Message From Chairman - DRIEMS - Top Engineering institutes like IITs, NITs etc. The Department regularly conducts invited expert talks, seminars, workshops and conferences to render exposure to the aspirants. Short term courses on solar radiation as a non-conventional

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Text of Message From Chairman - DRIEMS - Top Engineering institutes like IITs, NITs etc. The Department...

  • Message From Chairman

    Our Academic Director

    Our Principal :

    The world is changing fast and India, our motherland is changing keeping pace with the rapid flux at times she goes ahead of the developed countries. All these happen due to our human resources. DRIEMS leaves no stone un-turned to move forward to get to the top. We have put up quality infrastructure to enable our techies to perform the best. Our faculty members make relentless efforts to keep themselves abreast of the advancement in the fields of science and technology. Their commitment to the institution is commendable. DRIEMS has the singular motive to give shape to the dreams of all concerned. I wish all the best for the students, faculty members and seek the co-operation of all its well wishers for its onward march.

    Prof. (Dr.) Sarat Kumar Mishra, M.Tech, PhD (Mech.), FIE is an eminent scholar having 23 years of experience in Teaching, Research and Administration. He has published a large numbers of Research papers in National and International Journals and authored 8 books in different fields of Mech. Engg. which helps the students and faculty members for their academic excellence. As well he has been guiding students & PhD scholars. DRIEMS Degree Wing is growing rapidly and scaling new heights in both curricular and co-curricular activities under his pragmatic directions and commendable guidance. His living touch with students and day-to-day review of their academic performances are made to make them more and more un-challanged workforce for future sustainable developments in the global scenario which will carry the stamp of brand name of DRIEMS.

    Prof. Debdutta Choudhury is B.Tech. (Metallurgy) from NIT Jaipur and a PGDM from IIM Calcutta withh more than 17years experience in corporate sector and academics. Debdutta has worked in companies like Delta Corporation, Globsyn Technologies, ICCI Group, ICFAI amongst others. Debdutta brings in his unique blend of corporate practices and insights along with academic innovations to steer the Institution towards excellence.

    Sj. Pramod Chandra RathRenowned Industrialist & Social Worker

  • Prof. (Dr.) H.S.MaharanaMechanical Dept.

    Many more ....

    Prof. (Dr.) Sasank Sekhar HotaCivil Dept.

    Prof. S.Z. KhanCivil Dept.

    Prof. (Dr.) Anil Kumar TripathyHSS Dept.

    Prof. Gyanesh DasENTC Dept.

    Prof. (Dr.) Sarat Ku. MishraMechanical Dept.

    Prof. Alok Sundar MohantyMechanical Dept.

    Prof. (Dr.) J.P. BeheraCivil Dept.

    Prof. (Dr.) Smarajit BarikHSS Dept.

    Prof. Gangabhusan NayakMechanical Dept.

    Prof. Mansh MahapatraElectrical Dept.

    Prof. Pranab Kishore DasMechanical Dept.

    Prof. (Dr.) Ranjan Ku. JatiHSS Dept.

    Prof. (Dr.) Alok Ranjan BiswalMechanical Dept.

    Prof. N.R. MoahantyCivil Dept.

    Prof. Bipin MohantyCivil Dept.

    Prof. Leena PatnaikHSS Dept.

    Prof. Anurekha NayakElectrical Dept.

    Prof. Krushna Ch. SahooElectrical Dept.

    Prof. S.K. SethyElectrical Dept.

    Prof. (Dr.) Nidhi MeherElectrical Dept.

    Prof. Deepak Ranjan BiswalMechanical Dept.

    Prof. Raghunath RoutComp. Sc. Dept.

    Prof. Pradosh Ku. GantahyatComp.Sc. Dept.

    Prof. Rajeev AgarwalComp.Sc. Dept.

    Prof. Sangram Keshari TripathyComp.Sc. Dept.

    Prof. (Dr.) S.N. PatroCom.Sc. Dept.

    Prof. (Dr.) ChandralekhaComp. Sc. Dept.

    Prof. (Dr.) Niranjan PandaHSS Dept.

    Prof. (Dr.) Ranjan Ku. MohantyHSS Dept.

    Prof. (Dr.) S.M DasHSS Dept.

    Prof. Bishnupriya SamalElectronics Dept.

    Prof. Sachidananda SamalElectronics Dept.

    Prof. Jibananda MehenaElectronics Dept.

    Senior Academicians

  • About DRIEMS

    Research and Development Activities:

    With the Activities of Student and Teachers:

    DRIEMS located inTangi, Cuttack district of Odisha, was established in 1999 and owes its existence to the vision of Late

    Dhaneswar Rath after whom the Institution is named. DRIEMS is a NAAC A Grade and NBA accredidated institute with a 150

    acres sprawling campus and all academic, other infrastructure and amenities.

    Bus Service for students and staff.

    Banking & Postal facility

    Market Complex, ATM,Canteen & Frake Out,

    Sports facility with Gymnasium, Swimming pool and indoor stadium &

    International Cricket Stadium

    Large modern Library

    Hostels (both for boys and girls ) 24 x7 high speed wifi enabled & 24 hours power backup

    Healthcare facility.


    It has covered for iteslf an outstanding place among the Engineering College in Odisha duly accreditation by NAAC(A) & NBA has grown from strength to strength. This has been possible because of its massive infrastructure a specious campus extending to 160 acres with lawns and rich vegetation. The Campus has an ecofriendly atmospheres that captivates one and all. A visit to the campus will impress any one who dreams of an open atmosphere vibrate

    The Research and Development Cell aims to nurture research culture in the Institution by promoting a trend in research in

    newly emerging and challenging areas of Engineering, Technology, Science and Humanities.The basic objective and activities

    of R & D cell are to :

    1 Encourage and monitor faculty members and students of all disciplines in Engineering/Science / Humanities in R&D

    activities for their professional growth.

    2. Assist the students to apply funding for conducting research under student project scheme to various funding agencies

    like IEI (I), DRDO etc..

    3. Annually publish International Journals - IJICAS - ISSN:2322-0031 where all research articles are in-corporated by the

    students and faculty members.

    4. Annually host technical festivals - DRIEST (Model Exhibition) to attract and motivate talented students across India to

    showcase their innovative talents .

  • Computer Science and Engineering

    Civil Engineering

    Global Excellence and Local Relevance in Research, Teaching, and Technology development is the vision of the Department. The Department was started in 1999 with a Intake Capacity of 60, but today the Department has Intake Capacity of 120 in B.Tech Programme and started it's M.Tech Program in 2008 and Recognized as PhD Research Centre of BPUT.

    Today the Department has a vibrant student strength of 365. The Students work on R&D Projects and Software Development Projects enriching the academic environment.

    The Department has a massive Alumni strength of 1015 who are actively involved in mentoring the students for Career Enhancement and Placement References. Our Alumni are well placed in reputed MNC like TCS, Infosys, HP, AMDOC, Google, SAPLaBs, etc.

    The Department boasts of possessing highly experienced and renowned Professors. Multiple research papers are published every year by the Students in various National and International Journal / Conferences/Workshop in guidance of Professors.

    The Department has active collaboration with various leading MNCs like Microsoft, RoboSpecies, Sun Microsystems, IBM to impart training on .Net, SAP , ORACLE, Robotics , Data Analytics and other recent technology enhancing the employability of the students.

    Sophisticated Laboratories on Database Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Networks, Image Processing, JAVA & IWT, Linux Operating System, Computer Organization & Finite Automata and Programming Lab. that provide a sound base for research and academic activities.

    Common Job Scopes for graduates include Computer Programmer, Software Designer and Engineer, Software Analyst and Scientific Researcher.

    in turning the department to a seat of higher learning.

    The department offers under graduate and post graduates courses with an intake capacity of 120 and 18 respectively.

    To keep pace with the infrastructure development of the nation, the department contributes immensely by providing state of the art technocrats.

    Our students have been placed in multinational companies like L&T, Simplex India, NCC etc. Every year a sizable percentage of students get admitted in premier Institute like IITs and NITs through GATE for post graduate studies.

    To serve this purpose of career building the department is equipped with highly qualified and experienced faculty backed by modern Lab facilities.

    The faculty members undertake industrial consultancy, organize seminars, symposia, contribute to research publication and more importantly own patents.

    Sophisticated Laboratories on Soil Mechanics, PH Lab, Material testing Lab,Survey Store, Hydraulics Lab, Concrete and Structural Enng. Lab., GEO Technical Lab, Environmental Engg. Lab & Transportation Engg. Lab.

    Our vision of becoming a beacon in the field of CIVIL Engineering by fostering a sound educational system shall go a long way

  • knowledge is the vision of the department.

    The Department was started in the year 1999 with intake capacity of 60, Now the Present intake capacity is 120 for B.Tech and 18 for M.Tech programme which was started in 2009 and also recognized as PhD Research Center of BPUT.

    The Students work on R&D Project to enrich the academic environment.

    The Department has massive Alumni Strength of about 1250 who are actively involved in mentoring the students for carrier enhancement and placement. Our alumni are well placed in reputed Industries / Companies & Govt. Sectors.

    The department has highly experienced and renowned professors with entrepreneurs to create excellent facilities for learning. Multiple research paper are published every year by the students in various National and International Journals/ Conferences/ Workshops under the guidance of professors.