ME552: Vibration and Noise - BVM Engineering Vibration and Noise ... Vibration instruments, Vibration exciters, measuring devices, ... vibration as noise sources, classification of analysis of machinery

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<ul><li><p>ME552: Vibration and Noise </p><p>Teaching Scheme Credits Marks Distribution Total </p><p>Marks L T P C Theory Marks Practical Marks </p><p>ESE CE ESE CE </p><p>3 0 2 5 70 30 30 20 150 </p><p>Course Content: </p><p>Sr. </p><p>No. Topics </p><p>Teaching </p><p>Hrs. </p><p>1 Fundamentals of vibrations: </p><p>Review of lumped parameter modeling of vibrations, vibrations of </p><p>single degree of freedom systems, free vibrations, damped </p><p>vibrations, forced vibrations, two degree of freedom systems, </p><p>transient vibrations, vibration isolation and transmissibility, </p><p>vibration absorber, non-linear stiffness. </p><p>10 </p><p>2 Multi degree of freedom systems: </p><p>Normal mode of vibration, flexibility matrix, stiffness matrix, Eigen </p><p>values and Eigenvectors, orthogonal properties, forced vibration by </p><p>matrix inversion, modal analysis, modal damping in forced </p><p>vibration, matrix iteration, Lagranges equation. </p><p>08 </p><p>3 Vibrations of continuous systems: </p><p>General wave equation, vibration of strings, rods, beams, effect of </p><p>rotary inertia and shear deformation. </p><p>06 </p><p>4 Random vibrations: </p><p>Description of random process, Correlation and power spectral </p><p>density. </p><p>03 </p><p>5 Experimental Methods in Vibration Analysis: </p><p>Vibration instruments, Vibration exciters, measuring devices, signal </p><p>processing, vibration trouble-shooting and diagnosis, time-domain </p><p>and frequency-domain vibration analysis. </p><p>05 </p></li><li><p>6 Fundamentals of noise: </p><p>Introduction to noise, relation between vibration and noise pollution, </p><p>vibration as noise sources, classification of analysis of machinery </p><p>vibrations. </p><p>04 </p><p>7 Noise Generated by Vibrating Structures and Control: </p><p>Elementary noise radiators, noise radiation by machine, noise source </p><p>identification, sound intensity measurement, noise radiation and </p><p>transmission, design principles for noise reduction. </p><p>05 </p><p> Total Hrs. 41 </p><p>Reference Books: </p><p>1. S. S. Rao, Mechanical Vibrations, Pearson Education. 2. S. Graham Kelly and Shashidar K.Kudari, Mechanical Vibrations, McGraw-Hill </p><p>Publishing. </p><p>3. Thomson W. T., Theory of Vibration with Applications, CBS Publishers &amp; Distributors / Prentice Hall of India. </p><p>4. Rao J. S. and Gupta K., Introductory Course on Theory and Practice Mechanical Vibration, New Age International (P) Ltd. </p><p>5. Norton M. P. and Karczub D. G., Fundamentals of Noise and Vibration Analysis for Engineers, Cambridge Press. </p><p>6. Pujara K., Vibration and Noise for Engineers, Dhanpat Rai &amp; Co. </p></li></ul>


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