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Matthew alan zieles

6716 Creek Bay Drive Apartment H, Indianapolis, IN, 46217|(317)413-4517|


Looking to apply my Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a minor in Public Safety Management education to a position in law enforcement. A hardworking, loyal and dedicated individual who is passionate about gaining experience and making a difference every day. Able to play a key role throughout the any kind of task giving to me to ensure that quality solutions meet the objectives. Possessing a good team spirit, deadline orientated and having the ability to organize and present complex solutions clearly and accurately.

Work Experience

Aquatic Pest Management and Fountain Repairments(Jun-2014 Present)Aquatic Services of Indiana, Greenwood

Responsible for treating ponds and lakes for above and under water, doing rip raft and shorelines, winterize fountains, and organizing our accounts on what needs to be done for the day.Proper identification of the algae or flowering plants.Knowledge of the characteristics of available algaecides and aquatic herbicides.Uses of the water to be treated.Potential non-target and environmental problems.Treatment timing.Correct dosage calculation. Previous history to present records of treatment used for the pond.Installing, fixing, cleaning, and selling fountains during the winter and throughout the year when requested for assistances if the customer or owner has a problem with the fountain.Making sure your accounts are on time every two weeks and building a relationship with customers, so they will come back to you next year. Being familiar with the area and where your launch is, so you respect the property you are driving on.Education

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, IUPUI, IndianapolisGPA: 2.9B.S. Criminal JusticeMinor: Public Safety Management(Aug-2010 Aug-2014)


Ability to maintain confidentiality.Ability to multi task and manage conflicting demands.Ability to produce consistently accurate work even under pressure.Able to type reports and be on time when requested by my boss.Physically strong and fit enough to move stuff around when needed.Ability to quickly identify and resolve problems.Able to work overtime at short notice if required.Have not missed a day of school since 3rd grade.Have not missed a day of work since I been working since I was seventeen. Willing to work overtime/shifts including days, nights, weekends and holiday periods.Driving safely and responsibly and I have a clean record.Strong decision-making skills and the ability to prioritize and plan effectively.References

Codi Hart, Marion County Sheriff, (317) 640-5170, and went to school together at IUPUI.Max Tryba, Carmel High School Security, (317) 460-1634, and went to school together at IUPUI.Jan Arvin, Retired, (317) 250-7700, and old next door neighbor.

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