Mercedes-Benz 2030

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Final report of Mercedes-Benz 2030 project

Text of Mercedes-Benz 2030

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    ID4350 Design Strategy Project 2012-2013 Q2

    Mercedes-Benz 2030Final Report

    CONTENTS1. City in 20302. Target Customer3. Shift Brand Values4. Customer Journey5. Business Model6. Appendix







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    The future autonomous car rental system is designed by our team, Pinpoint. Our team gave the name of the future autonomous car as E-Benz, and the whole car rental system is called the Move. At the beginning of the report, the future city concept, the target customer of the Move system, and the new brand values of Mercedes are introduced. Second, the concept of the Move and the E-Benz are explained. At the end of the report, marketing strategies and business model of the Move are mentioned.

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    ID4350 Design Strategy Project 2012-2013 Q2

    Mercedes-Benz 2030Final Report

    1. CITY IN 2030

    There are assumptions of the future city in Europe in 2030. Much has changed in the city center since non-autonomous cars are no longer allowed. Because of the government focus to promote a more sustainable en-vironment and the awareness of the people in the city, the air is cleaner and the streets are safer. Pedestrians, bicycles and other personal open vehicles have more space now. Urban gardening has made its way to the rooftops. The connected cars in the Move system drive and park themselves and use as little space as possible because they pick their own routes and try to avoid traffic jams. Parking underground avoids parked cars in the street image.

    Figure 1-1, Top view of city center in 2030

    Figure 1-2, Street view of city center in 2030

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    ID4350 Design Strategy Project 2012-2013 Q2

    Mercedes-Benz 2030Final Report


    The target customers of the Move system are digital traveler nomads who are busi-ness people that frequently travel to different-unknown urban destinations by using different ways of transportation. These people balance four important aspects which are: work, traveling, health and relaxation (see figure 2-1). When they are working, every second counts. They live a busy and a pressure life, most of the time they push themselves to limit without caring their own bodies.

    In spite of devoting themselves to work, these digital traveler nomads love to eat healthy food and exercise. They like to be triggered by novel things.

    This target market group can be divided into business people of the age around thirty to forty and fifty to sixty years old. The difference between these age groups is their at-titude toward life. The younger generations are more likely to try new things.

    Figure 2-1, Imageboard of target customer

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    ID4350 Design Strategy Project 2012-2013 Q2

    Mercedes-Benz 2030Final Report


    The picture on the left side of diagram one shows the brand positioning of the different car brands. Based on our market research, Mercedes-Benz gave people a sense of humility and heritage. Mercedes not only has its own glorious tradition but also is reliable. This characteristic reflects on Mercedes drivers. Those Mercedes drivers tend to have a more stable personality. On the contrary, the brand images of the two main competi-tors of Mercedes, AUDI and BMW, are aggressive and more technological leading. The drivers of these two brands enjoy conquering the road, and they like to show off. Therefore, targeting themselves on the right market is the most important task for these car brands.

    However, by observing the product portfolio and marketing strategies, the brand image of Mercedes is shift-ing toward the brand images of AUDI and BMW now. Mercedes is boasting the aggressive design and tech-nology instead of using a more heritage-humble approach by providing its customer with the latest technol-ogy and elegant design. At this moment they are moving more towards the aggressive-technology leading approach to be able to gain the market share. But this strategy will not gain lots of market share because BMW and AUDI have already implanted the strong images in customers minds. The worst of all, Mercedes will lose its original clients. Hence, Mercedes-Benz should go back to its heritage-humble approach by the strategy in 2030.

    Figure 3-1, Brand Positioning

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    ID4350 Design Strategy Project 2012-2013 Q2

    Mercedes-Benz 2030Final Report

    The strategy is to introduce healthy and balanced lifestyle to its clients. The reason of choosing this core strategy is that most of the clients of Mercedes live a busy life. They probably have no time to take care of themselves. By applying the strategy focused on maintaining the healthy and balanced lifestyle of the clients, the brand value of Mercedes-Benz will be authentic, care, structure. Figure 3-3 shows the new brand value of Mercedes.

    Figure 3-2, Old brand value

    Figure 3-3, New brand value

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    ID4350 Design Strategy Project 2012-2013 Q2

    Mercedes-Benz 2030Final Report

    4. COUSTOMER JOURNEYAnna is a business traveller or a so called business nomad. She is always on the go and very busy. She loves her work, but knows the downsides of it all to well. A couple of years ago she was on the verge of burnout and still working 60 hours every week. Her environment enabled her to work at every part of her day. Fortunately her company saw it just in time and got the Move contract for her. She is doing much better now and is still working as hard as possible.

    Figure 4-1, Introducing the user

    To accomplish this, Mercedes has emphasized other values in the brand. Instead of focusing on Responsi-bility, Fascination and Perfection they thought of a way to make Anna relaxed during all of her travels. The change in emphasis resulted in the values Authentic, Care and Structure. This focus also detached Mercedes-Benz from its very similar competitors Audi and BMW. It also embraced the values that Mercedes makes what they are: An authentic and trustworthy brand.

    The first touch point of the brand Mercedes is found with the bond. The Bond is a health tracking device provided by Mercedes. You carry it with you all the time and it is both a status symbol and your little personal helper. It tracks your heart rate, weight, meals, fitness, relaxation and even sleeping time. It does this with several sensors. It has GPS, a passive camera that records your habits, a microphone and speaker. It charges wirelessly and synchronizes data of your mobile device. It is also possible to give the E-Benz commands from a remote location. If you are in danger an employee of Mercedes is informed and he or she takes a de-cision on how to proceed. Off course it is available in many shapes and manifestations and can even be built in existing accessories.

    Figure 4-2, Introducing the bond

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    ID4350 Design Strategy Project 2012-2013 Q2

    Mercedes-Benz 2030Final Report

    Figure 4-3, Accompanying App on the handset

    Figure 4-4, Recognize appointment on users schedule

    Anna gets a Mercedes Bond from her company and tries it on. With the accompanying App she can synchro-nize all of her personal information to the car. The system automatically recognizes that she has an appoint-ment abroad and can book a car by this system in advance.

    The E-Benz itself is a 4 wheel electric car with two seats and a table. It has a foldaway steering wheel and stor-age space for two bags and the E-Bike. The seats can be positioned however required and the user will not get carsick because of counter movements. The car has a lot of new technological features. The most radical ones are: autonomous driving, recharging the batteries while driving, augmented reality windows and the cars artificial intelligence.

    First of are the augmented reality windows. They are not a content producing device meaning that you should not for example try to create a new presentation on it. They are designed specifically for giving you the right information at the right time. When the users in the car are talking about new restaurants this is what the car will display. When the user is idle and looks bored the car can entertain the user by telling about the sur-roundings and showing places to visit.

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    ID4350 Design Strategy Project 2012-2013 Q2

    Mercedes-Benz 2030Final Report

    To make the car feel more like its own personality, even when you are driving multiple physical cars, it adapts slowly to its user. Anna has arrived in the city we have just seen. She is welcomed by the car as she gets in. Right now the car displays her health status and recommendations. Off course, Anna can also speak back to the car. In this case she tells it to go to her hotel.

    Figure 4-5, Welcoming screen of E-Benz

    Figure 4-6, Relaxing mode of E-Benz

    After the flight Anna is quite tired and wants to relax. As she starts to relax in the chair the windows gradual-ly darken and the sound of the car driving slowly fades. Sometime before she arrives the car gradually chang-es back. If Anna has to spend some more time in the E-Benz it will automatically give her suggestions on how to spend her time. Other ways of relaxing are: the massage chairs, looking or listening to media, sound and lighting therapy and looking at the outside scenery moving by.

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    ID4350 Design Strategy Project 2012-2013 Q2

    Mercedes-Benz 2030Final Report

    The car also holds an E-Bike. It is a very compact unicycle with an electr