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    Sexy MuscleANGELAMRAZ



  • Bodybuilding has been my passion since I was a teenager and its encouraging to see how much the industry has grown. In 1982, the first gym I joined was a little place in Nutley, NJ called Lumbertos Gym. It was the only gym within 15 miles of home. I was a sophomore in high school so I would hitch a ride from the senior football players and we would train our asses off. The place was great; it was only 1,500 square feet with less than 150 members, mostly guys ages 18 to 30. The gym had pictures of Arnold, Franco and Big Lou hanging on its walls. There was a chart called The 300 lb. Club. No, this wasnt for guys who weighed 300 lbs. This chart was for guys who could bench 300 lbs. Back then, if you had a 300 lb. bench it was a big deal. These days, bodybuilders weigh 300 lbs. in the off season.


    I joined Lumbertos because I wanted to get bigger and stronger for football, but as my body developed, I began to build a passion for bodybuilding. I went on to compete in bodybuilding from 1986 to 1996 and took a strong interest in nutrition and supplementation to help me achieve my goals. I did an extensive amount of reading and reviewed the latest research to learn as much as I could about nutrition and supplementation for muscle and performance enhancement. It became evident to me that most of the products being offered by supplement companies were not incorporating the latest science and research. This realization inspired me to start Maximum Human Performance in 1997. I had one primary objective: To develop new innovative products with the most up-to-date science and research to help athletes achieve their muscle building and performance goals. Innovation has always been the backbone of our company and has become what our loyal customers expect from MHP. Over the past 14 years, we have introduced many new concepts and technologies to the sports supplement industry. We were the first company to introduce nitric oxide, the first to develop a patented sustained release protein, the first to introduce timed release creatine and glutamine, the first to bring the benefits of EPO enhancement to the forefront and the first to launch micronized whey protein isolate. In addition to these innovations, products like T-BOMB II, Up Your MASS, Dark Matter and XPEL remain among the top sellers in their categories.

    Our unwavering commitment to research and product development has established MHP as an industry innovator and trusted brand among some of the worlds greatest bodybuilders, powerlifters and pro athletes. While we will never stray from our commitment to innovation and elite athletes, I have also realized that new consumers have joined us. In fact, these customers are just like me. Im now 43 years old and its been 15 years since Ive competed, but I still love to work out and hit the gym 4 to 5 times a week. The gym I train in today is 35,000 square feet and is packed with teens, men and women of all ages all looking to improve their bodies and achieve their fitness goals. The industry has really grown and gyms arent just for bodybuilders and elite athletes anymore. The fitness era is upon us and MHP is at the forefront to help you achieve your goals. Yes, product innovation is still the backbone of MHPs philosophy and we are still the trusted brand of elite athletes. But we also want to be the brand relied upon by everyone who is putting forth the effort in the gym to achieve their goals.

    MHPs commitment to you starts with superior supplementation, but we are also here to support you with other important tools. Product education is available at so you can be an informed consumer and find the specific supplements you need to match up with your personal workout regimen for maximum results. At you can also learn more about training, nutrition and supplementation by reading articles and watching our videos. Join Team MHP and follow our athletes and experts on MHPs Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We invite you to share your success stories, communicate with others who share your same passion and fitness goals, ask questions, join online contests and more. Become part of Team MHP and Go Big BLUE!

    CEO Gerard Dente works closely with MHP athletes to help them acheive their goals.

  • CHAMPIONS DONT COMPROMISEThe worlds greatest athletes know that to compete at the highest level requires total dedication, hard work in the gym and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Champions dont cut corners or compromise in any way. Their desire to be their best leads them to one brand MHP.

    Victor MartinezArnold Classic Champion

    Team Member Since 2005

    MHP has been a major contributor to my success

    and is the only brand Ive ever been associated with. I bleed blue every day in the

    gym MHP Blue!

    Chris SneePro Football Lineman

    To be at the top of my game on the field or in the gym, I

    rely on MHP. Go Big Blue!

    Tricky JacksonSacramento Pro Champion

    Team Member Since 1999

    When I first joined Team MHP in 1999, I competed at 160 lbs. Ive since gained 50 lbs.

    of muscle and have become an IFBB pro champion. MHP is the only brand I trust!

    Jose RaymondNew York Pro Champion

    I am thrilled to join Team MHP and be associated with such a great company. Its a dream come true!

    Angela MrazIFBB Figure ProTeam Member Since 2002

    My entire life revolves around fitness. MHP supplements help me feel great and be my best!

    Craig RichardsonToronto Pro Champion

    Ive known Gerard Dente for over 15

    years and I know how committed he is to developing quality


    Joe MazzaWR 705 lb. Bench PressTeam Member Since 1999

    Thanks to MHP, Ive set numerous bench press world records and continue to get stronger!

    Kim SheppardIFBB Figure Pro

    When Im prepping for a show, XPEL is my go-to supplement!

    Mike KefalianosWorld Champion

    MHP is a world leader in performance enhancing supplements.

    Brian ShawArnold Strongman Champ

    MHP is the most established brand in strongman because their supplements work!

    Zydrunas Savickas2x Worlds Strongest Man

    To compete in pro strongman, supplements are critical. MHP products have helped me get bigger and stronger.

  • The Greatest Protein Innovations

    MHP Sets the Highest Standard in Protein!

    MHP is an industry leading innovator in the development of advanced proteins for elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Whether youre looking for a fast releasing whey protein, a sustained release protein blend or a great tasting high protein snack, MHP leads the way with its revolutionary lineup of scientifically advanced proteins in ISOFAST 50, Probolic-SR and our new ready-to-eat Power Pak Pudding. Not only are MHP proteins unmatched in science and innovation, all MHP proteins taste great!

    We will put our proteins up against any products on the market when it comes to innovation and efficacy, says MHP President Gerard Dente. Unfortunately, not everyone understands what they should be looking for in a quality protein. But there is a large group of educated consumers out there who do know the difference and who are NOT willing to compromise on their protein. These dedicated athletes and educated consumers are MHP customers and they expect the best and wont settle for less. We are happy to cater to this select group and we will continue to strive to be the industry innovator and stay one step ahead of the rest to satisfy our customers.

  • Not all Proteins are Created Equal!

    MHPs PROTEIN INNOVATIONS for Athletes Who Demand the Best

    When it Comes to Protein, You Cant Afford to Compromise!Call Now or Go Online to Order: 1.888.783.8844




    Whey protein is a top choice for many bodybuilders and athletes because its a fast release protein. This is desirable at certain times of the day like first thing in the morning or post-workout when you want fast absorption to feed your muscles quickly. MHPs ISOFAST 50 makes whey even faster! ISOFAST 50s micronized whey isolate particle size is reduced to 1/5th the size of the typical protein particle, which results in 5x faster enzyme activation for faster digestion. Plus, the addition of the advanced Biohydrolase enzyme speeds absorption even greater by breaking down di- and tri-peptides and amino acids with greater efficiency. The end result is dramatically accelerated anabolic muscle building action.*

    Probolic-SR is the first patented sustained release combination protein. While fast releasing whey is a good early morning and post-workout choice, research shows that slower release proteins play an important role in achieving maximum lean muscle and performance. Slower releasing proteins such as casein provide a steady release of amino acids for up to 7 hours and maintain a positive nitrogen retention, which is critical for muscle building and recovery. Probolic-SR goes beyond just casein with its patented sustained release Micro-Feed Technology. Probolic-SRs combination of fast, medium and slow release proteins is microencapsulated to provide a longer continuous supply of critical amino acids. Probolic-SR delivers massive amounts of BCAAs, glutamine and arginine for maximum muscle growth and anti-catabolic muscle protection. No other protein has this patented technology, making Probolic-SR the ultimate sustained release protein and the perfect nighttime protein to feed your muscles while you sleep.*

    Finally a great tasting muscle building snack t