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Millsmont Academy Public Hearing Oakland Unified School District January 2009

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Text of Millsmont Academy Public Hearing Oakland Unified School District January 2009

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Millsmont Academy Public Hearing Oakland Unified School District January 2009 Slide 2 January 2009 Millsmont Academy 2 Todays Discussion School Information Results Charter Accountability Slide 3 January 2009 Millsmont Academy 3 School Information Founded: 2004 Grades K-5 (formerly K-8) 216 students Millsmont Academy is a small, elementary school in the Aspire network of schools. Slide 4 January 2009 Millsmont Academy 4 School Information: Student Demographics Millsmont serves students with demographics similar to surrounding schools. Slide 5 January 2009 Millsmont Academy 5 Results: Achievement Millsmont Academy has made continuous increases in academic performance. 646 680 717 ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE INDEX Slide 6 January 2009 Millsmont Academy 6 Results: Achievement Millsmont accelerated the learning of 57% of its students with matched results who scored at the FBB level in 06-07 on the ELA CST and 20% on the Math CST Millsmont has successfully served the lowest performing students. Millsmont is not in Program Improvement. Slide 7 January 2009 Millsmont Academy 7 Results: Parent Satisfaction Parents are highly satisfied as measured by reenrollment rate and our parent satisfaction survey. 90% of the parents gave Millsmont a rating of good or above. As a parent, I appreciate Millsmonts hard working staff, the goals that are set for my children that are our future doctors, lawyers, policemen and women, firefighters, nurses,etc..... I appreciate great communication with the parents. the teachers have patience the after school program Slide 8 January 2009 Millsmont Academy 8 Analyze data Assess Results: Cycle of Inquiry Plan & change classroom practices Standards Pacing Instruction Wrap-around Edusoft Teacher evaluation Projects/Exhibitions Edusoft Status of the Class Student work Reading Levels Writing Levels The school uses a Cycle of Inquiry to continuously improve. Slide 9 January 2009 Millsmont Academy 9 Results: Benchmark Analysis Millsmont uses benchmark assessments to inform the instruction. After giving the assessment in December, the teachers analyzed the data to create a plan for reteaching and review. Data Analysis Tool: Standard 2.1 % Proficient: ___________ Class average: _________ Students to reteach: _____ Next Steps _____ Reteach small group _____ Reteach whole class Misconceptions: Slide 10 January 2009 Millsmont Academy 10 Charter Accountability: Changes Millsmonts basic educational program has stayed the same. Changes to Personalized Learning Plan Students loop with teachers instead of multiage Change in curriculum materials Added the Cycle of Inquiry Slide 11 January 2009 Millsmont Academy 11 Millsmont Academys 08-09 budget was based on conservative January 08 projections Budget will be able to withstand a state decrease in ADA. Last ten years, Aspire Public Schools has had clean audit with no uncorrected findings. The school ended the 07-08 year with a surplus. Charter Accountability: Fiscal Responsibility Millsmont is fiscally stable and prepared a state decrease in funding. Slide 12 January 2009 Millsmont Academy 12 Charter Accountability: College for Certain Millsmont looks forward to working with OUSD to send more kids to college. My hope and dream is to go to college so that I can be a doctor. This is my hope and dream because I want to be successful. My mom is going to be proud of me and I am going to be happy. To reach my dream, this year I will have to do my work so I can be smarter at school so I can go to college. I am proud to be in school! I will be a good doctor! By Londyn, 2 nd Grade Student

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