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<p> 1. Mi memorable meal<br />Salvador JR Daz salgado<br />3E #10<br /> 2. place<br />My memorable mealalwaysis in my house in christmas dayorsometimes in somefriendhouse<br /> 3. I lovetoeat<br /> 4. Tastes &amp; smells<br />I alwayseatdishescookedby my mom, she<br />Makesturkey, apple salad calledrussian.<br />My dad cooksbrazilianfoodto, liketutua mineira and picadinho de jacare<br /> 5. people<br />I lovespend my time whit my girlfriend , with my friends, my mom, and all my family and gotodinner, gotothebeachorsomes places.<br /> 6. feelings<br />Ihave so menyfeelsbutspecialy i feellove and happinesbecause i likebehappyeveryday<br /></p>