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Mature leadership accolade for MD

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WORLD PUMPS October 2013Product news8

Addition to high-head dewatering applications

Weir Minerals has launched the

latest edition in its range of

Warman centrifugal pumps, the

DWU dewatering pump, to the

European market.

The pump is designed to deliver

increased effi ciency where water

needs to be lifted over greater

heights – a common requirement in

both open and underground mines

– and the unit delivers effi cient

operation at heads of up to 140 m.

Four diff erent sizes are available,

with outlet diameters of 75 mm,

125 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm

and around 50% of the parts used

in the new design are inter-

An exploded view of Weir Minerals’ MWU pump.

changeable with Weir Minerals’

popular slurry pump, the Warman

WBH, to help clients simplify spare

parts ordering and holding.

Weir Minerals’ engineers have

designed a new, double-volute

casing which reduces radial load

and is capable of maintaining

internal pressures of up to 7,000

kPa, allowing the pumps to be

confi gured in series to deliver

even greater head heights.

Steve Sedgwick, the Weir Minerals

Europe product manager for

mine dewatering, said: “The

dewatering system is a crucial

part of almost every mining

operation around the globe, and

we’re committed to ensuring that

our range of dewatering pumps

is broad enough to deliver

optimum effi ciency, whatever

the requirements.


Two years of hard work-brings out new design

Compact design for Buenos Aires plant

producing a maximum fl ow of just

under 10,000m³/hr and lifting a

maximum suction lift of 5 m.

Pioneer Pump designs and manu-

factures vacuum-assisted, self-

priming pumps, as well as wet

self-priming pumps and end

suction, centrifugal pumps. With

these pumps, the company is

capable of packaging pumpsets

up to 575 kW (700 HP) in both

engine-driven and electric motor


The company has its own

in-house design team that is led

by a specialist chief engineer who

has designed all Pioneer's fl uid

ends along a common theme of

high effi ciency and low cost



The AySA San Martin plant situated

in the heart of the city of Buenos

Aires serves around 8 million

people and treats around

3,000,000m³ of water a day. The

pumping station has 7 x Verderfl ex

Dura 35 hose pumps running. So

when the new AySA Bernal plant in

the south of Buenos Aires needed

pumps they also chose the Verder-

fl ex Dura 35. The AySA Bernal

PLANT serves about 3.4million

After two years of hard work,

Pioneer Pump's engineering

department has launched its new

30 in (450 mm) centrifugal, self-

priming pump.

Mounted onto a Caterpillar C27

engine, the new 30 in twin

vacuum pump is capable of

Pioneer’s new 30 in twin vacuum pump.

Mature leadership accolade for MDSamuel Munn, the managing

director of Samatrix has been

awarded the top leadership acco-

lade in the Leading Wales Awards

announced in May this year. He

was awarded the best mature

leader at a ceremony in the Hilton

Hotel in Cardiff , attended by more

than 250 Welsh business leaders

and dignitaries.

Samatrix is a South Wales based

company specialising in the supply

and maintenance of pumping

systems and equipment for water

and wastewater applications. The

company was a new start-up in

2001 and has grown into the

leading pump service provider in

South Wales.

Barbara Chidgey, spokesperson for

the Leading Wales Awards, said;

“Now in our ninth year, the awards

have successfully recognised and

celebrated the eff orts of hundreds

of leaders in Wales that play a

crucial role in today’s society.

Samuel Munn – winner of best mature leader.

“Every year there is a theme that

shines through and this year it was

passion. The judges were unani-

mous in that every fi nalist exhib-

ited a real passion, not only for the

roles they play but also a passion

to achieve and to drive forward

the success of their organisation.

“It is always a tough contest

because every story is inspira-

tional in its own right. All the

winners and fi nalists should be

proud of their achievements, and

by sharing these success stories

we can all learn and really help to

shape strong leadership in Wales.”


The Verderfl ex Dura 35 peristaltic hose pumps

were for the AySA San Martin water treatment

plant because of its compact nature.

people and treats around

900,000m³ of water per day.

The Verderfl ex Dura 35 peristaltic

hose pumps were chosen because

of the compact nature, especially

compared with alternatives such as

screw pumps. The Dura 35 has the

added benefi t that the corrosive

PAC fl uid being pumped does not

come into contact with any moving

parts and is contained within the

heavy-duty hose.

The plant manager stated that

,“Gone are the days where we have

to go down to the hardware store

and buy a coupling or a bearing to

repair the pump, there is only the

hose and that’s it, we can change

the hose in situ”.

www.verderfl ex.com