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  1. 1. Davis Mike South Carolina RB 7.3 Last Name First Name College Position Final Grade 59 216 N/A N/A Height Weight 40 speed Test Score ATHLETIC ABILITY SECTION GRADE: 7.9 Q.A.B 8.5 Quick Feet 8 C.O.D. 8 Flexibility 7.5 Coordination 7.5 Has very quick feet and great balance. He can change direction very well with his unlimited moves. Doesnt go down very easily unless he gets wrapped up. Very good balance. COMPETITIVENESS SECTION GRADE: 7.4 Toughness 7 Clutch Play 7 Production 7.5 Consistency 7 Team Player 8 Pride / Quit 8 He showed great competitiveness and toughness. He had multiple big plays in the three games I watched. On certain passing plays he gave up on the route or didnt give full effort. MENTAL ALERTNESS SECTION GRADE: 7.8 Learn / Retain 7 Inst/Reaction 8.5 Concentration 8 He has amazing ball carrying vision and uses his blockers very well. Hes patient and waits for the wholes to open up and then explodes through them. STRENGTH / EXPLOSION SECTION GRADE: 7 Body Type 6.5 He has a very small frame at 59 and 216lbs. Took a beating in the games I watched and got up slowly a couple times after the play. He shows great explosion when a whole opens up and is able to make players miss but cant run over anyone. Durability 6.5 Explosion 7.5 Play Strength 7.5
  2. 2. GDE CATEGORY COMMENTS DESCRIPTION GAMES VIEWED COMBINE NOTES 8 RUN INSTINCTS Very good BCV. South Carolina vs Georgia South Carolina vs Missouri South Carolina vs Kentucky 225 REPS-N/A VERTICAL JUMP-N/A BROAD JUMP-N/A 20 SHUTTLE-N/A 60 SHUTTLE-N/A 3 CONE-N/A 8 ELUSIVENESS Makes a lot of people miss. 8.5 CUTBACK ABIL. Cutback is probably favorite move. 6.5 INSIDE RUNNER Explodes to hole but gets stopped due to size. 7.5 OUTSIDE RUNNER Out runs a lot of defenders to the outside gaining good yardage. 7 HANDS RCVING Good soft hands. 6.5 ADJUST TO BALL Didnt react to inaccurate passes. 7.5 R.A.C Makes a lot of players miss and gains positive yards with speed. N/A RUN BLOCKER Didnt see any on tape. CRITICAL FACTORS 6 PASS BLOCKER Was physical at point of attack but got ran over sometimes. HEIGHT PASS BLOCKING INJURIES 6.5 DURABLE / TOUGHS Gets beat up often had multiple injuries. 8 FUMBLE / ERRORS Didnt see any fumbles on tape. STRONG POINTS WEAKNESSES Has great explosion through holes, can make players miss with multiple moves he has perfected. Has elite speed so he can make the big play and pull away from defenders. Cant bulldoze his was forward. Gets ran over a lot on pass blocking and sometimes on passing plays doesnt give effort. SUMMARY Mike Davis is a short, stocky running back with great speed and elusiveness. Hes the type of player that can make anyone miss and on any given play can take one to the house. He has good ball security and hardly makes errors. He does have a history of injuries though and thats a concern. Due to his size he often gets bulldozed on pass blocking assignments.