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  • 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? In my planning I have found that nearly all popular magazines have there Logo and cover lines down the left third as this is this is the most important section of the magazines as it is used as the biggest selling point. I have also noticed that nearly all selling lines are located along the top of the front cover. In most Q magazines a large cover line also seems to be situated at the bottom of the front cover. These simple conventions are mainly seen in Q magazines so in my magazine I tried to mimic these aspects. However in popular magazines I have noticed that the main image almost covers up some of the magazine logo. Popular magazines can afford to do this due to people still being able to recognise the magazine even if the logo can not be fully seen. Due to my magazine being new to the industry the logo needs to be seen as much as possible to make it recognisable. For contents pages in my planning I have found that these are very boring pages to read. Q magazines have almost used a masthead across the top of the page to make it seem like much more is happening in the magazine contents. I have also noticed that most contents pages such as Q use more than one image and also use the main image as a feature. I will also try to use the layout of the Q magazine as my contents page. My double page spread also copies the layout of a double page spreads that I have found in Q magazines. On my double page spread I have used an interview with a new artist which can also be in found in Q magazines when they are interviewing a new artist.My findings in my planning have also lead me to notice that many magazines keep to a strict colour scheme, I have also kept a strict colour scheme with my magazine to a certain extent.

2. In my magazine front cover I have used the same layout as Q magazine Such as the main image selling line and cover lines down the left third as well as a smaller image. I have also used the same style as adding a puff in the top right hand corner. In my magazine I have also added a larger cover line on the bottom of the page. However I have not included cover lines down the right hand side of the front cover as it would take a lot of the concentration from the main image. For my contents page I have also copied the simple layout of a Q magazine contents page. With features down the left of the page and using the main image as a large feature. I have also copied having a masthead of the logo along the top of the page. However I decided not to use another feature along the bottom of the page because once again it would take a lot of the concentration of readers away from the main image which is being used as one of the main features. 3. How does your media product represent particular social groups? My media magazine trys to represent the younger generation of young Teenagers who are in to RnB. This can be seen by the images I have used and the age of the people I have used. For my magazine I have tried to give the message out that teenagers are passionate about there music. In my magazine the people I have used are all male meaning that this magazine would attract males as the magazine features a lot things about male artists, my magazine will also appeal to females simply due to them being the opposite sex.My magazine also contains many different ethnicity's which trys to put the point across that the style of music that you enjoy is not effected by your ethnicity, I have tried to incorporate this into my magazine. This can also be seen by the result of one of the questions I used in my questionnaire which was taken from a wide range of people. This shows that out of the 30 people that filled out my questionnaire a wide range of music is enjoyed. 4. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? Throughout my planning I have realised that nearly all magazines are sold in places such as newsagents and supermarkets. This is suitable as this places see a lot of people everyday meaning it would maximise potential sales. From my music magazine to be successful I would need to be able to distribute my magazine in places such as newsagents and supermarkets. I have also noticed that many music magazines are available online also maximising sales. http://www.qthemusic.com/ Ordering online also include sending the magazine to the homes to people who have ordered the magazine. It also seems likely that people decide to buy a magazine online instead of buying it in a newsagents is because subscribing to a magazine online seems to be cheaper. I have also decided that my magazine should be issued online and in newsagents, supermarkets and other places weekly as to issue one monthly there would be a struggle to fill up the magazine with large amounts of information. I have also decided to issue the magazine weekly due to the demand of the people in the questionnaire. 5. Who would be the audience for your media product? My target audience for my magazine product is for teenagers who like RnBI have chosen this to target due to RnB being a very popular type of music which is liked amongst teenagers. My magazine also uses males mainly as there images meaning that it should attract some of the male population who enjoy RnB music and Females simply because of males being opposite sex. I have also used people of different ethnic background which will also maximise the potential audience. I have also tried to make my music magazine as cheap as possible so it can be bought by many people with there affluence not being an issue. Due to the response of the questionnaire I have found that around 5 is a reasonable price to be paid this will also leave a reasonable profit from the making of the magazine. It will also compete with the prices of other magazines. 6. How did you attract/address your audience? My magazine attracts audience by its selling line which is a very large statement to be made in the music industry. It also attracts potential customers by models used which should attract customers. The strict colour scheme I have used also stands out due to the colours being bright this would also stand out from other magazines. I have also used the colour red which is also a bold colour and gives importance to the magazine which should also attract more of an audience. Here my magazine should also attract an audience due to the main image which should stand out to females as well as the image also being able to be related to the RnB scene. I have also outlined the features in red to also once give again importance and it should also attract more customers due to it being a very bold colour. 7. Here my double page spreads use of colour should attract an audience as well as the image which is very interesting. The colours I used to pan out the interview should also be able to attract people. The use of the selling line at the top of the page is top attract potential customers who are looking through the magazine maybe debating whether to buy it or not. 8. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? When constructing my magazine product the main program that I used was Photoshop, this allowed me to edit and enhance the photos which I had taken as well creating the magazine itself. The Photoshop program allows me to do a range of things. I used Photoshop to edit my magazine name into a more attractive shape as well as allowing to do simple things such as putting a red line under my selling line. Other tools included in the Photoshop program allow to make images lighter and darker.