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    1 Who are we?

    Are we a piece of creation by God?

    Were our creation totally planned and executed by God?

    Did God or our Creator have any input in our gradual evolution process

    or did we just evolve in our own time?

    2 Did any outside influences got involved at any stage between creation

    and now?

    3 Did God the Creator or Creators at some stage made physical or

    spiritual contact and helped us to compile religious scripture?

    Why do there appear to be so many different physical variances between

    human sapiens, is a specific group more intended than another?

    The above is only a few of the questions we ask from time to time, but

    are there any satisfying answers to these questions?

    Science is most likely the study we could turn to in our efforts to find

    reasonable answers, and religion will probably dispute that.

    Religion is probably the most practised and tried method, but also the

    most illogical, how much value can we put into religion?

    Science is not as new as we might believe and tend to look for logical

    explanations, can we lean more towards science? If we do our belief

    systems might turn us against science or the logic we find in science

    might turn us against religion. Will our own belief systems allow us toreally experiment with science and running the risk of loosing its

    followers in massive droves?

    History have shown that religion tend to be somewhat sceptic on science

    and even called the real hard core scientists heretics.

    Should we however look at our world today science have picked us out

    of medieval chaos and established a relative peaceful society, where theaggressive highly religious are still warring and threatening war on a




    daily basis. We have programs on world wide television asking the

    question; can Armageddon be stopped? Can it? Will science be able to

    convince religion of its fallacy?

    Or will religion have the final say?

    Let us go back to the first question:


    We are part of this place we call earth. According to religion

    (Genesis chapter 1) we were placed here to rule and take care of

    everything else including ourselves. What is on this planet?

    Everything we know and are still investigating, all life forms, whether

    microscopic, or life size realistic, we are supposed to keep it, nurture it,

    and help it survive, but are we?

    From Genesis chapter 2 the message in chapter 1 is thrown out the door.

    Can one say that, or even whisper it?

    In Genesis chapter 2 God suddenly have a couple of trees inparadise, these trees holds certain values, and these values can wake

    mankind up to certain incredible facts and should mankind try to gain

    these incredible values he would be committing a sin against God,

    by becoming a danger to God through acquiring knowledge? We

    learn about a snake, which is responsible for telling mankind that

    there is nothing wrong with acquiring knowledge.

    God however lied to man about dying should they acquire thisknowledge, the snake said they could eat and would not die, which




    mankind did, and they did not die! Then God banished mankind from

    paradise and they had to go and fend for themselves, which mankind did

    quite successfully, I am writing this, and you are reading it which is

    proof of the survival capabilities we have.

    The snake is seen today as Satan by religion and God as the good

    guy, but who was the first liar? According to religion we were created

    by God, and he also lied to us, (Genesis chapter 2 verse 17; You

    must not eat the fruit of that tree, if you do, you will die the same day)

    we are still here! Adam and Eve had children, the world became


    Science enabled us to survive, not religion, the first banished people

    went out into the wilderness and made a living, their own mental and

    physical abilities enabled them to survive, the snake showed them

    how, God kept at them and threatened them with extinction

    throughout the bible should they not worship him, and he tried, he killed

    them by the millions, instigated wars amongst them, promised them

    riches, stole their loot from battles, killed those who did not hand over

    the loot from time to time, its all in the scriptures I am not makingany of this up.

    God even hand picked a nation to be his mouth piece, and declared

    himself as the supreme God, the snake later became Satan or the

    Devil, and this supreme God never killed his main adversary,

    apparently he could have right at the start but he preferred not to, and

    according to scripture decided to keep Satan in order to test us, till

    this very day!

    That God convinced the religious that he operated in mysterious

    ways, he promised one nation that from them the high priests who

    would eventually run this place will be chosen exclusively from them,

    and that at the end of time all the wealth of the nations will be brought

    into a new Jerusalem for their exclusive use, all other nations are called

    infidels by him, religion still use that name, but today we have the

    Christian and Muslim communities calling other nations that, and theyeven hate each other better than they hate the other nations.




    What did that GOD create? Strife, hate, fear, uncertainty, and a

    very possible Armageddon, but more importantly, we were created

    by him or them, (Genesis chapter 1 verse 26; Then God said, andnow we will make human beings; they will be like us and resemble


    We tend to think that Jesus was a part of this religion, but was he? Did

    he fulfil the Old Testament prophecies or not? Was he the son of

    that God, is his father the same father religion has been

    worshipping since day one?

    Religion claims it to be correct, and when reading scripture and

    discussing it with the priests and pastors they all tell you; yes, most

    definitely! Look there and there, in scripture it is stated, but there are

    also places in scripture which tells a different story. You will not find

    supportive quotes for religion in this document, however you will find

    supportive evidence to disprove the claims of religion, it is my opinion

    that a myriad of writings already exist written by other people to support

    religion. It is not my intention to support neither religion nor atheism, inmy opinion both go out from the point of view that either; God exist but

    due to lack of proof religion believe that he exist or from a atheist point

    of view God do not exist and due to lack of proof they believe he does

    not exist, the belief system of both have the same value, both based on

    the assumption.

    Religion or rather the Christian and Muslim religions including the

    Jewish religion started with a paradise and an obvious lie, (Genesischapter 3 verse 1 and 5, Now the snake was the most cunning animal

    that the Lord God had made. The snake asked the woman, Did

    God really tell you not to eat fruit from any tree in the garden? 2

    We may eat the fruit of any tree in the garden, the woman

    answered, 3 except the tree in the middle of it. God told us not to

    eat the fruit of that tree or even touch it; if we do we will die. 4 The

    snake replied, Thats not true; you will not die. 5 God said that,

    because he knows that when you eat it you will be like God andknow what is good and what is bad.




    In verse 17 of Genesis chapter 2 the Lord God told man after he placed

    him in the Garden of Eden; You may eat the fruit of any tree in the

    garden, 17 except the tree that gives knowledge of what is good andwhat is bad. You must not eat the fruit of that tree; if you do, you

    will die the same day.

    Who lied; God or the snake? Adam and Eve went on to have children

    and we are still here! Plus minus one thousand two hundred and fifty

    pages in very small print have been written after that in an effort to

    prove God never lie, but a couple of pages inside that phenomenal effort

    tends to tell a different story.

    You may ask yourself this; how long is the truth, and what is needed to

    convince someone about an idea. According to scripture Jesus spoke

    many words, should we compare his words with the rest of scripture it is

    my submission that he fell short by a long way in support of it. Jesus

    according to scripture however made some very controversial

    statements, and short ones in a manner of speech.

    One such statement was this: John chapter 8 verse 43 to 44 Why do

    you not understand what I say? It is because you cannot bear to

    listen to my message. 44 You are the children of your father, the

    Devil, and you want to follow you fathers desires. From the very

    beginning he was a murderer and has never been on the side of

    truth, because there is no truth in him. When he tells a lie, he is only

    doing what is natural to him, because he is a liar and the father of

    all lies.

    Religion would argue that these verses are referring to the snake, but

    you are reading this, mankind did not die after they ate from that famous

    tree. While we are talking about this tree, let us try to understand it. The

    fruits of the trees in paradise w