Microalgae to Biodiesel Week 9

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Microalgae to Biodiesel Week 9. Group Delta Valerie Delligatti Dan Detro Kevin Jackson Joshua Jones Xin Qin. Raceway Pond/PBR. To extraction Unit. Photobioreactor/Raceway Ponds. Approximate Area of PBR/Raceways. x 8. x 8. Material Balances. Extraction Data. Hexane Usage: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Microalgae to Biodiesel Week 9

  • Microalgae to Biodiesel Week 9Group Delta

    Valerie DelligattiDan DetroKevin JacksonJoshua JonesXin Qin

  • Raceway Pond/PBR

  • Photobioreactor/Raceway Ponds

  • Approximate Area of PBR/Raceways

  • x 8x 8

  • Material Balances

  • Extraction DataHexane Usage:Extractor: 73,566 GallonsWork Tank: 16,050 GallonsDT: 13,376 GallonsDist. : 6,688 GallonsTotal: 109,679 GallonsHexane cost$134.72 per GallonCost: $14,776,284

  • Extraction DataMineral Oil Usage10,000 Gallons$19.51 per GallonCost: $195,100 Cooling Water Usage14,713 GPM10 degree max temp. riseSteam UsageDT: 53,503 lb/hrTotal: 108,342 lb/hr

  • Comparison of Microalgal Oil and Diesel

  • Rough Excavation CostNeed approx 25,000 of 980.0 square meters of 0.30 meter deep trenches for raceway ponds. Is approx 10,337 cf of dirt removed for each pond.

    Excavation includes machine excavation with front end loader or backhoe, two trucks with 30 minute trips per load. Dumping fee not included.

    Have not taken into account any tree or rubble removal from site or any concrete laying etc. Only dirt dig and removal.

  • Rough Excavation CostMay be able to sell dirt from dig.

    Labor cost is $1,156

    Cost of removal of cf of dirt is $7,649

    Total is $8,805 (per pond) X 25,000 ponds = $220,125,000

    Estimated from online calculator HomeTech Cost Estimator

  • Plant CostAlgae Production$220,000,000Does not include cost of PBR tanks and FDSFExtraction$24,000,000Scaled from soy crush plant estimatesBiodiesel Production$183,564,777Scaled from DOE data

  • Plant CostTotal Estimate$427,564,777

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