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  • North Markets South Markets West Markets

    13, 17, 31 27, 5, 5, 61 21

    32, 34, 38 11, 28 18, 56

    45, 62 1, 2, 16 37, 54

    33 25, 59, 87 55, 63

    49, 81 30, 47, 52, 86 41

    15, 20, 24 4, 7, 19 3, 23

    35, 64, 85 34, 35 6, 39


    Gold Key

    Consumables/Health & Wellness

    Holiday BakingBig Bets

    Holiday Meal


    Planning/Recap Stage

    Tech/New Releases

    Seasonal & Home

    Party Planning/Dot Com

    Gift Giving/Adult Beverage




    StageBack to Business/Tax

    ISB/Stock Up/Win with

    MomGet Healthy

    Get Game

    Get Fit



  • Performance for the Month | Quarter Financials

    Importance of Golden Quarter

    Market Insights

    Marketing 6 Events Instant Savings Book 10/30-11/27 Holiday Catalog 11/13 HTOS 11/22-11/27 VIP 11/24 Black Friday 11/29-12/1 Social Media/Credit 11/4-11/11

    Floor Layout Holiday Baking Big Bets Holiday Meal Gold Key Consumables/Health & Wellness TEO/Home Planning/Recap

    Merchandise Clean/Prep the Home Decorate Home Baking Party/Entertaining Holiday Meal/Leftovers Clean Up Shopping/Gifts

    Wrap Up

  • Oct 30 Nov. 27

    $4,300 in savings book mailed to all members FSI (National Newspaper Ad) Nov. 10 National Radio experience / mobile app Email Digital marketing & social media support

    In Home Nov. 13

    9.8M members Seasonal decor, entertaining, electronics, home, apparel, toys and jewelry gifting experience (Launches Nov. 1) Email Digital marketing, mobile app & social media (Facebook, Pinterest, videos)

    Extended Event Dates: Nov. 22 - 27 FSI (National Newspaper Ad) Nov. 20 National Radio Sampling demos & signage Email PR, digital marketing, mobile app, & social media support

    Sunday Night, Nov. 24, 7-9 pm 8M Plus and select members mailed invitation item details page In Club signage & event night handout Email invitation

    Nov. 29 Black Friday Preview Nov. 5 FSI (National Newspaper Ad) Nov. 28 National Radio Email In-club handout Black Friday shopping begins Thanksgiving Day PR, digital marketing & social media support

    One Night Only at

    Sams Club

    November 24, 7-9 p.m.

  • Beauty Bonus Pod

    Neutrogena Towelettes, Neutrogena Rainbath, Lubriderm Lotion and RoC Each item includes a bonus item Each item has a minimum value of 25% compared to competitors Last year Pod was $395K in incremental sales, This year will be even stronger with longer transitions & ISB

    Olay Micro-Sculpting Cream Tester Pallet

    Adds excitement by engaging members with a trial sample during shopping experience Removes barriers to purchasing bulk beauty products Do not throw away the pallet after the first transition You will not receive a second pallet for the transition in December 16% value to competition New lower retail of $37.88 (previously over $40)

    Casabella Microfiber Floor Duster Exclusive Sams Club item in Janitorial One Time Buy through December

    Upgrade of Members Mark Liquid Laundry Formulation will perform better than Tide Works as well in cold water as hot Cold water washing is the single largest sustainable action a homeowner can take Members Mark packaging refresh coincides with formulation upgrade

    Holiday Air Care Seasonal scents arrive in October Ensure proper rotation of flow-in seasonal variants One Time Buy includes Glade Holiday Candles and Glade Seasonal Auto Spray

    Baby Pull Ups & Goodnites $4 off, Limit 2 Buy Pampers Diapers, get $5 off Similac Baby Formula Boogie Wipes $1.50 off, Limit 99

  • Holiday Seasonal Paper Sams Club exclusive designs Coordinating paper plates, napkins, and cups Red/green dinner napkins Red/green plastic plates with new reindeer design

    1067 Paper Dispenser Program Each club to give away 10 free dispensers to current or potential business members Supplier has agreed to reimburse the clubs for up to 10 dispensers every month Goal is to drive the member to purchase our business paper towels In previous test, dispensers were given away with a purchase of any of our business towels

    o Results: +5.2% increase in sales in the paper towel industrial sub cat

    Vanity Fair 3-Ply One Time Buy Premium 3-ply napkin great for catering or special holidays ( on feature 11/19-11/27)

    Members Mark Bath Tissue 45 Roll 9 more rolls with no price increase to Members

    Fall Holiday Bake Season Baking Sheet Pans, Parchment Paper, Aluminum Foil

    Food storage with Ziploc Bags and Glad Food Wrap

    Cough/Cold Season Kleenex Anti Viral (Seasonal SKU) Feature next to seasonally relevant items, such as cough/cold in OTC, hand sanitizer in HBA, & disinfecting wipes or Lysol spray in Laundry

    Charmin Ultra Strong and Soft

    Bonus Packs25% more sheets Everyday skusCharmin Blue product improvement New pillow embossing creates a softer feel ( on feature 11/19-11/27) Charmin Red product improvement

    o New updated embossing creates stronger sheets ( on feature 11/29-12/10) o New packaging graphics create billboard effect on all 4 sides of pallet

  • Cold & Cough Features Mucinex Max SE/DM Airborne/Airborne Gummies (SEASONAL) Emergen-C/Emergen-C Immunity (SEASONAL) Breath Right Strips

    Other Seasonal Cold & Cough Items: Zicam Rapid Melts, Mucinex Fast Max Liquid, Delsym

    Optical Plus Benefit Buy a year supply of contact lenses and get $40 off a complete pair of eye glasses YTD over 8,500 redemptions Upgraded over 2,987 Members to a Plus Membership just at the Optical register

    Optical All Benefit Buy a complete pair of eyeglasses, receive $40 off your complete second pair of eyeglasses YTD over 60,000 redemptions

    Immunizations All pharmacies have an immunizing pharmacist available to service patients 18 and above Focus on driving awareness during the peak of flu shot season in October/November Immunizations available: Influenza, Pneumonia, Shingles, Varicella (Chicken Pox), Hepatitis (A, B and a combo), HPV (Human papillomavirus), MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella), Meningococcal, Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Whooping Cough)

    Zeiss Wipes On Register Feature 11/19/13 11/27/13 Average 20-30% lift in sales when featured Great impulse item that drives repurchase

    ISB Book Top SKUs in Beverages Highlighted. Coke CansFirst time ever in ISB Regional Spring Water 48/8oz.

    Adult Beverage Instant Savings Adult Beverage Instant Savings Events November (CA/NV/NM/AK/AZ/FL) Adult Beverage Savings Events (IL/TX/SC/WI/LA) November ISB: Serta, Goodyear, Brita, Ninja, Rubbermaid Cat 15 Cuisinart Single Serve Kcup Coffee Maker: 50% below MSRP

  • VIP Event

    Key major electronics will all be represented in our VIP offerings again this year We must execute accessories better this year to maximize our opportunity Will have representation of new gaming systems included in event

    TV & Mobile prices during VIP & Black Friday Expect the Merchants to focus on the major brand for the major events Accessories value and attachment rate will be key to profitability

    ISB 2 exclusive TVs to Sams Club

    o Magnavox 46 o Hisense 55

    TSM to provide Wireless Training for Big events and Big Phones Launches TSM to ensure all Holiday Wave Training Complete for all TEO associates before Holidays Plan for Strategic Stocking Cat 14/15 have 54% Sales lift between Oct to Nov and 76% lift between Nov to Dec Utilize Displays in Housewares, Appliances and Furniture Minimum 20% lift

  • Prepare the Holiday Meal

    Category 14: New Cake Boss Bakeware, Wolfgang Puck Garnishing Set, Glasslock Food Storage, Fireside Soup Bowls Category 15: Ronco Rotisserie, CrockPot Hook Up, Whirlpool Refrigerator, Waring Turkey Fryer, Sharp Microwaves

    Prep the Home for Guests Category 60: Sams #1 Retailer of Serta Mattresses November ISB $75 off Glenrose Queen/King Category 21: Winter Seasonal Throws

    o Average Club will have 8 pallets: New! $14.98 Cuddly Cabin Throw AIM Item Category 17: New furniture items: more treasure hunt accent furniture

    Prepare the car for Holiday Travel: TBC BFGoodrich Instant Savings 9/27 11/03 with Back of 1st feature display TBC Goodyear Instant Savings Book Offer 10/30 12/01 with Back of 1st feature display TBC Michelin Instant savings 11/12 12/24 with back of 1st feature display

    VIP | Black FridayTVs, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Computers Mobile sales in November > December in 2011: not in 2012: 70% of November sales in last 7 Days TV Sales in November = December 2011 and 2012: 65 % of November in last 7 Days Tablet Sales in November < December in 2012: 52% of November in last 7 Days Computer Sales in November = December: 57 % of November in last 7 days

    New Releases bring excitement and freshness Man of Steel: On Instant Savings launch week for $16.98 DVD/$19.98 Blue Ray Call of Duty: 2nd largest release of the year Diary of a Wimpy Kid 8: Largest book release of the qtr. 40% savings to the marketplace XBOX One: Qty will be on allocation. Avg. club will receive 20 units PlayStation 4: Qty is very limited. Avg OH TBD

    Category 97 Headlight Renewal National Rollout: $1M Sales and $600,000 profit in Q4

  • Baking Pod

    November 1st through December 24th Pallet Driven No Low Steel Merchandise 8 pallet pod on grocery side of Club Clubs without grocery pods pla