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MCS Part # Description MCS US List Price ... 1559094-MCS LIEBHERR 724/734 MCR3 BRKOUT A $995.00 1559095-MCS LIEBHERR 724/734 MCR3 BRKOUT B $1,095.00 1161104-MCS ASSY, CABLE BREAKOUT

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Text of MCS Part # Description MCS US List Price ... 1559094-MCS LIEBHERR 724/734 MCR3 BRKOUT A $995.00...

  • 2020 Price List


    Effective Nov 1st, 2020

    MCS Part # Description MCS US

    List Price



    9060-1427-MCS KIT, KOM D51 REV RELAY $515.00

    9060-5030-MCS CABLE, 11FT PWR/2X4IN A/M $155.00

    9060-5033-20-MCS CABLE, POWER, 20FT $207.00

    9060-5033-40-MCS CABLE, POWER, 40FT $225.00

    9060-5052-MCS COIL CORD, 11S X 11P $360.50

    9060-5075-MCS ASSY, DOZER SLP 10FT COIL CORD $260.00

    9060-5117-MCS CABLE, CB- 9409, 20FT $351.00

    9060-5131-MCS 12FT SLOPE COIL CBL $415.00

    9060-5196-MCS ASSY, TM-1 MAST TO LSB2 COIL CORD $373.50

    9060-5200-MCS ASSY, 10FT POWER/VALVE CABLE $360.50

    9060-5304-MCS ASSY, LONG TM-1/LS-B2 COIL CORD $509.90

    9060-5343-MCS ASSY, 14FT DOZER RELAY CABLE $376.00

    9060-5367-MCS ASSY, CBL MCR3 REV RELAY $335.00

    9060-5368-MCS ASSY, MCR3 REV RELAY W/ 2 CONN $210.00

    9060-5382-MCS ASSY, CAT REV TEE $105.00

    9061-1027-MCS ASSY, 15FT EXT CABLE $427.50

    9062-1057-MCS KIT, DOZER BACK UP RELAY $309.00

    9063-1003-25-MCS ASSY, 11P-11S QUICK CABLE,25FT $515.00

    9063-1004-25-MCS ASSY, 11P-11S TM-1 CABLE, 25FT $395.00

    9063-1004-20-MCS ASSY, 11P-11S TM-1 CABLE, 20FT $365.00

    9063-1004-30-MCS ASSY, 11P-11S TM-1 CABLE, 30FT $365.00

    9063-1004-35-MCS ASSY, 11P-11S TM-1 CABLE, 35FT $375.00

    9063-1023-1-MCS ASSY, POWER, A/M, VALVE DANFOSS $335.00

    9063-1027-20-MCS ASSY, CB RT ANGLE TO QUICK $670.00

    9063-1032-10-MCS SYS 5 DOZER PWR $412.00

    9063-1036-8-MCS ASSY, RG213 X 8FT CABLE,OVERMOLDED $205.00

    9063-1036-8Y-MCS ASSY, RG213 X 8FT CABLE,YELLOW,OVERMOLDED $205.00

    9063-1036-10-MCS ASSY, RG213 X 10FT CABLE,OVERMOLDED $185.00

    9063-1036-10Y-MCS ASSY, RG213 X 10FT CABLE, YELLOW,OVERMOLDED $185.00

    9063-1036-16-MCS ASSY, RG213 X 16FT CABLE,OVERMOLDED $220.00

    9063-1036-16Y-MCS ASSY, RG213 X 16FTCABLE, YELLOW,OVERMOLDED $220.00

    9063-1036-17-MCS ASSY, RG213 N-MALE CABLE-OVERMOLD, 17FT $225.00

    9063-1036-17Y-MCS ASSY, RG213 N-MALE CABLE-YELLOW,OVERMOLD, 17FT $225.00

    9063-1036-20-MCS ASSY, RG213 X 20FT CABLE,OVERMOLDED $225.00

    9063-1036-20Y-MCS ASSY, RG213 X 20FT CABLE, YELLOW,OVERMOLDED $225.00

    9063-1036-25-MCS ASSY, RG213 X 25 FT CABLE,OVERMOLDED $230.00

    9063-1036-25Y-MCS ASSY,RG213 X 25 FT CABLE, YELLOW,OVERMOLDED $230.00

    9063-1036-30-MCS ASSY,RG213 X 30 FT CABLE,OVERMOLDED $225.00

  • 9063-1036-30Y-MCS ASSY,RG213 X 30 FT CABLE, YELLOW,OVERMOLDED $225.00

    9063-1036-35-MCS ASSY,RG213 X 35 FT CABLE,OVERMOLDED $230.00

    9063-1036-35Y-MCS ASSY,RG213 X 35 FT CABLE, YELLOW,OVERMOLDED $230.00

    9063-1036-40-MCS ASSY,RG213 X 40 FT CABLE,OVERMOLDED $235.00

    9063-1036-40Y-MCS ASSY,RG213 X 40 FT CABLE, YELLOW,OVERMOLDED $267.80

    9063-1036-45-MCS ASSY,RG213 X 45 FT CABLE,OVERMOLDED $225.00

    9063-1036-45Y-MCS ASSY,RG213 X 45 FT CABLE,YELLOW,OVERMOLDED $225.00

    9063-1043-20-MCS CABLE, PWR-A/M-JOG-SOURCE $270.00

    9063-1050-3-MCS ASSY, GPS 9168 Y CABLE $437.80

    9063-1054-15-MCS SYS 5 GPS 9168 11 BAY CBL $355.40

    9063-1057-1-MCS ASSY, RG213 N-MALE/FEMALE CBL,1FT-OVERMOLDED $90.00

    9063-1057-10-MCS ASSY,RG213 N-MALE/FEMALE CBL,10FT,OVERMOLDED $198.00

    9063-1057-10Y-MCS ASSY,RG213 N-MALE/FEMALE CBL,10FT,OVERMOLDED, Y $198.00

    9063-1057-25-MCS ASSY,RG213 N-MALE/FEMALE CBL,35FT,OVERMOLDED $310.00

    9063-1057-25Y-MCS ASSY,RG213 N-MALE/FEMALE CBL,35FT,OVERMOLDED,Y $310.00

    9063-1057-35-MCS ASSY,RG213 N-MALE/FEMALE CBL,35FT,OVERMOLDED $330.00

    9063-1057-45-MCS ASSY,RG213 N-MALE/FEMALE CBL,45FT,OVERMOLDED $340.00

    9063-1074-26-MCS ASSY, JOHN DEERE DOZER SLOPE CABLE, 26FT $908.00

    9063-1092-23-MCS ASSY, JOHN DEERE TO 9168 CABLE, 23FT $1,184.50

    9063-1136-1-MCS ASSY, DZR J-BOX/VALVE BREAK-OUT $660.00

    9063-1136-2-MCS ASSY, DZR J-BOX/VALVE BREAK-OUT $660.00

    9063-1136-4-MCS ASSY, DZR J-BOX/VALVE BREAK-OUT $705.00

    9063-1137-1-MCS MC-R3, DZR/GX-60 BREAK-OUT $870.00

    9063-1137-4-MCS MC-R3, DZR/GX-60 BREAK-OUT $815.00

    9063-1141-2-MCS ASSY, KOM D-51 REV TEE CABLE $355.00

    9063-1147-2-MCS MC-R3 -MC2 J-BOX CABLE $495.00

    9063-1147-6-MCS MC-R3 -MC2 J-BOX CABLE $570.00

    9063-1147-14-MCS MC-R3 -MC2 J-BOX CABLE $605.00

    9063-1147-20-MCS MC-R3 -MC2 J-BOX CABLE $655.00

    9063-1147-26-MCS MC-R3 -MC2 J-BOX CABLE $775.00

    9063-1147-38-MCS MC-R3 -MC2 J-BOX CABLE $630.00

    9063-1148-8-MCS ASSY, DRZ MC2 COIL CORD, 8FT $640.00

    9063-1148-12-MCS ASSY, DRZ MC2 COIL CORD, 12FT $675.00

    9063-1149-6-MCS ASSY, MCR3-DOZER J-BOX CABLE $490.00

    9063-1149-14-MCS ASSY, MCR3-DOZER J-BOX CABLE $505.00

    9063-1149-20-MCS ASSY, MCR3-DOZER J-BOX CABLE $530.00

    9063-1149-26-MCS ASSY, MCR3-DOZER J-BOX CABLE $550.00

    9063-1152-1-MCS ASSY, MCR3 DOZER B WITH MM GPS $470.00

    9063-1153-1-MCS ASSY, MCR3 PZS-MC ADD ON CABLE $231.80

    9063-1155-5-MCS ASSY, MCR3 ADAPTER CABLE "A" 24V $995.00

    9063-1155-15-MCS ASSY, MCR3 ADAPTER CABLE "A" 24V $1,045.00

    9063-1158-5-MCS ASSY, MCR3 ADAPTER CABLE "B" DOZER, 5FT $561.40

    9063-1158-15-MCS ASSY, MCR3 ADAPTER CABLE "B" DOZER, 15FT $612.90

    9063-1159-2-MCS ASSY, MCR3 BREAK-OUT A JD IGC 2FT $455.00

    9063-1159-5-MCS ASSY, MCR3 BREAK-OUT A JD IGC 5FT $700.00

    9063-1163-1-MCS ASSY, GX60 TO JD G-SERIES CONSOLE 20 IN $430.00

    9063-1164-1-MCS ASSY, 6FT MCR3 BREAK-OUT A JD IGC DOZER $390.00

  • 9063-1164-2-MCS ASSY, 3FT MCR3 BREAK-OUT A JD IGC DOZER $390.00

    9063-1165-1-MCS ASSY, 30" MCR3 BREAK-OUT B, NO VALVE $415.00

    9063-1165-2-MCS ASSY, MCR3 BREAK-OUT B, NO VALVE,4FT $280.00

    9063-1166-9-MCS ASSY, GX-60 CABLE WITH MCR3 CONN, 9 FT $350.00

    9063-1166-13-MCS ASSY, GX-60 CABLE WITH MCR3 CONN, 13 FT $285.00

    9063-1166-15-MCS ASSY, GX-60 CABLE WITH MCR3 CONN, 15 FT $265.00

    9063-1166-23-MCS ASSY, GX-60 CABLE WITH MCR3 CONN, 23 FT $325.00

    9063-1173-14-MCS ASSY, 14' PANEL MT MC-R3 - MC2 CBL $350.00

    9063-1173-20-MCS ASSY, 20' PANEL MT MC-R3 - MC2 CBL $592.30

    9063-1173-24-MCS ASSY, 24' PANEL MT MC-R3 - MC2 CBL $635.00

    9063-1186-1-MCS ASSY, JD IGC CONNECTOR TO 9164 CB $620.00

    9063-1203-15-MCS ASSY, GPS MC ANT CABLE-15FT, OVERMOLDED $775.00

    9063-1210-15-MCS ASSY, DUAL GPS ANT COIL CABLE $1,340.00

    9063-1211-1-MCS ASSY, MCR3 DZR BREAK-OUT A KOM D65 $930.00

    9063-1212-MCS ASSY, MC2 CBL FOR D65 T4 J-BOX $257.50

    9063-1241-1-MCS ASSY, MCR3 BREAKOUT B DUAL MMGPS GENERIC $1,230.00

    9063-1251-8-MCS MC2 COIL CORD, 8FT $660.00

    9063-1251-12-MCS MC2 COIL CORD, 12FT $675.00

    9063-1254-3-MCS ASSY, MCR3 BKT B JD K DZR MC2/PZS/SLP/3FT $330.00

    9063-1254-5-MCS ASSY, MCR3 BKT B JD K DZR MC2/PZS/SLP/5FT $750.00

    9063-1254-10-MCS ASSY, MCR3 BKT B JD K DZR MC2/PZS/SLP/10FT $720.00

    9434-1006-MCS ASSY, JD 750/850 GPS GRILL PLATE $295.00

    9434-1007-MCS ASSY, JD 750/850 SLP GRILL CABLE $620.00

    9434-1019-MCS ASSY, JD 750/850K SLP GRILL CABLE $745.00

    9434-1020-MCS ASSY, JD 750/850K GPS GRILL PLATE $930.00

    9434-1023-MCS ASSY,, JD 750/850K 24FT MC2 GPS GRILL $932.20

    9434-1025-MCS ASSY, JD550K/650K IGC GRILL $1,500.00

    9434-1026-MCS ASSY, JD 700K GPS GRILL PLATE $450.00

    9434-1027-MCS ASSY, JD 700K SLP GRILL CABLE $1,135.00

    1000114-01-MCS ASSY, KOMATSU D61-23 JBOX PLATE $825.00

    1000267-01-MCS ASSY, 9164 VALVE TO MCR3 BKT B CABLE $570.00

    1000479-01-MCS ASSY, MC2 STRAIGHT CABLE, 7FT $368.12

    1000479-15-MCS ASSY, MC2 STRAIGHT CABLE, 15FT $360.00

    1000479-25-MCS ASSY, MC2 STRAIGHT CABLE, 25FT $423.00

    1000479-50-MCS ASSY, MC2 STRAIGHT CABLE, 50FT $522.00

    1000828-01-MCS ASSY, JD 550K/650K IGC GRILL PLATE $1,500.00

    1001136-01-MCS ASSY, KOM D65/D155 TIER4 JUNCTION BOX $1,340.00

    1001139-01-MCS ASSY, CNH TIER 4 DOZER RADIATOR PLATE $1,265.00

    1002078-01-MCS ASSY, MCR3 BREAKOUT A KOM D37/39-23 $365.00

    1003022-01-MCS ASSY, JD 700/1050K T4F IGC JUNCTION PLATE $368.12

    1003040-01-MCS ASSY, JD 750/850K IGC SLP CONN PLATE $560.00

    1003046-01-MCS ASSY, 9164 POWER TO MC-R3 A DOZER $390.00


    1003670-01-MCS ASSY, JD DZR IGC TO DEUTSCH 12 JUMPER $185.00

    1004988-01-MCS ASSY, MC2 TO DTM04-8PA CABLE, 13FT $305.00

    1004988-20-MCS ASSY, MC2 TO DTM04-8PA CABLE, 20FT $285.00

    1004988-25-MCS ASSY, MC2 TO DTM04-8PA CABLE, 25FT $285.00

  • 1006104-01-MCS ASSY,MCR3 SL BRKOUT B DZ V7ft,J7ft,M7ft $750.00

    1006104-04-MCS ASSY,MCR3 SL BRKOUT B DZ V2ft,J2ft,M2ft $650.00

    1006107-02-MCS BREAKOUT B KOMATSU CAN $610.00

    1036587-01-MCS ASSY, DEERE 850L IGC GX-55 JUMPER $125.00

    1036588-01-MCS ASSY, DEERE 850L IGC CAB TO GRILL JUMPER $200.00

    1559094-MCS LIEBHERR 724/734 MCR3 BRKOUT A $995.00

    1559095-MCS LIEBHERR 724/734 MCR3 BRKOUT B $1,095.00



    1166160-MCS ADAPTER CABLE GX-60-LIEBHERR GEN 6 $405.00

    Dozer Valve/ Auto Cables

    9060-5391-MCS ASSY, VSU CAT D8T DZR W/MCR3 $800.00

    9060-5394-MCS ASSY, DT8 VSU ADAPTER CABLE $45.00

    9060-5399-MCS SPLIT OUT CABLE FOR T AND R DOZERS $155.00

    9060-5400-MCS SPLIT OUT CABLE, K SERIES DOZER $155.00

    9060-5401-MCS ASSY, DOZER JOYSTICK SMART CABLE Z63 $255.00

    9060-5409-MCS KIT, CAT SMART CBL 12-PIN DEUTSCH $415.00

    9060-5410-MCS KIT, CAT SMART CBL 12-PIN