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Copyright 2015 Quintiles Making insights available anytime, anywhereDriving leadership in analytics in an industrial IT ageGary ShorterHead of Advanced Analytics, QuintilesFebruary 5th, 2015



2Maslow Hierarchy of AnalyticsBusiness drive to Industrial IT throughCombined focus across Data, Analytics, Technology and Business needsBest software capturing re-usable insights across the EnterpriseEasy to use Self Service of analytic insights anytime, anywhere

AdvancedR&DAdaptive Self ServiceAutomationIndustrial









Advanced AnalyticsNLPCloudMLAISeedTopologyData ScienceIOTQuanta-MiningPopulationAchieve Better Personalized Outcomes

Deploy Disruptive Innovation

Access Global Scale with Local Knowledge

Transform Product Development

Embrace Value-Based Efficiencies

Maximize Commercial Value

Advanced ResearchDriving new insights into everyday capabilitiesUpstream Digital Health Analytics feeding downstream insightsLatest cost effective analytics solutions integrated into systems to provide industrial insightsBest in breed smart analytics, process and quality approaches to insightsAdv.



4Adaptive Self ServiceMobility of data and analytic assetsSecure with SSO access to specific analytic and data resourcesStraight forward libraries of consistent data, analytics, visualsBest in class visualizations, easy to build apps, extendable servicesGlobal mobile access to data and analytic insights


BuildShareConnected data across APIsToolbox of extendable Visuals and Analytics for insight workflowsLibraries of mobile capable, re-usable, quality controlled insights




5Automated Industrialized AnalyticsBusiness Process ManagementAnalytic insights imbedded in BPM workflowLeverages data flow Learning model that monitors activity and drives efficiency

Automated Business Insights workhorse providing quality guidance

Toolbox of extendable analytics for supporting automated workflowsBPM Workflow utilizing data and analyticsAutomated



6Dimensions of FunctionalityFocused FunctionalityWhat value does the insight provide?How should the insight be captured? Stream, Network, Back Office?How can you provide a simple, fresh insight anytime, anywhere?Each analytic ask has a specific set of functions

Adv.AdaptiveAutomatedROITimePowerLocationProcessUsabilityPersonalEcosystemLarge CompaniesOn the EdgeLength of OwnershipNetworkLocalWideBack OfficeLong Tail DecisionsROI Bus Model3rd Party AppsDynamicConnectedIndustrialOn the EdgeNetwork Local WideUniquely VariablePatternedPredictableOne OffFlexible Open LibraryStandard but FreshValueVolumeVelocityVarietyVeracityVisualsCOST

LEARNAdvancedAdaptiveAutomatedBack OfficeLong Tail DecisionsROI Bus Model3rd Party Apps



7ThoughtsBusiness drive to Industrial IT throughExtendable Framework that connects to latest Data, Analytics, VisualsRe-usable insights that have quality control and user-friendly capabilitiesIndustrial insights automated through BI solutions into BPM workflows Analytics imbedded in the road to Industrial IT


Fire Hydrant








AdvancedR&DAdaptiveSelf ServiceAutomatedIndustrialDrive Best in Class Industrial AnalyticsLead,Leverage,LearnWith the right extendable framework imbedding analytics into more easy to access and re-usable insights will ensure maintaining a leadership role in the industry.

Analytics are utilized through libraries at each platform level and insights are in turn re-analyzed and re-deployed at each platform level in a continuous cycle.