Metastatic male breast cancer

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<ul><li><p>patients were categorized into 4 subgroups by the expression of HR andHER-2 status, the duration of survival was signicantly worse among the</p><p>were detected in the period of 5 months to 8 years after the rst treatment.Conclusion: Metastatic lesion of regional lymph nodes, the size of tumor</p><p>metastases in 13 (41,9%) and single metastasis in 5 (16,1%).Treatment options were chemotherapy in 27 (87,1%) - AC regimen in 17</p><p>Abstracts / The Breast 20 (2011) S12S55S44exceeding 2cm, histological malignancy high grade are negative prog-nostic factors for 5-year-long survival rate for male breast cancer patients.More than half of the patients in the study had metastatic damage of theregional lymph nodes, 76.6% of the men began treatment course withtumors larger than 2 cm. These numbers indicate also the low probabilitythat patients will seek medical attention at early stages of disease, which issomething characteristic of Armenia. More frequently, the remote metas-tases, 59.6%, was in the rst three years after treatment.</p><p>PO96</p><p>METASTATIC BREAST CANCER AT DIAGNOSIS - A BREAST UNIT 5 YEAREXPERIENCE</p><p>Andr Costa-Pinho 1,3, Fernando Osrio 1, Sandra Soares 1, Diana2 1 1 1HR-/HER2- subtype than other subtypes (1.4 years for HR-/HER2-, 4.2 yearsfor HR+/HER2-, 5.1 years for HR+/HER2+ and 5.0 years for HR-/HER2+; P</p></li></ul>


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