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  • Math Department Library Catalog

    version 2.0

  • AMS series Author Title Evans, Lawrence C. Partial Differential Equations

    Ivey, Thomas A.| Landsberg, J.M.

    Cartan for Beginners

    Yulij Ilyashenko, Sergei Yakovenko Lectures on Analytic Differential Equations. Cheng, Shun-Jen| Wang, Weiqiang

    Dualities and Representations of Lie Superalgebras

    Siegel, Aaron N. Combinatorial Game Theory Schultens, Jennifer Introduction to 3-Manifolds Szekelyhidi, Gabor Introduction to Extremal Kahler Metrics, An Faulkner, John R. Role of Nonassociative Algebra in Projective Geometry,

    The Rassoul-agha, Firas|Seppelainen, Timp|Seppalainen

    Course on Large Deviations With an Introduction to Gibbs Measures, A

    Rotman, Joseph J. Advanced Modern Algebra Wen, Lan Differentiable Dynamical Systems: An Introduction to

    Structural Stability and Hyperbolicity Han, Qing Nonlinear Elliptic Equations of the Second Order Yau, Donald Colored Operads Clay, Adam|Rolfsen, Dale

    Ordered Groups and Topology

    Strelitz, S. Asymptotics For Solutions Of Linear Differential Equations Having Turning Points With Applications

    Nussbaum, Roger D.|Lunel, S. M. Verduyn

    Generalizations Of The Perron Frobenius Theorem For Nonlinear Maps

    Varchenko, A.N.| Etingof, Pavel I.

    Why the Boundary of a Round Drop Becomes a Curve of Order Four

    Murre, Jacob P.| Nagel, Jan|Peters, Chris A. M.

    Lectures on the Theory of Pure Motives

    Fay, John D. Kernel Functions, Analytic Torsion, and Moduli Spaces Kobayashi, Toshiyuki

    Singular Unitary Representations and Discrete Series for Indefinite Stiefel

    Semmes, Stephen Generalization of Riemann Mappings and Geometric Structures on a Space of

    Torres, Boundedness For Operators With Singular

  • Hardouin, Charlotte| Sauloy, Jacques| Singer, Michael F.

    Galois Theories of Linear Difference Equations: An Introduction

    Ozsvaath, Peter Steven|Stipsicz, Andras I.|Szabo, Zoltan

    Grid Homology for Knots and Links

    Douglas, Christopher L.| Francis, John| Henriques, André G.|Hill, Michael A.

    Topological Modular Forms

    Jahnel, Jorg Brauer Groups, Tamagawa Measures, and Rational Points on Algebraic Varieties

    Schwartz, Richard Evan

    Octagonal PETs, The

    Chai, Ching-Li| Conrad, Brian|Oort, Frans

    Complex Multiplication and Lifting Problems

    Herrmann, Samuel| Imkeller, Peter| Pavlyukevich, Ilya| Peithmann, Dierk

    Stochastic Resonance: A Mathematical Approach in the Small Noise Limit

    Rumely, Robert Capacity Theory with Local Rationality: The Strong Fekete- Szego Theorem on Curves

    Efendiev, Messoud Attractors for Degenerate Parabolic Type Equations Berhuy, Graegory,Oggier, Frederique

    Introduction to Central Simple Algebras and Their Applications to Wireless Communication, An

    Leuschke, Graham J.|Wiegand, Roger

    Cohen-Macaulay Representations

    Gehring, Frederick W.|Hag, Kari

    Ubiquitous Quasidisk, The

    Iglesias-zemmour, Patrick


    Ghoussoub, N| Ghoussoub, Nassif| Moradifam, Amir

    Functional Inequalities: New Perspectives and New Applications

    Elduque, Alberto| Kochetov, Mikhail

    Gradings on Simple Lie Algebras

    Benedetto Dynamics in one non-archymedian variable

  • Cambridge Encyclopedia Author Title Courcelle, Bruno| Engelfriet, Joost

    Graph Structure and Monadic Second-Order Logic: A Language-Theoretic Approach

    Arapostathis, Ari| Borkar, Vivek S.| Ghosh, Mrinal K.

    Ergodic Control of Diffusion Processes

    Arov, Damir Z.|Dym, Harry

    Bitangential Direct and Inverse Problems for Systems of Integral and Differential Equations

    Borwein, Jonathan M.| Glasser, Larry|Zucker, John|Wan, James| Glasser, M.L.| McPhedran, R.C.| Zucker, I.J.|Borwein, J. M.|Glasser, M. L.| McPhedran, R. C.|Wan, J. G.|Zucker, I. J.

    Lattice Sums Then and Now

    Garcia, Miguel Cabrera|Palacios, Angel Rodriguez

    Non-Associative Normed Algebras

    Hofmann, Dirk|Seal, Gavin J.|Tholen, Walter

    Monoidal Topology: A Categorical Approach to Order, Metric, and Topology

    Beineke, Lowell W.| Wilson, Robin J.

    Topics in Chromatic Graph Theory

    Ghergu, Marius| Taliaferro, Steven| Taliaferro, Steven D.

    Isolated Singularities in Partial Differential Inequalities

    Bisci, Giovanni| Radulescu, Vicentiu| Servadei, Raffaella| Bisci, Giovanni Molica| Radulescu, Vicentiu D.

    Variational Methods for Nonlocal Fractional Problems

    Krayicek Proof complexity

  • Pitman monographs and surveys in pure and applied mathematics, Volumes 1-144 A partial catalog (v. 61 – 144) can be found here: series/CHMSPAMATH?page=&order=pubdate&size=12&view=list&status=published,forthcoming

    Missing: 7, 10, 12, 17-19, 24, 25, 35, 69-73, 81, 92, 110, 116, 118, 129, 130, 137, 139, 140, 141

    Pitman research notes in mathematical sciences, Volumes 1- 437 A partial catalog can be found at

    Missing: 2, 10, 22, 23, 51, 56, 64, 87, 90, 92, 120-125, 128, 130, 131, 178, 179, 185-187, 189, 192, 196, 199, 201, 204, 208, 212, 217, 236, 248, 255, 270, 271, 286, 290, 293-310, 312-315, 317-322, 329, 339, 344, 346, 352-356, 382, 389, 394, 395, 401, 405412, 415-418, 420, 423, 431, 433, 434

    IMA volumes in Math. And its Appl., Volumes 16-103 Catalog is available here: Missing: 17-23, 32-37, 83, 102

  • Author Title # copies

    Abbott Flatland 2

    Abbott The Chauvenet Papers Vol. 1 Abbott The Chauvenet Papers Vol. 2 Alexanderson Putnam contest problems 1965-1984 Aleksandrov . . .

    Mathematics: Its Content, Methods, and Meaning Part 1

    Aleksandrov . . .

    Mathematics: Its Content, Methods, and Meaning Part 2

    Amato Stuff: The Materials the World is Made Of Archibald Semicentennial Pulbications I: History Artino The contest problem book 4 Ascher Mathematics elsewhere Barr Second miscellany of puzzles Barwise The liar. An essay on truth and circularity Behnke Fundamentals of math. Vol. 1 Bell . . . Semicentennial Pulbications II: History Addresses Boas A collection of mathematics, verse, and stories Bowen The shape of the river. Long-term consequences of considering

    race in college and university admissions Bressound Calculus reordered Brooke 150 puzzles in crypt-arithmetic Brown 30-second math Bryan Hodge podge Burger Sphere-land Campbell Mathematics. People, problems, results. I Campbell Mathematics. People, problems, results. II Campbell Mathematics. People, problems, results. III Carroll Symbolic Logic and the Game of Logic Casti Five golden rules Coxeter The beauty of geometry Courant . . . What is Mathematics? 1st Edition 3 Cowan . . . Complexity: Metaphors, Models, and Reality Cupilari The Nuts and Bolts of Proofs D'Angelo . . . Mathematical Thinking: Problem-Solving and Proofs Davis The nature and power of mathematics Davis The lore of large numbers Davis Descartes’ dream. The world according to mathematics

    00 General. Popular

  • Davis The mathematical experience DeWitt . . . Battelle Recontres Dispezio Critical thinking puzzles Doob . . . A Manual for Authors of Mathematical Papers Dunn Mathematical bafflers Ellis Basic concepts of measurement Engel With good reason. An introduction to informal fallacies Eves An introduction to the foundations an fundamental concepts of

    mathematics Exner An Accompaniment to Higher Mathematics Farmelo It must be beautirful Feynman The Meaning of it All: Thoughts of a Citizen-Scientist Fisher Getting to YES Fomenko Mathematical Impressions Gaffney . . . Annotated Bibliography of Expository Writing in the Mathematical

    Sciences Gardner Time travel and other mathematical bewilderments Gardner Mathematical carnival Gardner New mathematical diversions Gilbert The wohascum county problem book Gleason Putnam competition 1938-1964 Graham ingenious mathematical problems and methods Greenberg Euclidean and non-euclidean geometry. Development and

    history Grossman Groups and Their Graphs Hadamard The psychology of invention in the mathematics field Halmos Problems for mathematicians young and old Hawking God Created the Integers Hoffman Archimede’s revenge. The challenge of the unknown. The joys

    and perils of mathematics. Hogben Mathematics for the Million: How to Master the Magic of Numbers 2

    Honsberger Mathematical Gems I Honsberger Mathematical Gems III Hubbard The world according to wavelets Ji . . . Fifth International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians Part 1 Ji . . . Fifth International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians Part 2 Kadesch Math Menagerie Kahn Effective Studying and Learning

  • Kasner Mathematics and imagination

    Kaufman New world puzzless

    Kazarinoff Geometric inequalities

    Kiltinen Oval track and other permutation puzzles and just enough group theory to solve them

    Kitcher The Nature of Mathematical Knowledge

    Klee Old and new unsolved problems in plane geometry and number theory

    Klein . . . Famous Problems Kline Mathematics and the Search for Knowledge Kline Why Johnny Can't Add: The Failure of the New Math Korovkin Inequalities Kostovskii Geometrci constructions using compasses only Korzybski Science and Sanity: An Introduction