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  • SUMMER 2016

    The Royal College of Midwives

    M IDW

    IVES / SU M

    M ER 2016

    Rolling the dice for maternity services

    Th e next generation



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  • From the publishers of Emma’s Diary®, ‘A Guide to Labour & Birth’ is a FREE resource designed for you to give to expectant mums in your care from 34 weeks.

    The publication is written by a team of medical experts in association with the RCGP and is available to midwives to support their work.

    • The content focuses on preparation for labour, to achieve the best possible birth experience

    • All content is BFI compliant • Content is reviewed and updated

    twice a year to include the most current and comprehensive information

    • Presented in a useful zipped wallet, containing a selection of relevant product samples for mums to try

    • Free of charge


    The Free and Essential guide to Labour & Birth

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  • 3rcm.org.uk/midwives


    CONTENTS VOLUME 19 | Summer 2016

    7 Editorial

    RCM chief executive Cathy Warwick

    discusses the future for maternity services

    9 Letter

    Cathy’s response to the media coverage on

    the RCM’s position on abortion

    10 News

    Student bursaries; immigration; research

    18 Your RCM news

    New Alliance partner; charity bike ride; i-learn

    11, 13, 15 Country news

    The latest from the RCM’s country directors

    19 On politics

    The changes set to aff ect midwifery in the UK

    14 Th e big story

    The EU referendum

    16 Call to action

    A message from Cathy about regulation

    21 On employment The RCM’s new series of publications about equality and diversity


    30 Student voices How to keep going on the midwifery

    journey, and a look at the language

    used by midwives

    26 Feedback

    Members’ letters: incontinence, and a research request

    33 Research

    Two lead authors summarise their

    latest work

    36 How to...

    build and develop a birth centre


    23 One-to-one

    Greta Beresford on teaching midwives in former Soviet states

    3028 Voice of

    a mother Refl ecting on the loss

    of a baby and the invaluable support

    from midwives

    immigration; res

    20 Your student news

    Rebozo techniques; society funding; webinars


    25 MSW voice

    An award-winning MSW explains her

    role in the NNU


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    MIDWIVES VOLUME 19 | Summer 2016

    88 Diary

    Upcoming courses, training

    and events

    89 Competitions Get your hands on some great


    90 Crossword

    Test your wits on this midwifery


    64 Technology

    Using technology to help prepare student midwives for practice

    84 CMV

    The facts about cytomegalovirus

    72 Stillbirth

    A look at what needs to change to tackle

    the stillbirth problem in the UK

    70 Healthy eating

    Slimming World explores the eff ects of shift work

    on staff eating habits and wellbeing

    60 Revalidation

    Learning from midwives who have completed

    their revalidation


    story Features

    38 Th e next

    generation game Extensive coverage of the

    report of the National Maternity Review for England

    44 Kangaroo care

    A group of midwives and an international

    charity take kangaroo mother care to China

    48 Powys midwifery

    Looking at the emergency obstetric

    training off ered to midwives in rural Wales


    54 Infertility

    The issue of infertility in a profession dedicated

    to birth and babies

    58 Public health

    The second model of the RCM’s new

    public health project

    o nt ce

    68 Benevolent Fund Dame Lorna Muirhead

    highlights the help provided by the fund to midwives in need

    76 Global midwifery

    An update on the RCM’s global work

    78 Preterm birth

    Improving outcomes for babies born too early

    50 RCM campaign

    The new RCM campaign focusing on the health, safety and wellbeing of

    midwives and MSWs

    82 Better births

    Introducing the new Better Births summaries

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    Keep up-to-date with changes in clinical practice which will help you provide

    first-class support for both mother and baby


    Explore teaching methods and innovative ways to educate student midwives to ensure

    a new generation of competent maternity professionals


    The latest research findings that will

    have implications for your clinical practice, now and in the future


    Essential information on the issues and concerns facing all midwives, together

    with advice about career development


    Promoting excellence in midwifery and women’s healthPromoting excellence in midwifery and women’s health


    Assessing in-utero activity

    Intimate partner violence and pregnancy

    June 2015

    Importance of timing of deinfibulation for women with type 3 FGM

    Peripartum cardiomyopathy

    Visit www.magsubscriptions.com/bjm or call 0800 137 201 (UK ONLY)


    Intntimatatete papartner v and preregegngnancycy

    ofof deinffibulatation fofo with tytyppe 3 FGFGM



    g w


    g w



    Impporttance ofof timingng f i ffi i for w


    Helping subscribers provide first class

    support and care for mother and child

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    Reduce Repeat Oral Glucose Tolerance Testing with Rapilose

    Rapilose OGTT Drink is a specially formulated solution designed to deliver 75g glucose in a ready-prepared 300ml pouch.

    Ideal for pregnant women, the pleasant non-

    of regurgitation.

    As well as always being well tolerated by patients, Rapilose has proved very robust in day to day use and is popular with service users both in clinics and in the out of hospital setting.

    Darren Ames, Whiston Hospital

    making with The BridgeMaster Fetal Scalp Blood Sampling Kit

    The new BridgeMaster FSBS kits improve the sampling process not only for the clinician but also for the mother and baby, providing simpler, faster results to ensure appropriate decision making.

    Viewing the fetal presentation is easier than

    draw the sample rather than a cross-cut.

    generating an accurate, timely result from the

    and safety implications are reduced by the inclusion of a retractable blade as standard in the BridgeMaster FSBS kit.


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  • 7rcm.org.uk/midwives 7

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    f e xe

    cu tiv

    e CA

    TH Y

    W AR

    W IC


    As Midwives goes to press, the RCM has come under attack for our position statement on abortion, which we have published on our website - bit.ly/ RCMAbortionStatement. Contrary to the distorted and sensationalist accounts touted by certain newspapers and lobbyists, the reality is that our position restates the RCM’s long-standing support for women to have choice over their fertility and over all aspects of their maternity care, including whether to have a baby or not. Our position also reaffi rms our support for midwives to hold a position of conscientious objection. I would urge you all to read our position statement and the message to members on page 9.

    Th is edition also includes extensive coverage of the report of the National Maternity Review for England, which the RCM has strongly welcomed. I hope you are as delighted as I am with its vision of a service in which women are at the centre of care and in which maternity staff are supported to care for them.

    Th ere is so much to be pleased about in the report, with its focus on improving the quality of local maternity services for all women, for making care more personalised and for ensuring women are cared for by a small team of midwives they know and trust. Women want more continuity and the evidence supports it

    producing better outcomes. Be assured that change will be phased, local services will have the freedom to develop their own models for supporting continu


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