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Matthew Burroughs 303.507.83286144 Valley Vista Ave., Firestone, Colorado 80504


Leadership ~ Strategic Planning ~ Budgeting ~ Facilities / Operations Customer Relationship Management ~ Sales and Marketing ~ Negotiations Communication ~ Health Care Supply Chain ~ Analysis~ Team Building ~ Scheduling Project Management ~ Staff Development ~ Process / Performance ImprovementHealth and Safety Programs ~ Multiple Locations ~ Problem ResolutionSupervision and Training ~ Business Administration ~ Security

An action-oriented and vision-driven leader with exemplary achievements developing and implementing business processes. Established track record of finding innovative solutions to drive business success by thinking out-of-the-box and generating results.

Proven leadership complemented by self-motivation and business acumen along with a proactive and people-centric style. Credited for building productive teams that beat company goals and contributed to the companys competitive edge.

Solid background conducting process analysis to investigate issues, resolve problems and implement processes that improved bottom-line results. Excellent skills establishing realistic performance objectives to ensure employee buy-in. Exceptional skill recognizing true issues, and focusing fixes toward root cause solutions.

Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO


Researched manufacturer of steel parts, reviewed schematics, and interviewed specially trained techs that resulted in reduction in cost of repairs that had been formerly estimated twice as much.

Oversaw two state custom software rollout that required working in tandem with IT, and the training 120 employees to utilize the software to its full potential.

Created and implemented new spreadsheets that tracked discretionary spending per month per employee which resulted in $10,000 in savings per year in my division of the company.

Reduced repair cycle time and increased customer service scores by analyzing and tracking data trends among our vendors.

Led a committee of seven tasked with the improvement of the work environment by researching, developing anonymous survey in MS Sharepoint, and interpretation of the collected data that resulted in increased job satisfaction and improvement of the work environment by 15%.

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Developed work flow and volume trend report that justified increasing the size of my team by two when I submitted the data to my superiors.

Retained four of my vendors who had been slotted for removal due to our extensive contract modification, by mediating between them and the new policy requirements.

Resolved an escalating customer complaint through coaching an employee to a successful outcome that resulted in a satisfied customer that promoted our company with an excellent survey, all without compromising company standards.

Identified a system error, then spearheaded project to fix and deliver EDI 845's (Contract notifications) to 20 partners that were previously failing.

Developed partnership with rural New Mexico police force that resulted in a 90% quicker turnaround on our claims and who became willing to share pertinent information with us.

Mediated vendor customer service decline by identifying reoccurring problem with difficult customer interactions that resulted in the vendor being restored as a top performer once again after restructuring the organization.

Identified an opportunity to deliver more EDI 810's (invoices) that increased automated/electronic invoice payments by more than $3m/day.

Supervised new corporate pilot payment system in the Denver metro area that resulted in $1.2 million in savings over a three year period.


Senior Support Analyst~Global Health Exchange

Repair Coordinator / Managed Repair Supervisor~Progressive Insurance, Denver, Colorado~

Remote Claims Adjuster / Network Representative~Progressive Insurance, Taos, New Mexico~

Claims Generalist~Progressive Insurance, Orlando, FL~