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1. Matthew Rosenquist | 916.941.5599 | LinkedIn | Page 1 of 3 CYBERSECURITY STRATEGY | LEADERSHIP & INDUSTRY INNOVATION INFORMATION SECURITY | PUBLIC EVANGELIST | GOVERNANCE, RISK & COMPLIANCE Expertise building and leading teams to identify security needs; blend practical risk mitigation practices and information technology capabilities to achieve optimal security. Industry-recognized pragmatic, passionate, and innovative strategic security expert with broad experience thriving in an atmosphere of new challenges and time-critical projects for F100 corporations. A leader in identifying opportunities, driving industry change, and building mature, sustainable security organizations, brands and capabilities to optimize security postures. Rich experience in protecting billions of dollars of corporate assets, understanding current and emerging risks, creating awareness, and developing practical strategies. Trusted advisor and industry evangelist heading initiatives in support of revenue and sharing information security best practices. Rich and active industry involvement across the spectrum of digital security. HIGHLIGHTS Outspoken and passionate advocate of cybersecurity recognized for advancing the industry; keynote speaker and educator at global conferences; author of security whitepapers, videos, field organizations training, and numerous blogs. Cybersecurity expert presenting and discussing security trends, methodologies, and Best-Known-Methods at industry events and conferences with C-level officers, media, IT, and security professionals. Proven reputation as one of the only experts capable of accurately forecasting security threats 12 to 18 months ahead. Identified synergies and strategy which led to the formation of the Intel Security Group, the second largest security products organization in the world. Built and managed Intels first global 24x7 Security Operations Center; served as Intels first Incident Commander for worldwide IT emergency responses. Led security for Intels multi-billion dollar mergers and acquisitions activities; justified the security strategy protecting Intels global manufacturing capability. Industry pioneer leading the development of the Threat Agent Risk Assessment (TARA) and security ROI methodologies to optimize security, which has influenced how organizations view, measure, and prioritize risks. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE INTEL | FOLSOM, CA | 1996-PRESENT CYBER SECURITY STRATEGIST | 2013-PRESENT Lead the development, communications, and championing of corporate-wide security initiatives to align cross-organizational efforts, optimize organizations and processes, promote the value of security products and services, and drive relevancy of security to internal groups and external markets. Manage the corporate IT Emergency Response team. Focused on influencing the cohesion of security organizations and corporate security objectives; defined the security marketing strategy, communicated to key customer and partners, and advocated best product roadmaps for the future of security at the hardware, firmware, software, and services layers. Successfully predicted the major shifts in the industry and identified market opportunities, rise in specific risks, and advocated awareness and change across the industry to meet the rising threats. Identified the synergy and created the white papers which led to the formation of the Intel Security Group, the second largest security products organization in the world. Public keynotes, corporate representation, and industry best-practices advocacy at international conferences, events, and customer consulting engagements. SECURITY STRATEGIC PLANNER - INTEL PC SECURITY PRODUCTS | 2011-2013 Managed security planning for the future of Intel Architecture (IA) based products across the global personal computer market. Managed the security product playbook for Intels PC Client Group security features, protecting the brand, building security reputation, and monetizing. 2. Matthew Rosenquist | 916.941.5599 | Page 2 of 3 SECURITY STRATEGIC PLANNER - INTEL PC SECURITY PRODUCTS CONTINUED Developed strategies to make PC security relevant, effective, and sustainable to the global market. Identified emerging business opportunities, priorities, and synergies across the emerging landscape of the industry. Developed and drove long-term objectives and strategies for security features embedded within Intel PC silicon; enabled the security ecosystem, benefitting billions of global users. INFORMATION SECURITY STRATEGIST, MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS (M&A) | 2007-2011 Led all information security aspects for 70+ mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures; managed all information security risks related to integration and separation investments. Directly responsible for protecting billions of dollars at risk, delivered value-add custom loss-mitigation stratagems to protect core functions and intellectual property from the dangers of M&A integrations and divestiture carve-outs. Created the industry recognized Threat Agent Risk Assessment (TARA) methodology to prioritize and communicate risks. Established strategies, policies, and operational procedures to ensure information security continuity and defensive postures against litigation and reasonable controls to assure regulatory compliance. Determined and negotiated acceptable risk strategies and mitigations across partner companies to enable project success. SECURITY STRATEGIST & PROGRAM MANAGER MANUFACTURING COMPUTING | 2005-2007 Drove the vision of future security capabilities with the intersection of product roadmaps; developed strategic threat models and analysis for global operations, and determined the value of current and future security initiatives. Quantified the value and obtained endorsement for a plan to significantly improve worldwide manufacturing security. Member of the Corporate Security Policy Board, Crisis Response Team, and Disaster Recovery Administration. Predicted emerging threats, forecasted future impacts, and developed interdicting security mechanisms. SECURITY PRODUCTS, SERVICES &INTEGRATION MANAGER | 2002-2005 Developed enterprise strategy for IT client and server platform security services. Managed the development and sustainment of operations for internally developed host protection, audit, policy, waiver, and communication security tools. Successfully architected and managed the development and global integration of an innovative host security checker tool for 80,000+ internal users, including operations support and weekly signature updates. Managed the integration of the corporate intrusion detection systems (IDS) into a burgeoning defense-in-depth model. MANAGER OF THE SECURITY OPERATIONS CENTER (SOC) | 2001-2002 Justified, built, and managed the day-to-day delivery of services of the corporate Security Operations Center (SOC). Staffed the security team and designed and acquired necessary facilities and computing infrastructure; managed staff development, training, code of conduct, and budget. Served as the first Incident Commander for Intels Emergency Response Process, leading all global cyber crises. INTEGRATION PROGRAM MANAGER - IT OPERATIONS & TECHNICAL SERVICE CENTER | 1996-2001 Managed the $200M IT operations service budget across 14 departments reporting to the CIO and CFO. Developed processes to land new business and services into Intels operations and support centers; established multiple secondary support organizations across America, Europe, and Asia regions. Conducted internal and external marketing, justifying cost and service benefits of centralized operations management. See page 3 for addendum of publications, blogs, and videos 3. Matthew Rosenquist | 916.941.5599 | LinkedIn | Page 3 of 3 BLOGS: Intel Corp, IT Expert Cybersecurity Blogs Information Security Strategy SELECTION OF RECENT POPULAR BLOGS: Stealing Certificates to Sign Malware will be the Next Big Market for Hackers The Future Evolution of Cybersecurity The World is Unprepared for Future Cybersecurity Attacks Strategic Leadership for Managing Evolving Cybersecurity Risks Never Forsake the Fundamentals of Security - Part 1 Never Forsake the Fundamentals of Security - Part 2 Can Information Security Prevail? 5 Reasons Companies Invest in New Security Programs CIOs are Listening, Security is Important Strategic Leadership for Managing Evolving Cybersecurity Risks The World is Unprepared for Future Cybersecurity Attacks How Offensive Cyber Security is Changing the Industry Deconstructing Cyber Security Attacks - Threat Model VIDEOS: Information Security Strategy YouTube Channel Cybersecurity Industry Outlook Video for Executives Predicting the Evolution of Cybersecurity in 2015 Part 1 Predicting the Evolution of Cybersecurity in 2015 Part 2