Development Program @ Series

     Mastery of Self through Neuro Linguistic Programming [NLP]

     Motivating People for Better Results

     Negotiation Skills for Excellence

     Speak Easy: Conquering Your Fear of Speaking in Public

     Stress Management Masterclass

     The 5 C's of Communication Skills for Creating Difference

     Time & Stress Management for Peak Performance

     Time Management Masterclass

  • www.mindmapperbd.com

    Marketing & Sales Training  Accelerate Sales via Partners

     Advance Sales Management: Gaining Competitive Edge

     Brand Leadership Masterclass

     Brand Strategy: When to Attack a Competing Brand

     Corporate Sales Management

     Delivering Customer Value

     Dynamics of Marketing & Sales

     Effective Brand Activation

     Effective Brand Management

     Effective Marketing Plans to Build Sustainable Business

     Effective PR & Communications

     Effective Retail Sales