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2. Introduction US Commission of Civil Rights, They (nicknames) are particularly inappropriate and insensitive in light of the long history of forced assimilation that American Indian people have endured in this country. Eighteen schools required to cover offensive logos in postseason play in the NCAA in 2005 3. Who is offended by these names? Native Americans People use name in a way that is hostile toward Native Americans Many Native Americans dislike the names 4. Why do so many people get offended? Names are a stereotype Schools become a racially hostile environment Discrimination against Native Americans Freedom of speech- it is taken away from Native Americans People criminalize Indian behaviors Breaks rights guaranteed to Native Americans 5. Should sports organizations and colleges get their names approved first? US Supreme court considering hearing a lawsuit regarding the Redskins name California considering banning Indian team mascots from public schools Maryland, Minnesota, and North Carolina are looking to get rid of the issue Disallowing Native American names as nicknames for schools Suggesting schools change their nicknames 6. How could this issue be resolved? North Dakota board of Ed. looking to ban all Native American names from schools Five years ago NCAA was banning teams from postseason play if they had a culturally offending name Maine had banned the word squaw from mascot names in schools 7. Why do sports organizations and colleges use nicknames that could culturally offend people? Teams think it shows respect for Native Americans People think the names are used to honor Native Americans 8. Sports Official (Umpires, Referees, etc.) Describe your career associated with your research topic. In Maryland: $16,200-$34,500 In US: $15,900-$48,000 In US the job is expected to grow by 10% In Maryland the job is expected to grow by 15% No advancement team owner, athlete, coach/manager, sports therapist, trainer 9. High School Career Academies Atholton Business Management Academy Being an official has a lot to do with managing people 10. Notre Dame Location: Notre Dame, Indiana Yearly Tuition: $39,919 Requirements: management communication, strategic applications, innovation and design, project management, spreadsheet decision modeling, and business problem solving Only 29% of students that apply are admitted and 98% of students return for their sophomore year 11. Community Service Making a dessert for a special dinner at my church It made me feel good 12. Prior Job Experience Mowing lawns, Ledos Pizza, Dicks Sporting Goods, M&T Bank, Chick-Fil-a 13. Citing copyright1.gif&imgrefurl snc4/hs342.snc4/41571_88048870857_8715_n.jpg&imgrefurl