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Subtle Waves Template

Micromineral or Trace Elements Yvonne Chloe M. Bayan1Chromium

Chromium (Cr)SourceLiver; animal and plant tissues Function Needed for glucose utilization Deficiency condition Loss of insulin efficiency with age 3Native copper

Copper (Cu)SourceLiver, kidney, egg yolk, whole grainsFunction Helps in the formation of hemoglobin; part of 11 enzymes Deficiency condition Rare 5Flourite crystal

Flourine (F)SourceSea food, fluorinated drinking water FunctionStrengthens bone and tooth structure Deficiency condition Dental decay

7Iron mine

Iron (Fe)SourceLiver, meat, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, cocoa beans FunctionComponent of hemoglobin and myoglobinDeficiency condition Anemia, tiredness, and apathy

9Iodine crystal

Iodine (I)SourceSea food, iodized salts FunctionPart of thyroxin, regulates rate of energy use Deficiency condition Goiter

11Manganese lumps

Manganese (Mn)SourceLiver, kidney, wheat germ, legumes, nuts FunctionCofactor for a number of enzymes Deficiency condition Weight loss, occasional dermatitis