NAN GROW 3 is specially formulated for children aged 1 year and above. It contains important nutrients to fulfill the specific nutritional needs at this age. For your child's optimal growth and development, NAN GROW 3 provides high quality protein; essential fatty acids including DHA and ARA; and 25 important vitamins and minerals - including iron to build red blood cells and calcium for development of strong bones and teeth. To support your child's immunity against infections, NAN GROW 3 contains BL BIFIDUS, an active probiotic (good bacteria) that help fight against harmful bacteria in the digestive system. It also contains nutrients such as selenium, zinc, vitamins A, C and E to support immune function.

Milk Product

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NAN GROW 3 is specially formulated for children aged 1 year and above. It contains important nutrients to fulfill the specific nutritional needs at this age.

For your child's optimal growth and development, NAN GROW 3 provides high quality protein; essential fatty acids including DHA and ARA; and 25 important vitamins and minerals - including iron to build red blood cells and calcium for development of strong bones and teeth.

To support your child's immunity against infections, NAN GROW 3 contains BL BIFIDUS, an active probiotic (good bacteria) that help fight against harmful bacteria in the digestive system. It also contains nutrients such as selenium, zinc, vitamins A, C and E to support immune function.

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NAN HA 3 is a premium hypoallergenic formula specially designed for children aged 1 year and above.

It is specially formulated with: Partially hydrolyzed protein that reduces the allergenic potential of cow's milk BL BIFIDUS – scientifically proven friendly active probiotic (good bacteria) that help

fight against harmful bacteria in the digestive system.

It contains essential fatty acids including DHA and ARA that are important components of the brain and eye. NAN HA 3 also contains 25 vitamins & minerals for good growth & development.

Introducing NAN Kid 4, a specially formulated milk powder for children aged 3 years and above. It contains important nutrients to fulfill the specific nutritional needs at this age. NAN Kid 4 contains BL BIFIDUS, a probiotic which is an active friendly bacteria that has scientifically proven benefits. It helps to strengthen immune defences and reduces risk of infections. It also contains nutrients such as selenium, zinc, vitamins A, C and E to support immune function.

For your child’s optimal growth and development, NAN Kid 4 provides vitamin B complex which provides energy for children to meet their high energy needs, essential fatty acids including DHA and important vitamins and minerals - including iron to build red blood cells and calcium for development of strong bones and teeth

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Milk contains many important nutrients including protein, calcium and iron to help your child grow up healthy and strong. Because we believe in the role milk plays in a developing child’s formative years, NESPRAY CERGAS is packed with the goodness of milk in an affordable package for the price-conscious parent while maintaining the high quality standards Nestlé is known for throughout the world.

Protein is essential for growth and development Calcium is important for stronger bones and teeth

Iron is a factor in red blood cell formation

NESPRAY CERGAS offers unbeatable value to parents and essential nutrition to your child for healthy growth and development.

NESPRAY CERGAS. Suka khasiatnya! Suka harganya!

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Nestlé (M) Bhd led sales in 2010 with 35% value share. A dynamic performance was mainly due to its leading brand, Milo in Malaysia which held a 29% value share. Milo remained the most prominent malt-based hot drinks product in Malaysia which was commonly purchased for household consumption as well as foodservice consumption. Confidence has been created amongst consumers since it is consistently marketed through various channels, such as television commercials, on-ground activities such as the distribution of free Milo drinks with its Milo booth or mobile trucks.


Drinking milk products is projected to grow with a CAGR of 2% in constant value terms over the forecast period. This positive growth will be mainly due to the increase in knowledge being passed on to consumers regarding the benefits of consuming milk. In terms of rising consumer health concerns, low-fat milk is becoming more popular than full-cream milk due to its ability to help in weight management. As parents are increasingly educated in today’s society, they tend to realise the importance of the role that milk plays in terms of their children’s development stages. Therefore, it is expected that manufacturers will continue to launch new types of drinking milk products targeted specifically at children over the forecast period. Following the already prevalent trend, more novel flavours and healthy drinking milk products are expected to be launched.

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Purpose Of Assignment

Being the students of promotion management (marketing course), we have to analyze the promotional strategies in

practical way. For this purpose we have chosen “Packed Milk Group” of “Nestlē”. The basic purpose of this report

was to get knowledge about the promotional techniques used by “Nestlē” for its packed milk group. For this purpose

we have chosen three products.

Every day (Tea Whitener)

Milk pack (Liquid UHT Milk)

Nido (Powdered Milk)

In this assignment we have discussed product, price, packaging, target market, consumer behaviour and

communication of above stated three products.

Under the heading of Communication we have analyzed various prints as their execution style, message, colour

appeals, source and theme. After studying these features we have to create an imaginary product, and its print ad.

Introduction to Nestlē

It is the Multinational Company. It has so many product lines. It is originating in 1893. Here we are discussing the

packed milk of Nestle, which includes.

1. Nido

2. Every day

3. Milk pack

We discuss them one by one in detail. General introduction is this that.

1. Every day is milk in powered from especially used for tea purpose

2. Nido is used for better growing of children & it is in thickness liquid form.

3. Milk pack is also used in liquid from & in a packed from, we also for tea & for general use also.

Packed Milk

Every day

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It is one of the most famous products by Nestle. It is spray dried, instant dairy whitener, specially formulated to bring

out the best taste of the tea. It is made from the best quality fresh milk according to the Nestle International standards

that guarantee quality and purity. Basically everyday has no computer in tea whitener market.


Milkpak is the product by Nestle which is available in liquid form. Nestlē designed this product because of greater

demand of milk. Milkpak is more pure & hygienic milk which stays fresh for quite longer time period. It is ideal for

family use.


It is full – cream powdered milk enriched with vitamin A & D. Nido is made from pure fresh milk and retains calcium.

Vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients. Nido is specially designated for the growing children.

Sizes and Prices

Every day Milkpak Nido

1000 gm (178-Rs) 1- Litre (28-Rs) 1000 gm (183-Rs)

500 gm (108-Rs) ½ Litre (14-Rs) 500 gm (110-Rs)

200 gm (47-RS) 1/4Litre(7-Rs) 200 gm(50 Rs)



It is available in both Polly packs and soft packs. The product has functional as well as informational packing.

Everyday is initially packed in a plastic bag with aluminum coating for extra protection and freshness, it is further

wrapped in hard paper & brand name, price and additional information are printed over it.


It has functional hard paper packing and the inner side of packet has aluminum coating which protects it from

sunlight. Brand name & information are printed over it.

Page 7: Milk Product


It is available in both Polly packs and soft packs. The product has functional as well ad informational. Nido is initially

packed in a plastic bag with aluminum coating for extra protecting and freshness, it is further wrapped in hard paper

packing. On packet, name, price and additional information are printed over it.

PLC Status

Product life cycle is the course of a products sales and profits over its life time. It involves five distinct stages.

ž Product development

ž Introduction

ž Growth

ž Maternity

ž Decline


Everyday is at growth stage. Because growth stage is that stage where there is a rapid market acceptance of the

product and the profits are increasing. So everyday market acceptance is assured, its awareness is increasing, sot it

is at growth stage. Everyday has no competitors.


It is at maturity stage, because Nestlē is sharing the market with many competitors (Halla, Skimz, Haleeb, Candia).

Market is fully aware of the qualities of Milkpak. Milkpak has achieved acceptance by potential buyers. And for

Milkpak, people have developed preferences.


Nido is also at maturity stage because there is a increasing in sales with decreasing trend, the product has achieved

acceptance. It has competitors (for e.g. safety, unbranded dry milk).

Target market

Nestle used market segmentation strategy for its products like Nido, Everyday, and Milkpak. Segmentation is based

on demographic basis which includes.

Age occupation

Page 8: Milk Product

Income group family composition


Everyday is basically prepared for people living in cities who belong to high income group people. So the users

belong to A class because the general perception about Everyday is that it is costly but actually it is not. It is basically

economical for tea purpose. It provides convince in tea making so this is also specially targeted for office use, where

it can be prepared easily and immediately.

It is used by those families which can be called as working class only because as working only because of



Milkpak is targeted at quality conscious people mostly living in urban areas. The users of Milkpak belong to all

classes People prefer to use milkpak for tea making mostly e.g. in hostels most of the students use Milkpak, Haleeb,

where the fresh milk is not easily available and some use it due to its good quality and taste. Small packs are

especially produced for the lower income group for the purpose of tea preparation.


Nido is generally targeted at the growing, specially school going, children. Because children are fond of playing and

as they done in growing age so they need of vitamins and calcium for the growth of strong bones and teeth.

Target market for Nido, is school going children especially living in cities, it is not specified but through Ads, we can

perceive, the Target Market choosed by Nestle.

Product positioning.


It is positioned on product features as an instant diary whitener for delicious cup of tea. It is high quality price product.

It is the choice of those people who are taste conscious and want to save their time, because it is convenient to make

tea with everyday. It is milk which can be used for tea, drinking, sweat dishes, anything but mostly it is positioned as

tea milk.


It is also positioned on product attributes. It is high pure, UHT. Standardized milk which stays fresh for a longer time

period. Without refrigeration, as compared to fresh milk. Milkpak has no “cream or Bali” but it is positioned as more

pure because through scientific processes quantity makes more cup of tea as compared to fresh milk.


Page 9: Milk Product

It is positioned as dried milk, which retains all the nutrients of fresh milk and also contains vitamins A & D for strong

bones and teeth of children. It is choice of those mothers who are careful about the healthy growth of their children


Brand helps in the identification of any idea sold by a marker.

Brand name, brand market or logo and trade marks all are the parts of branding.


“Everyday” is the brand of the tea whitener produced by Nestle and as it is legally protected through registration with

patent and trade mark office of the department of commerce so it is the “trade mark” also.

It is a good brand name because it is the tea whitener and people use it every day so its brand name is everyday. It is

also say to speak & easy to understand for everyone. And it is also different from the competing brands.


“Milkpak” is the brand name of the packed milk. It is also the trade mark of this packed milk. It is very much popular

brand. That it has become the generic name for packed liquid milk.

It is also very much associated with the product feature is very helpful in the promotional strategy.


“Nido” is the brand name of the instant dried milk of Nestle. “Nido” is also the trade mark of the product.

Page 10: Milk Product

It is a small brand have which makes it different and unique among other competing brands.

This also creates a strong brand personally for the product.


Nestle uses the print and mass media for communication. Attractive ads are presented for promotional purposes.

Every day

For the product “every day” nestle company has presented many ads. Recently nestle has made a beautiful ad, for

every day.



In the recent ad very famous model Mahnoor Balooch and Junaid Jamshaid are shown as a happy couple. Celebrity

is used as source. Jumaid Jamshaid and Mahnoor are top famous people of show business.


“Special Milk for Tea”

ad conveys the message that a cup of tea by every day is helpful in strength the relationships of a couple. It also

conveys the message that every day’s cup of tea helps in the removal of the fatigue.


Here a combination of appeals used. Emotional appeal is used in such a way when it is said “ Mazah Jo Aata Hay

Payar Ho Jata Hai”

This is the kind of the emotional type of appeal.

Then pleasant appeal is also used when a couple is in a happy mood, and there are pleasant feelings appearing of

both the husband and wife are in a happy mood.

Execution Style in TV Ad

Basically dramatic style is used for this ad in the electronic media. But in print media straight sell / factual message

style is used.

Ad # 2

Page 11: Milk Product

It is the old ad of the every day which is only used fort he print media now a days.


A happy couple is used as a source. That couple is not very much famous.


“For a delicious coup of Tea”

For electronic media the ad conveys the message that the cup of tea strengthen the relationship of the husband and


But for print ad it conveys the message that every day is used for a delicious cup of tea.

Execution Style

For print ad straight sell and demonstration style is used and for the electronic media dramatization style is used.


Here is also a combination of both the pleasant and emotional appeals.

In the electronic add the appeal is emotional in such a way when the wife says that I use every day so that every cup

of tea make you remember me and pleasant in such a way when the couple is happy and in the pleasant mood.


Ad # 1


Attractive healthy and happy family


This ad conveys that this milk is ideal for the family and it is pure fresh milk.

Execution style

It is the straight sell fetched usage style and also demonstration style is used here.

Page 12: Milk Product


In this ad, pleasant appeal is used.


Ad # 1


A growing healthy child is used as a source of the ad. And the mother is giving a glass of Nido milk to him.


It is the combination of informational and emotional appeal. Because it gives the information that milk contains

vitamin A & B. It presents emotional appeal when it says that gives the best milk to your child and makes your family


Ad # 2


A happy and healthy family is used as a source for this ad.


“Your child deserves the best”

This Ad conveys the massage that your child is very much precious for you and give him the best of the world.


It is the also informational and emotional appeal combination. Like Ad I

Execution Style

Execution style is also the combination of the demonstrations, Straight sell and the scientific evidences. This print ad

conveys the massage that Nido is the No. 1 Milk of the world and you should give your child this milk and do not be

careless the health of your child.

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Sales Promotion

Sales promotion, offers and extra incentive for the ultimate consumer, distributors, or the sales force. Here we are

only concerned with consumer-oriented sales promotion. Sales promotional techniques used by nestle Pvt. Ltd. new

for packed mild are;

Ø Sampling

Ø Price off

Ø Sweap stakes

Ø Event sponsorship


In this technique nestle offers small quantities of product for no charge to induce trial. Now with in two years this

activity has been reduced.


Small packs of Nido, mostly sufficient for making one glass, in given to prospects residence, by door-to-door

sampling. And also through mail for everyday and Milkpak sampling technique is not used.

Price Off Technique

In this technique, price of the product is reduced 10-25% off the regular price. This technique used for the three


Mostly on Milkpak, 2-rupees off mostly offered.

Similarly, price reduction in everyday takes the form of “BACHAT PACK” its polythene, one Kg. Pack is offered as


On the following page, the print ads, showing the sales promotional offers.


Sweapstacks is a sales promotion, technique in which public is invited to enter in lucky draw, entrants need only to

submit their names for the prize drawing. Usually some special events e.g. Eid, Millennium, are used for these lucky

draws. Milkpak used the “Gold Earring” Scheme this year on this Eid.

Page 14: Milk Product

In this scheme, 300 prizes of gold earrings, was offered, entrance in draw, was simply to fill the upper part of packets,

with name and home address.

Event Sponsorship

This year, nestle MilkPak, used this technique for MilkPak. The “Basant Mela” was sponsored by Nestle MilkPak in

which a musical programme was sponsored.

Ads can be developed after correct understanding.

Consumer Buying Behaviour

It is a challenge faced by the marketer to influence the purchase behaviour of consumer in favour of product, they

offer. Because purchase is the ultimate goal, which marketer wants to generate.

Consumer purchase behaviour involves, all those activities, and processes people engage in while searching,

selecting, purchasing using and evaluating products

Determining Consumer Motivation

When the consumer recognizes the problem, it is the job of mardeter starts, ny influencing the decision process.

Through effective advertisement, company, tries to influence the way, they perceive their needs and wants. These

needs may be Physiological, Esteem, social, Self actualization, or Physiological needs. Through advertisement,

marketer presents their needs, and tries to develop associations, through conditioning e.g for the milk products, basic

need of milk, is to fulfill the physiological needs of milk, but social needs are conditioned with physiological needs

through ads.

Information search

In this step of consumer behaviour process, marketer influences the information searching process by giving

information in a persuatissive and attractive manner either through media (TV. Radio) or print Media.

All the ads, are objected to inform the audience about th4e products which are designed to meet their requirement.

Evoked Set

Marketer always tries to keep their brands, in the evoked set of customers, for the advertisement.

Page 15: Milk Product

Attitude Development

Print ads affect the consumer mind only 20% while electronic on TV ads remains on the minds of consumers round

80%. That’s why for attitude development of a brand nestle focuses on TV ads that gives so much worth

MILO® sponsors a number of local sporting events among the following: Le Tour de Langkawi

SEA Games

Sukan Malaysia

Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament

ASEAN Sports Council Championships

National level Junior Championship

All of these are organised by National Sports Associations, Malaysian School Sports Councils as well as the Olympic

Council of Malaysia and National Sports Councils' Junior Development Programmes.

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Page 17: Milk Product
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Page 19: Milk Product


2MBAThe Marketing Plan

6.1 Marketing Objectives

Establish a strong presence in the US market Use the Nestle association as a conduit for entry into the US market provide guaranteed

demand, market penetration, nation wide distribution, and an opportunity to gauge market acceptance of La Barista at a reduced business and financial risk.

Utilize acquired market knowledge and presence to establish non-Nestle customers both through Nestle affiliations and through the efforts of 2MBA, Inc's own sales force.

Establish significant high-margin sales.

6.2 Sales Forecasts

Based on the market research undertaken, strategies developed and existing customer relationships, the following sales forecasts were developed (in units):Product Details Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5

NestleMVULa Barista

380 480480




Non-NestleLa Barista

 320 1,520 2,720 3,920

Grand TotalMVULa Barista

380 480800




6.3 Sales Assumptions

Assumptions underlying the development of the sales forecasts are as follows:

Year 1 100% of MVU production is sold to Nestle in accordance with the amount specified in the

contract. This is a cautious market strategy allowing us to gain market acceptance and increase market knowledge.

$120,000 will be spent on developing the relationship with Nestle, acquiring and training a sales force, producing brochures, and seeking out the key decision-makers in food and beverage organizations.

Year 2 Nestle contract continues with increased supply to 480 MVU's and 480 La Barista units 320 La Barista units will be sold to new customers some of whom may be reached through

Nestle affiliations and some as a result of our extensive marketing effort.

$600,000 will be spent creating excitement for La Barista, achieved through a strong trade show presence and developing trade show materials, a nation-wide personal selling campaign, and mailings of our direct marketing brochures.

Page 20: Milk Product

Year 3 Nestle contract continues 1,520 La Baristas will be sold to non-Nestle customers. This will require the forging of further

strategic alliances.

$480,000 will be spent continuing the marketing effort commenced in Year 2.

Years 4 & 5 Nestle contract continues Non-Nestle customers now represent the majority of our business with demand peeking in Year

5 as the benefits of our technology are recognized in the growing market.

$480,000 will be spent in each year continuing the search for further customers and developing the relationships with current customers.

6.4 Marketing Strategies

The key to the marketing strategy is to identify individuals in food and catering organizations with decision-making authority to acquire beverage appliances. These individuals can be reached through personal selling, direct mailings, trade shows, and business calls. The marketing approach will demonstrate the benefits of the 2MBA, Inc. products. Emphasis will be placed on how the La Barista creates superior cups of coffee, faster, consistently, and with less staff training.

6.4.1 Products

2MBA Inc.'s product offerings will be positioned as cost-effective, reliable, operational solutions to the current and future needs of the hectic pace of the retail beverage industry. La Barista and its successors will be the pinnacle in current soluble coffee technology, able to rival the most established roast and ground machines through their superior tasting coffee and superior convenience, speed, consistent output, ease of use and reliability, supported by a committed training and maintenance force. This will enable food chains previously cautious of introducing espresso and cappuccino into their product lines to do so at reduced risk.

6.4.2 Price

La Barista will be priced competitively at $6,500 This pricing strategy will be high enough to convince customers that they are purchasing an

effective high-quality product. Primary research indicates that the target market is not price sensitive. The sales price will return an estimated 39% gross margin on sales.

The MVU's price is the result of market research conducted by Nestle, the primary consumer,

6.4.3 Distribution

Product distribution will be facilitated by utilizing the distribution channels of the large corporations with whom we secure strategic alliances. Such corporations will typically have nation wide coverage.

This strategy will ensure a presence in the market that increases awareness and builds demand.

6.4.4 Promotion

2MBA Inc.'s entry into the US market will be supported by a campaign to establish its profile in the beverage appliance industry. This will include the following:

Seek out the decision-makers in large food and beverage corporations Direct mail corporate material to the above

Page 21: Milk Product

Undertake a campaign of personal selling, targeting decision-makers

Advertise in industry journals, on the Internet, and on our website

Attend/sponsor exhibitions and trade shows

Continual PR: press write-ups; personal interviews; testimonials; product trials