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Midshire Business Systems - Sharp MX-M282 / MX-M362N / MX-M452N / MX-M502N - Multifunction Mono Printer

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Text of Midshire Business Systems - Sharp MX-M282 / MX-M362N / MX-M452N / MX-M502N - Multifunction Mono...

  • MX-M502N / MX-M452N / MX-M362N / MX-M282NDigital Multifunctional System

    You need performance; you want versatility /This is Why you need Sharp on your team.


  • We know exactly what workgroups need /This is Why we include it as standard.

    Weve created an entire family of A3 MFPs, with speeds ranging from 28 pages per minute (ppm) up to 50 ppm, with all the really important functions the must have capabilities that your team uses every day - built in.

    Looking for dependable double-sided copying and network printing? Its here.

    Need fast, versatile network scanning in full colour? No problem.

    Want robust security, advanced productivity tools and effortless control? Keep reading.

    It all comes as standard and every feature can be controlled from a colour touch screen control panel with thumbnail previews.

    Designed to be greener

    They warm up in just 20 seconds and the first copy appears in 4.6 seconds or less, saving you time and money. Plus, youll find a number of innovative printing and copying features such as Proof Print, which cuts waste by letting you check a sample before committing to a long print run.

    And as well as being equipped with a manual power save button to save energy and cut running costs, these Energy Star-certified MFPs reduce night-time energy consumption right down to a single watt. Thats just enough to receive faxes.



  • Making the right choices

    Every workgroup has different needs. Some people buy two or more of their preferred model. Not only does that increase availability, but it helps them cope with peaks in the workload by sharing a single job between two MFPs.

    Linking two MX-M502Ns, for example, lets you double the effective output speed to 100 pages every minute.

    Theyre versatile, too. Each MFP can be customised to your precise requirements by choosing from a useful range of extra value options. You can add a Reversing Single Pass Feeder for

    hands-free double-sided scanning, a space-saving internal finisher for simple sorting, stapling and off-set stacking, and a variety of hole punchers for producing ready-to-file documents. And theres more.

    The paper supply can grow to 5,600 sheets. A 4,000-sheet finisher makes it easier to manage long print runs. A bi-folding saddle stitch finisher lets your team produce stylish A4 booklets. You can add fax capabilities, extra security, PostScript 3 emulation, extra memory, barcode printing and your choice of a growing range of applications that run under Sharp OSA (Open Systems Architecture).




  • Your documents and data are valuable /This is Why we help you protect and manage them.

    Whichever model you choose, you can be sure that your data, documents and network will remain safe and secure, thanks to a combination of robust user authentication, secure network cards, SSL and IPsec data encryption, port-based network control, and PIN-controlled printing.

    If your team routinely handles confidential information you may want our optional Data Security Kit too. This will encrypt and securely erase data on the hard disk and internal memory, either automatically or on demand.

    Plus, it gives you our Document Control Function. This prevents the unauthorised copying, scanning, faxing and filing of confidential documents by adding copy-prevention data to a document when it is first copied or printed. If the data is subsequently detected the MFP simply cancels the job or prints a blank page.

    Effortless document management

    Every model comes with an 80GB hard drive as standard great for storing and recreating documents on demand. Its just as easy to organise your documents on your PC, too, with Sharpdesk: our desktop scanning software that lets you browse, sort, search and share more than 200 types of file and combine them into new documents. Just drag and drop for instant results.

    Whats more, with Sharp OSA installed you can use Sharp OSA Network Scanner Tool to streamline complex scanning and printing jobs by automatically applying your preferred options and settings.



  • A Remote Diagnosis feature monitors the MFPs through a web browser, and theyll get timely email messages when maintenance is required.

    Sharp Remote Device Manager gives them real-time control of your Sharp MFPs - again, through a browser - making technical support, driver installation and firmware upgrades easier than ever.

    They can even remotely* view and operate the front panel display, taking control, changing settings, fixing problems and providing ad hoc training, without ever leaving their desks, thanks to our innovative Remote Access Control Panel.

    Easy, centralised device management and support

    These MFPs are truly easy to manage. For a start, you can monitor every important setting from a dedicated web page. But thats not all.

    A Printer Status Monitor on your PC lets you check that theres enough toner and paper before you start a job. A glance at the Job Status Screen will reveal every copy and print job and its position in the queue. And an alert will pop up as soon as your documents are printed.

    Your support staff will love them, too.


    *Requires VNC application



    8. MX-FN10 +MX-PNX5A/C/D


    11. MX-RBX3

    Picture shown with MX-TU11 option.

    12. MX-TU11

    1. MX-DEX9 2. MX-DEX8 3. MX-DK131

    13. MX-TRX2

    14. MX-FXX2

    4. MX-LCX1

    9. MX-FN11

    10. MX-PNX6A/C/D

    7. MX-FNX9 + MX-PNX1A/C/D

    Base UnitReversing Single Pass Feeder

    Inner FinisherStand with 2 Paper Drawers

    Exit Tray Unit

    Base UnitReversing Single Pass Feeder

    Paper Pass UnitSaddle Stitch FinisherLarge Capacity Tray

    Stand with 2 Paper DrawersExit Tray Unit

    Base UnitReversing Single Pass Feeder

    Paper Pass UnitHigh Capacity Finisher

    Punch ModuleLarge Capacity Tray

    Stand with 2 Paper DrawersExit Tray Unit

    6. MX-RP115. MX-VRX1

  • 7Base Unit

    1. MX-DEX9 Stand with 2 x 500 Sheet Paper DrawersA3 to B5R, 500 sheets each (80 g/m2) for lower and upper trays

    2. MX-DEX8 Stand with 500 Sheet Paper DrawerA3 to B5R, 500 sheets (80 g/m2)

    3. MX-DK131 Cabinet

    4. MX-LCX1 3,500 Sheet Large Capacity TrayA4 or B5, 3,500 sheets (80 g/m2)

    5. MX-VRX1 Document Cover

    6. MX-RP11 Reversing Single Pass FeederA3 to B5, 100 sheets (80 g/m2), 35 - 128 g/m2 (simplex), 50 - 105 g/m2 (duplex)


    7. MX-FNX9 FinisherA3 to B5 (offset/staple), A3W to A5R (non offset)Offset tray (upper): max. 500-sheet paper capacity*1

    Stapling capacity: max. 50-sheet multi-position staple*1

    Staple position: 3 locations (front, rear or 2 point stitching)*1

    Optional Punch Module for MX-FNX9MX-PNX1A - 2 Hole Punch ModuleMX-PNX1C - 4 Hole Punch ModuleMX-PNX1D - 4 Hole Wide Punch Module

    8. MX-FN10 Saddle Stitch Finisher (1,000-Sheet)A3 to B5 (offset/staple), A3W to A5R (non offset)Offset tray (upper): max.1,000-sheet paper capacity*1

    Stapling capacity: max. 50-sheet multi-position staple*1

    Staple position: 3 locations (front, rear or 2 point stitching)*1

    Saddle stitch tray (lower): 10 sets (11-15 sheets), 15 sets (6-10 sheets), 20 sets (1-5 sheets). 15 sheets max per set.

    Optional Punch Module for MX-FN10MX-PNX5A - 2 Hole Punch ModuleMX-PNX5C - 4 Hole Punch ModuleMX-PNX5D - 4 Hole Wide Punch Module

    9. MX-FN11 High Capacity Finisher (4,000-Sheet)A3 to B5 (offset/staple), A3W to A5R (non staple/offset)Upper tray max. 1,550 sheets capacity*1

    Lower tray max. 2,450 sheets capacity*1

    Stapling capacity: max. 50-sheet multi position staple*1

    Staple position: 3 locations (front, rear or 2 point stitching)*1

    10. Optional Punch Module for MX-FN11MX-PNX6A - 2 Hole Punch ModuleMX-PNX6C - 4 Hole Punch ModuleMX-PNX6D - 4 Hole Wide Punch Module

    11. MX-RBX3 Paper Pass UnitRequired when using MX-FN10 or MX-FN11

    12. MX-TU11 Exit Tray Cabinet Unit

    13. MX-TRX2 Exit Tray Unit


    14. MX-FXX2 Fax Expansion KitSuper G3 fax moduleMX-FWX1 Internet Fax Expansion Kit


    MX-SMX3 Expansion Memory Board (1GB)


    MX-PKX1 PS3 Expansion Kit (Enables PostScript printing)MX-PUX1 XPS Expansion Kit (MX-SMX3 is required)AR-PF1 Barcode Font Kit


    AR-SU1 Stamp UnitMarks already scanned documents for checking

    MX-EBX3 Enhanced Compression KitEnables creation of high compression PDFs

    Sharpdesk Licenses

    MX-USX1/X5/10/50/A01/5/10/50/100-License Kit

    Sharp OSA Network Licenses

    MX-UN01A/05A/10A/50A/1HA (Requires MX-AMX2)1/5/10/50/100-License Kit

    Sharp OSA

    MX-AMX1 Application Integration ModuleMX-AMX2 Application Communication ModuleMX-AMX3 External Account Module


    MX-FR24U Data Security Kit Commercial Version

    *1 A4 or smaller, 80g/m2. Some options may not be available in some areas.


    Engine speed (ppm/cpm) (Max) A4 A3MX-M502N 50 22 MX-M452N 45 20 MX-M362N 36 17 MX-M282N 28 15 Paper size (Min Max) A5R A3W (via bypass)

    Paper weight (g/m2) Drawer 60 209 Multi bypass 56 209

    Paper capacity (Std Max)Sheets 1,100 - 5,600Drawers 2 - 4 (plus multi bypass & large capacity tray)

    Warm-up time*1 (seconds) 20 or less

    Memory (Min - Max) Copier (MB) 576Printer (GB) 1 - 2HDD*2 (GB) 80Power requirements Rated local AC voltage 10%, 50/60 HzPower consumption kW (Max) 1.84 (220 - 240V)

    Dimensions (mm) (W x D x H) With Document Cover 645

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