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  • The secret in Good Teaching.

  • Good teaching is much about passion.

    Its about motivating the students.

    Doing so in a manner thats relevant

    Its about caring for your craft.

    Having a good passion with it

  • Its treating the students as consumers of knowledge.

    Being at leading edge often as possible.

    Its bridging gap between theory and practice.

    Its about leaving the ivory tower. and

    Its about immersing oneself in the field.

  • Good teaching is about listening and questioning.

    Being responsive, remembering that each classs different.

    It is about pushing students to excel.

    Its about developing the oral communication skills.

    Its about respecting others and observing professionalism.

  • Good teachings about having the confidence to react.

    Its not always having a fixed agenda. But

    Being flexible and adjust the changing circumstances.

    Its about confidence and still feeling good.

    Its about deviating from the course syllabus.

  • Good teaching is about the creative dictator.

    This is about a pushover on others.

    Effective teachings not about being locked.

    Good teachers work the room with students.

    Good teaching is about humor.

  • Its about being self-depreciating. And

    Not taking to your self seriously.

    The teacher realize that he/she is a conductor. And

    The students are the music orchestra.

    students play different instrument, at varying proficiencies.

  • Good teaching is often about making jokes.

    Mostly at your own expenses.

    Students learn in a more relaxed atmosphere.

    As human with your own shares of fault. And


  • Good teaching is about caring.

    Its about nurturing.

    It is about developing minds and talents.

    It is about devoting time,

    Often invisible,

  • And to every students.

    It is about thankless hours of grading,

    Designing or redesigning work, and

    Preparing material to still further enhance instructions.

    Its about mentoring between senior/junior faculty,

  • Mentoring for teamwork,

    Being recognized and promoted by ones peers.

    Effective teaching should also rewarded.Poor teaching should remediated,

    It should be train through development program.

  • Lastly...Teaching is more than just a job,

    More than an intellectual challenge,

    More than management task,

    for whom vocation and commitment-

    Are essential failure of their professionalism.