Microsoft Office Professional or Microsoft Office 365

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Microsoft Office Professional or Microsoft Office 365. Presented For: Moana Company March 1, 2013. Content. Introduction Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Office Professional Recommendations Closure References. Microsoft Office Professional. Microsoft Office Professional. What is it?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Microsoft Office Professional or Microsoft Office 365Presented For: Moana Company March 1, 2013

1ContentIntroductionMicrosoft Office 365Microsoft Office ProfessionalRecommendationsClosureReferencesNaluHouMicrosoft Office Professional

NaluHouMicrosoft Office ProfessionalWhat is it?

NaluHouPros of Office ProfessionalSave money in the long termPayment plans are offered by MicrosoftData secured and managed on siteWork can continue when internet is downNaluHouCons of Office ProfessionalExpensiveNeeds IT staff for maintenance and supportPay for the entire suite and may find you dont use all the applicationsNaluHouMicrosoft Office 365

NaluHouMicrosoft Office 365Comes in three different plansIs a cloud-based softwareCan contain a subscription to Microsoft software

NaluHouPros of Microsoft Office 365Accessible through different mediumsAffordable for businessesRegular back-ups and secure dataOffice software is available without installationNaluHouCons of Microsoft Office 365Requires internet. No internet = No accessData is controlled by MicrosoftHost on Microsoft serversNaluHouCompare and Contrast NaluHouRecommendationsMoana Companys NeedsWhich product benefits the company the mostRecommend Microsoft Office 365 NaluHouThank You!NaluHou ConsultingNaluHouReferences