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  • Meet Peter

    It is 6 am and Peter Dublin awakes in his 2 bedroom apartment in Chicago, IL. He first

    makes his Starbucks coffee as he says a quick hello to his roommate Stephen. He and

    Stephen are not really friends, but Peter was in a rush to find a roommate and found him

    on craigslist; the next week they found a place in the Gold Cost. Peter then feeds his

    golden lab, Wesson, who is Peters bud. He takes a shower and puts his Banana Republic

    cologne on, hoping it may attract a co-worker. He doesnt do much with his hair, except

    run a little moose through the tips. He works at an advertising firm, where he is allowed

    to dress how he normally likes to dress (edgy and professional). He puts on his JCrew

    brown suit that looks rather casual due to its material appearance. He then puts on his

    bow tie, again from JCrew, and again looking rather casual. He puts on his Ray-Ban

    glasses and throws on his Doc Martins. Peter loves his job because people respect him

    and love his innovative ideas. Peter makes around $75,000 a year which is quite

    successful at the age of 28. Throughout the day he handles meetings with other

    advertising agencies and takes his clients out to lunch. After a hard, long day at work,

    Peter is ready for his evening work out. His number one stress reliever and how he keeps

    so fit, is rock climbing. He usually goes with his buddy Eric, but enjoys going by himself

    so that he can have some alone time. Peter is highly concerned with the way he dresses

    and his outward appearance. He comes off as if he doesnt care what he looks like; almost looking like a hipster, well in a

    more professional way. After he is done rock climbing, he goes home and makes dinner. He rather enjoys cooking (even

    though he is not the best cook). He likes to practice cooking in hopes to impress a girl one day. He also loves spending

    quality time with Wesson. After dinner he usually lays in bed falling asleep to the discovery channel. He then repeats this

    schedule pretty much every day.

  • Company: White House Black Market

    Category: Apparel/Ready to wear

    Consumer: 25-35 Male (professional, edgy, income: 75 k)

    Ideas for new brand extension: White House Black Market is known for its womans

    apparel. They usually cater to a more conservative look with an age group of 35 and

    up. Their target customer is one who is very conservative but fashion forward, has a

    great career with a discretionary spending, and someone who needs personal

    assistance. In the new collective in which I wish to add is a more sporty edgy line for a

    25-35 year old man. I want this new line to be modernized with different patterns,

    prints, and silhouettes. Because White House Black Market is primarily black and

    white and their one pop of color each season, I want the new mens line to carry this

    same pop of color. Since the line I am designing is for Fall 2013, the pop of color is

    going to be a rusty red. I want this line to carry items that can transform from work to

    casual. I want to show the importance of transforming it from work to casual because

    this age group still likes to go out with friends on weekends and likes to be


    The following are pieces that would

    start a new launch to this line:

    PANTS: Eight types of pants will be

    offered. One skinny jeans (in a dark

    wash), one cuffed skinny corduroys

    (rusty red), one boot cut jean, Two

    cotton skinny trousers: One black and

    one Khaki


    styles of button down wool blend shirts

    will be available. One wool blend that is

    rust red, one wool blend black button

    down, one plaid black and red button

    down flannel

    VESTS: two different vests: One black,

    silk vest and another plaid cotton vest.

    SWEATERS: two different sweaters will

    be available: One black V-neck sweater

    with hounds tooth elbow pads, and one

    khaki button up cardigan

  • Product



    "Charlie Skinny" #1421A05 Dark Washed Skinny Jean

    "Cordicals" #1421B02

    Red Cuffed Corduroy


    "Dean Jean" #1421D05

    Medium Wash Boot Cut


    "Legacy Trouser" #1421C01

    Black Cotton Skinny


    "Legacy Trouser" #1421C03

    Khaki Cotton Skinny



    "Rust" #1452A02 Rust Red Wool Blend Button Down

    "Black" #1452A01

    Black Button


    "Rust n Plaid" #1452B06

    Plaid Black and Red Button Down



    "Tailored Silk" #1434A01 Black Silk Tailored Vest

    "Tailored Cotton" #1434B07 Plaid White Black and Rust Red Vest


    "Vneck Black" #1442B01 Black Vneck Sweater with Elbowpads

    "Cardi Camel" #1443A03 Khaki Button up Cardigan

  • Brand Identity

    Classic, Simple, Unforgettable

    Selling Appeal : Customers are drawn to our product because they think of black and white simple clothing, but when

    passing by they get excited to see that we have a pop of color each season. This keeps our customers excited to see what the

    next pop of color is and will ensure they will come back. They also get another option to have their simple, classic pieces

    that everyone needs in their wardrobe. These classic pieces are a great fit and acquire excellent fabrications. Our customer

    knows that our product lasts years and fits like a glove. Our price point is perfect for our customer, so they can afford a

    whole new wardrobe in just one shopping trip.

    Classic black and white clothes with a unique pop of color.

    Great classic pieces that have outstanding fits that lasts them for years.

    Great price point for work and casual pieces.

    Distinct Characteristics: We are distinctly different from our competitors in many areas. The largest area we are

    distinct in is our pop of color each season. The items we do carry that entail this color are limited, must have items that

    excite our customer because they are exclusive. We use distinct fabrics that have are flattering to each figure and are very

    comfortable. Our clothing is suitable for most occasions. It is easily transformed from work to casual, or day to night.

    Limited, exclusive, specific pop of colored pieces

    Distinct fabrications that are flattering and comfort the body

    Clothing is easily transformable from night to day and can work for most occasions

    Geographic Locations: Naperville, Oakbrook, and Water tower

    These specific geographic locations were chosen because they are upscale areas, where the target customer can afford to


  • Model Lineup Sheets



    Camel long sleeve with four button closures on front


    Black corduroys with fly zipper and one button closure

    Men sizes: SM-XL/29-40

    Style # Sweater: #1443A-03

    Style #Cord: #1421B-01

  • Joe


    Black V-neck with patches of houndstooth, four button

    closures in center, functional pocket on right side


    Charlie Skinny Jean, Dark denim wash with wiskering, fly

    zipper with one button closure in front

    Men sizes: SM-XL/29-40

    Style # Sweater: #1442B-01

    Style #Jean: #1421A-05

  • Chris


    V neck plaid vest with one functional button closure on front, built in

    lining, side darting


    Black legacy skinny trouser, with fly zipper, one functional button in

    front, banded at bottom

    Men sizes: SM-XL/29-40

    Style # Vest: #1434B-07

    Style #Trouser: #1421C-01

  • Kevin


    V neck, one functional button closure, built in lining, front patch



    Rust corduroy pant, cuffed bottom, zipper fly, one functional

    button closure

    Men sizes: SM-XL/29-40

    Style # Vest: #1434A-01

    Style # Pant: #1421B-02

  • Justin

    Black Flannel:

    Long Sleeve with cuff, six button closures, side darting

    Khaki Pant:

    Skinny khaki trouser, one button closure, fly zipper

    Men sizes: SM-XL/29-40

    Style # Flannel: #1452A-01

    Style # Pant: #1421C-03

  • Ben

    Rust Button Down:

    Long Sleeve with cuff, six button closures, side darting


    Boot legged, button closure, fly zipper, distressed and whiskering

    Men sizes: SM-XL/29-40

    Style # Shirt: #1452A-02

    Style # Jean: #1421D-05

  • Executive Team

    Strategy Tactics Person

    Responsible $ Budget



    1 Trunk/Fashion


    Contact venues,

    pick product, find



    Manager, Product

    Manager, Stylist


    $2,000 June 1st, June

    2nd, June 4th

    2 Birthday


    Contact clientele,

    write letters, send

    letters out

    Clientle Manager,

    Store Manager $200

    June 27th, June

    28th, July 2nd

    3 Calling


    List of new clientele,

    associates call

    personal clientle

    Clientle Manager,

    Store Manager,

    Sales Associate


    August 1st,

    August 2nd,

    August 3rd