How did you use media technologies in the construction, and research, planning and evaluation stages of your media coursework? By Zishan Afsar LDN Town Productions. A2 OCR MEDIA STUDIES

Media evaluation

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Page 1: Media evaluation

How did you use media technologies in the

construction, and research, planning and evaluation stages

of your media coursework?

By Zishan Afsar – LDN Town Productions.


Page 2: Media evaluation

What defines ‘media technologies’?

• Media technologies are related to things that can aid the development of my coursework.

• In my media coursework I used a range of media technologies which I am going to discuss in this PowerPoint.

• These are used in the Construction, Research, Planning, and Evaluation stages of my coursework.

Page 3: Media evaluation

Planning Stage

• In Planning my coursework, when I had to look for locations for my video I had to use a camera to take the photos to upload onto my blog.

• As well as this, I used an online blog. On the website blogspot.com this was pivotal to showing my progress made with the video to an online audience.

Page 4: Media evaluation

Planning Stage

• In the planning stage, I also used a scanner. To scan in my storyboard as well as using it to scan in my objectives.

• The scanner also saved me time, in writing up things, and thus helped me towards the completion of my coursework.

Page 5: Media evaluation

Research Stage

• In the research stage of my coursework, I used a sound recorder, to get the opinion of the target audience to my video, and also what they expected to find in the video.

• As well as Microsoft Excel, to gather the data and make charts with it. To tally the audience feedback and upload to my blog.

Page 6: Media evaluation

Research Stage

•I used tables created in Excel to show the results of the research from my target audience for the music video.

•The reason I used graphs, was to illustrate the findings of my Primary & Secondary research. Having asked the audience, this helped me gain a knowledge of what they expected to appear in the video.

•This was also featured on my blog, and is clear for everybody to see.

Page 7: Media evaluation

Construction Stage

• For the digi-pack of my coursework I used Adobe by Photoshop, in order to construct it.

• Photoshop was easy to use, and enabled me to create a professional CD package for the product, of the music video and the Ancillary Texts.

• This programme allowed for me to create multiple layers, for the CD cover as well as allowing for a creative element to it, because it enables pictures to merge together.

Page 8: Media evaluation

Construction Stage

• Another media technology, that helped me with the construction of my coursework was the program ‘Picasa’ by Google.

• Picasa enabled me to edit my ancillary texts, in this project. For this I decided to design a magazine poster, which can also be seen on my blog.

• The fact that Picasa has a user friendly interface, made it easy to use, and I enjoyed using it in comparison to Photoshop, which I found to be not very user friendly and a hindrance.

Page 9: Media evaluation

Construction Stage

• Using the Sony mini-DV camcorder, enabled me to film my media coursework.

• The camera had a zoom in zoom out function, as well as different framing and function options.

• The camera had a mini-DV tape, in it which captured what I had filmed. In addition to this I used a tripod to hold the camera in.

Page 10: Media evaluation

Construction Stage

• The Macbook pro, is my own laptop which was used in constructing my coursework.

• The Mac, allowed me to edit my coursework as it is a creative computer. As well as being easily transportable it allowed me to edit, wherever I was.

• In addition to this, I used my iPad2 to edit some of my blog.

Page 11: Media evaluation

Construction Stage

• In the construction of my media coursework, I used the programme Final Cut Express to edit the film for the video.

• I used this as it was recommended by my Media Teacher, and I used Final Cut Express to edit my AS piece of coursework.

• Final Cut allows for editing transitions, as well as other effects which I incorporated into my final video. Which I used in my final piece.

Page 12: Media evaluation

Evaluation Stage

• In the Evaluation stage of my coursework, I used the programme Microsoft PowerPoint, in order to compile my evidence on how Media technology has helped the Construction of my Media Coursework.

• PowerPoint is good, as it allows for the key ideas to be expressed in a simple and reliable format.