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Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH A Daimler Company Update - Genuine Mercedes-Benz accessories Christina Gousetis (MBA/ATP) 26.11.2013

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  • Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH A Daimler Company Update - Genuine Mercedes-Benz accessories Christina Gousetis (MBA/ATP) 26.11.2013
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  • 2 NTG 5: Media Interface cables Set consisting of 3 USB adapter cables (A222 820 2600): 1) USB to micro USB 2) USB to iPhone (30-pin adapter) up to iPhone 4S, iPod touch gen. 4, iPod nano gen. 6 3) USB to iPhone (Lightning adapter) from iPhone 5, iPod touch gen. 5, iPod nano gen. 7 Cable length: approx. 20cm Cables also available separately iPod /iPhone - adapter cable no video transmission or display of pictures In conjunction with Audio 20 CD or COMAND Online the functionality of Media Interface will come as a standard for C-Class (W205) and all new model series with NTG 5. The optional extra Code 518 simply consists of the USB adapter cable set. Until further Media Interface must be ordered as an optional extra for the S-Class. The accompanying USB adapter cables are sold separately via After Sales. Designed to connect consumer end devices to the USB-based Media Interface (Code 518) in vehicles with NTG5 Please note :
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  • 3 NTG 5: Bluetooth (SAP) telephone module, V4 In addition to the wireless connection via Bluetooth, NTG5 with Convenience Telephony also offers the option of connecting a Bluetooth (SAP) telephone module, Version 4, to the USB port to access the internet, achieving faster connection speeds. (approx. 7x faster than wireless connection via Bluetooth ) Please note that this requires, at a minimum software version E27 Newly delivered devices already have the required software status Part nr.: Factory-fitted: A212 906 5302; After Sales: A212 906 6303 - kit consisting of telephone module A212 906 5302 and manual Devices with an older software status (see label on back of module) can be updated*. The software along with instructions can be downloaded at * Update can take up to 15 minutes The USB to micro USB cable for use in conjunction with the telephone module is supplied with the optional extra (Code 379) and can also be purchased via After Sales. Part nr.: A222 820 5115 - 320mm length resp. A222 820 5215 - 500mm length
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  • 4 NTG 5: Garmin MAP PILOT Ordering possibilities Factory- fitted Factory- fitted and via After Sales Via After Sales Audio 20 CD NTG 5 (display size: 17.8 cm) Pre-wiring for Garmin MAP PILOT Garmin SD card Voll integriertes Navigations- system aus Basis Audio 20 Code 357: Pre-wiring and Garmin SD card Code 355: Pre-wiring, Factory-fitted Garmin SD card via After Sales* Retrofit of Pre-wiring, Code 355 Garmin SD card via After Sales* *for alle markets available via standard ordering process In Germany and UK also available via Mercedes-Benz Online Shop
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  • 5 Tablet docking station for factory-fitted pre-wiring Slot as part of Code 866 Factory-fitted: Pre-installation in seat, incl. 12V power supply (Code 866) After Sales:Mount and Pad cradles available for connection to pre-installation Android-based tablets currently in testing Available for: W/S/V205 from Q1/2015 Optional extra factory-fitted, Code 866 After Sales accessory Pre-installationMountiPad / tablet cradle New plug & play solution for pre-wiring Rear Seat Entertainment System, Code 866
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  • New carrier systems Aerostyle 6 Fig. Basic carrier bars Aerostyle Easy-Fix for vehicles with roof rails End caps with 3-point attachment Fixation of end caps via clamp system to prevent loss Handwheel for tool- free fitting (only for roof rails) Rubber protected tightening claws Asymmetric and noise-optimised aero profile Carrier bars Aerostyle are available for all new model series (except X117 and VS20) from 2014 Integrated sliding roof stoppers made of hard rubber on front bar Highlights Please note: The use of the bicycle rack New Alustyle in conjunction with the new carrier bars Aerostyle requires an adapter which is available separately via AfterSales. All other genuine Mercedes-Benz roof structures (e.g. roof box) can be fitted without an adapter.
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  • Fitting mechanism: Asymmetrical aero section (based on aircraft aerofoil) for further optimisation of aerodynamics and noise reduction Aerostyle Easy-Fix basic carrier bars for roof rails Width-fixing and attachment mechanism bars are attached to vehicles roof rails by rubber-protected clamping jaws Secured by tightening integral handwheel Bar can be heard and felt clicking into place, confirming correct attachment See relevant fitting instructions for correct positioning of basic carrier bars Aerostyle basic carrier bars Fixed to designated points in roof channel using M8 screws Following initial assembly (width tolerance adjustment), bars can be fitted in next to no time without the use of tools, thanks to easy-to-use fastening mechanisms New carrier systems Aerostyle
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  • 8 * Add-on parts Carbon Style for W205 approx. available Q2/2015 Planned add-on parts C117W205* Front apron spoiler lip 1-piece Fitting: special adhesive tape and mechanical fittings Rear spoiler 1-piece Fitting: special adhesive tape Exterior mirror covers Set of 2 Fitting: special adhesive tape Material: Polycarbonate, which is printed using the silk-screen method and deep-drawn subsequently 3D effect in realistic carbon look Material properties: impact resistant, UV- and weatherproof Add-on parts in realistic carbon design for an individual, sporty and dynamic look No painting necessary - product ready for fitting; does not need to be entered in the vehicle documents *Add-on parts Carbon Style for W205 approx. available Q2/2015 See also New add-on parts Carbon Style
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  • Please note that genuine Mercedes-Benz child seats with integral transponder will remain part of our range for vehicles with automatic child seat recognition, Code U12. Child seats without transponder will also be available for use with the new system. Exception: the BABY-SAFE plus II will continue to be offered exclusively with automatic child seat recognition. Optional extra automatic child seat recognition is gradually being phased out. Starting from the launch of the new GLA-Class (X156) it will be replaced in all new vehicles (and facelifts) by a new system, automatic front-passenger airbag deactivation. The process of switching to the new system is expected to take until 2018. Unlike the previous magnetic field-based system, which used transponders, the new, capacitive system recognises a child seat by the weight and pressure distribution on the seat. 9 Introduction of automatic front passenger airbag deactivation
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  • 10 Displayed information (data supplied via CAN bus): Basic information (e.g. velocity, turn signal etc.) Display cruise control, limiter etc. Turn-by-Turn navigation instructions Display of drivers assistance systems info (traffic signs, distance warning etc.) Display of radio station and song info (under investigation) Operation via mulitfunction steering wheel and dedicated Head Up Display menu in instrument cluster Automatic day/night mode including adjustment of brightness (manual setting possible) Available via After Sales, offer ex factory under investigation Retractable and adjustable combiner screen mounted on dashboard Head Up Display (retrofit accessory) Oo Xxx Technical data Planned models series X204, W/X166, W/S212, C/X218 Only USA/RoW: C117, X156 Market launch Gradually from Q2/2014 Installation timeapprox. 1,5h Size virtual image120 x 30 mm Distance virtual image approx. 1800 mm Image source1,8 TFT Display Resolution 256 x 128 Pixel (HD) Colour depth >200,000 colours