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<ul><li><p>Page 1 of 2 </p><p>Matthew A. Thomas I am ready to serve with exceptional character and to navigate through complex problems with a </p><p>diverse team. I am actively seeking to aid a team approach to solve difficult business </p><p>requirements with my Master of Engineering degree in Computer Engineering and Computer </p><p>Science and with my seasoned development skills. </p><p> 1-502-822-6975 </p><p> </p><p> </p><p>Professional Experience </p><p>Software Developer Yum! Brands Inc. April 2016present </p><p> Proactively gathered and implemented user requirements and managed project risks. </p><p> Quickly integrated Remedy into ServiceNow using C#, SQL Server, and web services. </p><p> Successfully added complex functionality to troublesome WebSphere portlet using elegant design, JavaScript, and teamwork. </p><p> Effectively communicated cross-culturally with offshore teammates; asked for and patiently provided answers to others. </p><p> Continued training teammates to be fully capable of replacing me in support tasks. </p><p>Software Developer NTT Data Inc. consultant for Yum! Brands Inc. January 2014April 2016 </p><p> Efficiently trained four new team members in support tasks, including one overseas teammate. </p><p> Creatively integrated Amazon S3 into old version of IBM DataStage in under two weeks without prior exposure by delivering new Java library. </p><p> Independently eliminated risky SQL injection security flaws by making .Net DLL allowing client-side SQL scripts to use runtime-defined table-valued parameters. </p><p> Thoroughly documented formerly-esoteric processes. </p><p>Software Developer Yum! Brands Inc. June 2013December 2013 (internship) </p><p> Accelerated business decisions by exposing opaque call center statistics to management and staff through website created with C#, ASP.Net, JavaScript, AJAX, and Informix stored </p><p>procedures and SQL. </p><p> Inexpensively fulfilled unique and difficult business requirements with custom C#/WCF memcache application to resolve Informix database scaling issues. </p><p> Improved client relationships through consistent performance and innovative solutions. </p><p>tel:+15028226975mailto:matthew.a.thomas@outlook.com</p></li><li><p>Matthew A. Thomas </p><p>Page 2 of 2 </p><p>Software Developer Yum! Brands Inc. May 2012December 2012 (internship) </p><p> Saved teammates from twenty hours of tedious and error-prone data entry by building attractive and easy-to-use CSS, HTML, and JavaScript automation framework. </p><p> Ensured consistency of security and page configurations across different environments by constructing custom WebSphere XML interface. </p><p> Enthusiastically grew relationships with team members and minimized incident backlog. </p><p>Computer Tutor University of Louisville 2009; August 2011April 2012 </p><p> Mentored older and younger students through complex Java, C#, and C/C++ homework problems. </p><p> Earned Level II certification from College Reading and Learning Association. </p><p>Supply Chain Intern GE Appliances and Lighting August 2010December 2010 (internship) </p><p> Undertook project enabling $30k reduction in maintenance. </p><p> Spearheaded documentation initiatives reducing new employee ramp-up. </p><p>Technology Intern GE Appliances and Lighting January 2010May 2010 (internship) </p><p> Piloted network discovery protocols for new Home Energy Management project. </p><p> Partnered with Six Sigma Master Black Belt to design and initiate test plans. </p><p>Education </p><p>Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering and Computer Science J.B. Speed School of Engineering (ABET accredited); University of Louisville; 2016. </p><p> Focused on cutting-edge distributed data storage and recovery algorithms. </p><p>Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and Computer Science J.B. Speed School of Engineering (ABET accredited); University of Louisville; 2012. </p><p> GPA: 3.52 / 4 </p><p>Activities Gently guided my fiance through challenging decisions. </p><p> Happily served children in church nursery for three years. </p><p> Eagerly served members of my local church as opportunities arose. </p><p> Accepted offer to participate in three-month church internship. </p><p> Volunteered for multiple overseas mission trips to support missionaries. </p><p> Learned to build a quadcopter, flew it first-person, then lost it. </p><p> Enjoyed creating custom embedded clockless communication protocol. </p><p>References Readily available upon request. </p><p>;ProgramIDs=;ProgramIDs=</p></li></ul>