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Maximo 7.5 New Features and Pricing Model - Extracting Value... · PDF fileMaximo 7.5 New Features and Pricing Model . ... IBM Initiatives ... Maximo Asset Management program solely

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Text of Maximo 7.5 New Features and Pricing Model - Extracting Value... · PDF fileMaximo 7.5 New...

  • Maximo 7.5 New Features and Pricing Model

    Facing the challenges of Physical Asset Management on a Smarter Planet...

  • Maximo 7.5

    Areas of Focus Development Process Release Content Fix Pack Upgrade Additional Pulse Presentations


  • 2. Return on Investment Automation Scripts

    Application data Import/Export

    Enhanced Migration Manager

    Usability & Performance

    Additional Configuration Lower Cost of Implementation

    Lower Cost of Ownership Easier to configure & support

    3. Continued Leadership and Innovation in EAM

    Enhanced Work & Asset Management

    Linear Asset Visual Control

    Deep Vertical Functionality Improved End-User interaction

    Major Areas of Focus

    1. New & Enhanced Supply Chain Management



    Expanded Capabilities

    Customer Driven Requirements

    Satisfy Functional gaps

    Improved Usability/Maintainability

    Address Integration/ERP


  • Development Process

    Agile Methodology Iteration based, four week sprints Team based development Immediate consumer feedback

    Built on 7.1 Stable base Upgrade uses DBUpdate, not Upgrade Utilities

    Beta Program Hosted in a cloud by the beta team in India 30 client companies & business partners, appx. 200 unique postings Global coverage with cross-industry representation

    North America, Asia, Middle East & Europe Post Release

    Quality improvement: 70% decrease in APAR/Customer


  • Release Content


  • Expanded Footprint

    Asset Management

    KPIs / Reporting/ Ad-hoc Reporting / Cognos Integration

    Work Management

    Materials Management Purchasing

    Locations Repair Facilities Asset Asset Templates Failure Codes Linear Assets Visual Control Condition Monitoring Meters Meter Groups

    Request for Quotation Receiving Receiving Inspections Shipment Receiving Purchase Requisitions Invoices Invoice Reversals Purchase Orders Revisioning Receipt Tolerance Desktop Requisitions

    Item Master Storerooms Inventory Inventory Usage LIFO/FIFO Costing Consignment Transfer via Shipment Default Costing Condition Codes Stocked Tools Service Items

    Job Plans Revisioning Routes Service Requests Work Order Tracking Assignment Tab Hard/Soft Reservations Repair Facilities Safety Quick Reporting Labor/Crafts Tools Preventive Maintenance PM Forecasting Master PM Assignment Manager

    Enhanced Workflow Event Driven, Context-based / Escalation Manager

    Contract Management

    Purchase Contracts Master Contracts Warranty Contracts Lease/Rental Contracts Labor Rate Contracts Premium Pay Rates Payment Schedules

    Service Management

    Service Groups SLA Management Change Management Incidents Problems Changes Releases Solutions

    Security/Administration/Configuration Automation Scripts, Migration Manager

    Integration/Web Services Import & Export direct from applications 6

  • Enhancement Areas

    Supply Chain Management Materials Management Purchasing Receiving Invoicing

    Work and Asset Management Work Order Job Plan Repair Facility Assets PMs

    Additional Functionality Usability

    Improved Efficiency New Skin

    Reporting System Configuration and Framework

    Maximo Integration Framework (MIF) Migration Manager Scripting


  • Supply Chain Management

    Materials Management Item Master Add true stocked/non-stocked item support Inventory Usage Add a statusable document for issuing and

    transferring items Issues and Transfers Transfer via Shipment Issues and Transfers Hard/Soft material reservations Inventory Costing Enhancements (LIFO, FIFO, Consignment)


  • Supply Chain Management

    Purchasing PO Revisioning PR/PO/RFQ/RECEIPTS/INVOICE View entire supply chain Item Master, PO Tax exempt items RFQ: Allow item comparison in base currency

    Receiving Receipt Tolerances Add functionality for returning received services Support for voiding a receipt. (ie: cancelling a receipt line) Returning Assets - User can select which assets to return

    Invoicing Ability to create invoice reversals Enhance Copy PO Lines dialog box Add functionality for setting the date to derive the financial period Default Table for Invoice Lines


  • Work and Asset Management Work Management

    Work Order Tracking Additional Cost information displayed in the work order

    Work Order Tracking Add visibility for storeroom materials on backorder

    Assignments tab added to Work Order app Job Plan Revisioning PM Forecast tab added to app Repair Facility - allow users to insert work orders for assets from any

    site Decoupling Owner and Owner Group

    Asset Management New Asset Template application Asset list from Template

    Visual Control for Linear Assets


  • Additional Functionality

    Chart of Accounts Date ranges for account validity Different GL account structures per Organization

    Labor Contracts Premium pay rates on labor contracts

    Organizations Support multiple addresses per site

    Person Associate multiple commodity codes with a person record

    Security Enhanced log on rules


  • Additional Functionality

    SLA and SLA Groups Included in core Maximo

    Escalation Ability to consider calendars and shifts when calculating escalation



  • Usability Returning to List Tab maintains Record focus

    After editing an record going back to the list tab will return to the edited record

    Field Validation option Performed in background allowing the user to continue data

    entry Set as default at system level

    Rich Text Editor for Long Description and Com Templates Supported by BIRT reports

    New Skin Improved Date Entry

    Quicker and easier to select values Browser Zoom in/out Help moved to Info Center format

    Content based. 13

  • External Report


    V7 Reporting

    Open Database Platform

    Business Objects XI Enterprise



    Integration Integration


    Tivoli Common



    Integration Embedded Externalized

    Cognos Reporting 8


    Maximo Open Report Architecture


  • Reporting BIRT Enhancements 1. Ad Hoc (QBR) Report Editing 2. Direct Print Updates 3. Emailing reports via Links 4. Rich Text formatting 5. Report Password Security Enhancements Report Designer 6. Report Password Security Enhancements - Importing 7. Individual Report Updates Retired and New Reports 8. Report Schedule Limits 9. Report Logging 10. IBM Initiatives Error Codes Report

    Cognos Enhancements 1. Direct Access to Cognos Portal 2. User Friendly Cognos Package Names


  • Maximo Integration Framework (MIF) Application-based Importing/Exporting

    Enables importing and exporting of data directly from an application such as Assets or Work Orders.

    Event Propagation Ability to recognize events from child objects within an object structure.

    Web Service support via the application server container Incorporate the deployment of web services to Application Server Web

    Service Container by means of JAX-WS standard. Support for application authorization

    Support the existing application authorization that is configured for User Groups.

    BIDI support Support the conversion between the Maximo BIDI format to an

    external BIDI format for both inbound and outbound messages Migration of WS Configuration

    Enable the migration of web service configuration between Maximo instances.

    Support exporting/importing Web Service Interaction definitions New Migration Manager Groups and Object Structures


  • Development support features These features are intended to better support development environments

    Simpler, intuitive collection of configurations Facilitate check in/check out against source control system

    Feature Benefit Pick and choose configurations to be migrated

    Packages can be assembled one configuration at a time without need for complex SQL or behind the scenes change tracking

    Improve error processing and recovery

    Reduce cost to development teams to rebuild packages; correct and re-process existing packages

    Enable export/import of configuration from the Pick and Choose application

    Facilitate a source control model enable check in/check out of a set of configuration data


  • Content creation and distribution features These features are targeted towards more a flexible and quicker

    content migration model Feature Benefit Enable replacement of chosen values in a package

    Make it easier to distribute content where site/org/date-time values need to be changed to suit target environment

    Automatically migrate same as objects

    Avoid having to manually select and migrate same as objects

    Enable migration of objects across RDBMS

    Make it easier to distribute object definitions to multiple customers/targets with different RDBMS

    Relax product compatibility checks

    Make it easier to distribute content across disparate product installations

    Enable auto-approved package definitions

    Reduce time and effort needed to define packages