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  • Mathematics for Elementary Teachers: A Conceptual Approach, 2011, 928 pages,Albert Bennett, Laurie Burton, Ted Nelson, 007351957X, 9780073519579, McGraw-Hill Education, 2011


    The ninth edition of Mathematics for Elementary Teachers: A Conceptual Approach continues theinnovative time-tested approach of the previous editions: an emphasis on learning via specific,realistic examples and the extensive use of visual aids, hands-on activities, problem-solvingstrategies and active classroom participation. Features of the text focus on ensuring thatprospective teachers will gain not only a deeper understanding of the mathematical concepts, butalso a better sense of the connections between their college math courses and their futureteaching experiences, along with helpful ideas for presenting math to their students in a way thatwill generate interest and enthusiasm. The text draws heavily on NCTM Standards and containsmany pedagogical elements designed to foster reasoning, problem-solving and communicationskills. The ninth edition represents a significant step forward in terms of online coursemanagement as roughly half of all problems in the text will be assignable through our new onlinehomework platform, Connect Mathematics. In addition, Connect Mathematics will be fullyintegrated with Blackboard, providing the deepest integration of an online homework and coursemanagement system in the market today. Additionally, this text can be packaged with an activityset that corresponds to each section of the companion text, Mathematics for ElementaryTeachers: An Activity Approach, also by the Bennett, Burton, and Nelson team. Mathematics forElementary Teachers: An Activity Approach can be used independently or along with itscompanion, Mathematics for Elementary Teachers: A Conceptual Approach.


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    Mathematics for Elementary Teachers: A Conceptual Approach Albert Bennett, Laurie Burton, Ted Nelson

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    Albert Bennett, Laurie Burton, Ted Nelson 2011

  • Fantasy Media in the Classroom Essays on Teaching with Film, Television, Literature, GraphicNovels, and Video Games, Emily Dial-Driver, Sally Emmons, Jim Ford, 2012, Education, 264 pages."These essays combine close analyses of popular television shows including Buffy the VampireSlayer; such films as The Matrix, The Dark Knight and Twilight; Watchmen and otherStudies inMusic from the University of Western Ontario , , 2004, Music, 123 pages download Mathematics forElementary Teachers: A Conceptual Approach Albert Bennett, Laurie Burton, Ted Nelson

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