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    For every ounce of muscle you can see in the boldly redesigned 2013 GLK-Class, theres even more strength waiting beneath its surface, and behind its rewarding performance. In

    creating this SUV embodiment of a sport sedans soul, Mercedes-Benz engineers traveled not just to the far corners of the globe, but to the high banks and hairpin turns of their own

    test tracks. The result is a compact SUV with character that far outsizes its exterior dimensions. With responsiveness that outpaces your expectations. And with refinement and style

    that simply outshine. You might say that the performance, safety and luxury of a Mercedes-Benz sport sedan are all hiding inside every GLK-Class. But in truth, theyre not hidden at all.

    GLK 350 shown at left with Arctic White paint and optional PARKTRONIC, and AMG Styling, Lighting and Premium 1 Packages. GLK 350 shown above with Arctic White paint and optional 4matic all -wheel drive, PARKTRONIC, and Multimedia and Premium 1 Packages.

  • GLK 350 shown with optional Diamond White metallic paint, trailer hitch, and Appearance and Premium 1 Packages. Please see endnotes at back of brochure.GLK 350 shown with optional Iridium Silver metallic paint, PARKTRONIC, and AMG Styling, Lighting and Premium 1 Packages. Please see endnotes at back of brochure.

  • As with any gifted athlete, success is not achieved from muscle alone.

    Of course, as its new Direct Injection V-6 engine aptly demonstrates,

    its a commanding head start. But within its crisp, upright lines, a GLK

    is an exceptionally well-rounded performer. It expertly wields its ample

    torque through a 7-speed automatic transmission with sporty shift

    paddles. Its standard 19" alloy wheels, AGILITY CONTROL suspension

    and highly rigid body respond to every twist in the road with quick,

    precise reflexes. And unlike many SUVs of its size, the GLKs confident

    footwork comes from its naturally balanced rear -wheel drive or the

    option of nimble, efficient 4matic all -wheel drive. Muscle, after all, is

    most impressive and most effective when you know how to flex it.


    GLK350. An advanced new 302-hp Direct Injection V-6 and clever ECO Start/Stop system convert less gasoline into more power with fewer emissions. Serenaded by the mellow growl of true dual exhausts, it can return 60 mph in 6.4 seconds,1 or up to 25 highway mpg.2

    Reveling. A new generation of refinements makes the 7-speed automatic swifter and smoother than ever. Adaptive logic paces the shifting to your driving style. Sport and ECO modes let you emphasize rpm or mpg on demand. And a new electronic selector and shift paddles let you change gears without taking your hands off the wheel.

    Riveting.The tenacity of 4matic all -wheel drive is a GLK 350 option that adds driving confidence year-round. Its integral 4 -wheel Electronic Traction System (4 -ETS) can continually redistribute the torque to the wheels with the best grip even if thats a single wheel.3 And with its light weight and 45:55 front/rear torque split, 4matic is also efficient, sporty and fun on dry roads.

    Revitalizing.The GLKs fully independent multilink suspension shares more than its limber configuration with our sport sedans. It also features our AGILITY CONTROL an innovation that responds to the motion of each wheel. With every change in the road surface, it instantly recalibrates the damping rates for quick, athletic handling while maintaining a calm, composed ride.

    Ravishing.The standard 19" triple 5-spoke wheels offer ample evidence of the GLKs roadholding expertise. Or go even bolder with either of two 20" wheel options: A twin 5-spoke design in the Appearance Package. Or legendary AMG twin 5-spoke alloy wheels, set off by the sculpted lower bodywork of the AMG Styling Package.

  • The moment you see its emboldened grille, expressive new headlamps and LED taillamps, its obvious that the 2013 GLK-Class has undergone a revolution. But youre only touching

    the surface of its extensive reengineering. From its advanced new safety systems to its innovative multimedia technologies, the redesigned GLK is enhanced with nearly 1,000 new

    features, components and detail elements. Climb inside its completely renovated cabin, and you might find that touching its surfaces is simply irresistible. A wide span of sustainably

    forested, hand-polished Burl Walnut wood sweeps across its new dash. And exquisitely crafted metal trim encircles its air vents and highlights its colorful three-dimensional gauges.

    But dont just take in its commanding view and elegant new controls. Take it out, and open it up. What youll feel is exactly what the GLKs engineers intended: 1,000 times better.

    Entrancing. At once smoother and more muscular, the GLKs bold design sports brilliant new elements. From the intriguing details of its LED lighting to the chrome accents of its new front and rear bumpers, its upright shape is anything but uptight.

    Advancing. Behind the alluring style of its new cabin awaits a bevy of useful and user - friendly new technology. Intuitive controls on the console and the sporty 3 -spoke steering wheel team with vivid color displays in the dash. A wide world of entertainment and navigation options, as well as the convenience of the Internet in your vehicle,4 can all be within your reach.

    Ensconcing. While you bask in the richer materials and colors of its luxurious cabin, you can also take in blue skies or a blanket of stars with the optional Panorama roof. Its vast expanse of heat-resistant tinted glass offers majestic vistas to all five GLK passengers. The power tilt/sliding front section and power sunshade allow you to choose breezy, scenic or cozy as you wish.

    Enhancing. From their distinctive wheels to their brushed aluminum roof rails, the AMG Styling Package and the Appearance Package let you pump up the GLKs visual muscle while boosting its sporty versatility. Optional brushed aluminum running boards further underscore its purposeful design.


  • GLK 350 shown above with optional Steel Grey metallic paint, PARKTRONIC and Lighting Package. GLK 350 shown at left with Mocha interior and optional heated front seats, KEYLESS -GO, and Leather, Multimedia and Premium 1 Packages. Please see endnotes at back of brochure.

  • Wherever you seek adventure in a GLK-Class, you travel with a legion of reinforcements and a legacy of safety innovation. And while its engineering is on the leading edge,

    its survival instincts have been honed for generations. Since the invention of the first crumple zone, Mercedes-Benz engineers have spent more than 60 years preparing

    for the unexpected. In the 1970s, they earned a patent for the air bag. And in the decades to follow, they pioneered a portfolio of safety breakthroughs that went on to

    become industry standards like the Antilock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and emergency-sensing Brake Assist (BAS). They were even first

    to bring side curtain air bags and the 4-wheel Electronic Traction System (4-ETS) to the world of SUVs. Explore the 2013 GLK-Class and youll see much more than these

    well-known safety benchmarks. Youll discover advancements that predict tomorrows SUVs, while helping to protect your own tomorrow, starting now. For example, its

    standard new ATTENTION ASSIST is a Mercedes-Benz innovation that helps detect driver drowsiness on longer trips. As you drive your GLK on a rainy highway, its brakes

    intelligently act to help disperse water buildup. And should any of its nine air bags be activated, the standard mbrace system4 can automatically place a call for help.

    Far more than a list of features, every GLK-Class is an orchestrated safety system engineered to make the most of the precious milliseconds it takes to avoid, or survive,

    a collision. Perhaps thats why, even before its many new enhancements, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named the GLK-Class a Top Safety Pick in 2011 and

    2012.5 Wherever you drive, the GLKs advanced safety engineering is looking ahead, while watching your back. Because sometimes you really need a leader behind you.


    GLK 350 shown with optional Diamond White metallic paint, 4matic all -wheel drive, KEYLESS-GO, PARKTRONIC, and AMG Styling, Driver Assistance, Lighting and Premium 1 Packages. Please see endnotes at back of brochure.


    Brilliantlighting.Bright white LED Daytime Running Lamps and new fiber-optic LED taillamps help make your presence more apparent to other drivers. With the optional Lighting Package, Bi -Xenon headlamps generate light thats perceived more like natural daylight than halogen lamps. They also feature two advanced systems that continuously vary the angle and beam pattern of the headlamps: Active Curve Illumination swivels the beams as you steer into corners. And Adaptive Highbeam Assist maximizes the illumination of straightaways, without causing glare for other drivers. The package also includes headlamp washers.

    ATTENTIONASSIST.By continually monitoring a variety of driving behaviors, this Mercedes -Benz innovation can audibly and visually alert the driver if it detects signs of drowsiness on long trips. More than 70 variables are measured to establish a pattern in the first minutes of each drive and determine the warning thresholds accordingly.6

    ActiveBlindSpotandLaneKeepingAssists.These optional systems can alert you to some unseen v