Materi Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8_gasal

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Materi ajar ini dikompilasi dari berbagai sumber, terutama BSE yang telah disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan siswa kelas VIII di sekolah kami.

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    MODULE ONE Describing things and animals

    In this module, you will learn how to:

    read and understand short and simple descriptive in the form of monologues and dialogues about things and animals.

    write short and simple descriptive about things and animals. understand short and simple transactional and interpersonal texts involving asking for help, offering help and refusing help..

    Practice to speak about things and animals.

    Lets build our knowledge Section One

    A bucket A chair A comb A dustbin A helmet A wardrobe

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    Describe the following objects. Look at the example.

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  • - 4 -

    Section 2

    Find the meanings of these words in Indonesian. Use the dictionary to help you.

    1. mushroom (n)

    2. eel (n)

    3. orchid (n)

    4. caterpillar (n)

    5. toad (n)

    6. eagle (n)

    7. cockatoo (n)

    8. owl (n)

    9. raven (n)

    10. shark (n)

    Put the words in task 1 into these sentences.

    1. A grows into a beautiful butterfly.

    2. The lives in a land but breeds in water.

    3. The usually grows in a dead tree.

    4. The is a predator bird. It hunts for fish or chickens.

    5. A is a bird that can imitate words.

    6. An is a very beautiful flower.

    7. The sound of a is very annoying.

    8. There is a big fish called a living in the sea.

    9. I see an in that tree.

    10. An is a snake-like animal that lives in the mud.

    Complete the dialogue with suitable adjectives provided in the box. Then practice with your friend.

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    Section 3

    Study the grammar stage below.

  • - 6 -

    Complete these sentences by adding have, has, is or are.

  • - 7 -

    1. That a beautiful picture.

    2. The old lady a black cat.

    3. He my brother.

    4. I several friends.

    5. She a younger sister.

    6. These the best apples.

    7. Richards father a new car.

    8. You and your brother a lot of books.

    9. This the best thing you do.

    10. It fine today.

    Choose the correct words in brackets.

    1. My father (work, works) everyday.

    2. We often (sleep, sleeps) in the afternoon.

    3. He (drink, drinks) beer every night.

    4. That dog (take, takes) a bath every three days.

    5. My mother (give, gives) me allowance everyday.

    6. The poor man (live, lives) in a cottage.

    7. Cats (drink, drinks) milk.

    8. The shop (open, opens) at nine oclock.

    9. Doctors (work, works) hard.

    10. My mother (cook, cooks) everyday.

    Put in the Simple Present Tense of the verbs in the brackets.

    1. Paulo (speak) English well.

    2. I (come) to school by taxi.

    3. Henry also (come) to school by taxi.

    4. Some girls (use) too much make-up.

    5. We always (play) badminton on Sunday.

    Lets study the text Section 4

  • - 8 -

    Look at the picture. Then, answer the following questions.

    1. What kind of flower is it? 2. What is the color of the flower? 3. Does it smell good?

    Listen to the text from your teacher. Then, complete the text. There are 1)..growing in my garden. I like them very much. The flowers are 2) but there are lots of them. The 3).is. 4)just like 5). My favorite thing about flowers is the smell. Jasmine 6). very good.

    Read the following text and answer the following questions based on it.

    Mr Warsidi has a garden in his yard, and he likes to work there. He says it is fun. Today he is planting flowers in the garden. There is also an old mango tree in the yard. He always cuts the leaves and the branches in taking care of it. He said that the flowers must get more sun. Mr Warsidi often involves his children to take care together of the garden. So they will understand how to take care their environment. Many people tell Mr Warsidi how beautiful his garden is.

    1. What is Mr Warsidis hobby?

    2. What is he planting in the garden today?

    3. What tree does he always cut its leaves and branches?

    4. Why does he always cut them?

    5. What do many people think about his garden?

    Section 5

    Before you read the text, answer the following questions.

  • - 9 -

    1. What is in the picture?

    2. Is it a tropical bird?

    3. What is the shape of its beak?

    4. Can this kind of bird be trained to imitate human speech?

    5. What is special about this bird?

    Read the text carefully and answer the following questions based on it.

    The Sea Eagle

    There is an eagle nesting on the tree top near my grand-parents house in

    Pangandaran. It was a sea eagle. The color of its feathers is light brown. It has a

    strong and sharp yellowish beak. Its claws are very sharp. It hunts for fish in the sea

    but sometimes it hunts chickens and small birds.

    Eagles have many sizes, shapes, and colors, but the sea eagle is easy to

    recognize because it has a strong a streamlined, sharp beak and a stream-line body.

    Its forelimbs (or arms) serve as wings. This means that they are of little use

    for anything except flying. It walks on two legs and has a very flexible neck and

    strong beak to handle foods, to care for its feathers, and for many other jobs that

    non-flying animals do with paws, claws, or hands on their forelimbs.

    1. What do you know about eagles?

    2. Why is the sea eagle easy to recognize?

    3. What do you think of its flying? Is it easy or hard to do?

    4. What do the forelimbs of a sea eagle do?

    5. What are the sea eagles neck and beak like?

  • - 10 -

    Look at the sign below and then answer the questions.

    1. Where can you find the sign?

    2. Why are we prohibited to feed the animal?

    Where do you usually find this sign? What is the meaning?

    Section 6

    Answer the following questions.

  • - 11 -

    1. Do you have a pet?

    2. What kind of pet do you have?

    3. What kind of food do you give to your pet?

    4. What does your pet like to do?

    5. Describe your pet.

    Listen to your teacher reading the following text carefully. Then, find the meanings of the underlined words in Indonesian. Use your dictionary if necessary.

    I Have a Cat

    Spot is a regular house cat. He is an adorable cat. He has orange fur with white

    and black spots. I like to cuddle him because his fur feels soft. Every morning I

    give Spot milk. Spot does not like rice, so I give him cat food. Spot is an active

    animal. He likes to run around the house. He likes to chase everyone in my

    house. When he feels tired or sleepy, Spot usually sleeps on the sofa in the living

    room or sometimes under the table.

    Answer the following questions based on the text.

    1. What kind of animal is Spot?

    2. What does Spot look like?

    3. What is Spots fur like?

  • - 12 -

    4. What food does Spot have every morning?

    5. What kind of food does Spot like?

    6. What does Spot like to do?

    7. Where does Spot usually sleep?

    Decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F) based on the text.

    1. Spot is a dog.

    2. Spot lives inside house.

    3. Spot is an adorable animal.

    4. Spots fur is white with black and orange spots.

    5. Spot likes to drink water every morning.

    6. Spot likes to eat cat food.

    7. Spot doesnt like to move around.

    8. When Spot is tired or sleepy, he likes to sleep under the chair.

    Section 7

    Answer in your pair the following questions. 1. Do you have any plants at home?

    2. If yes, what kind of plants do you have?

    3. How do you take care of plants?

    While listening, complete the dialogue in your pair. Father : Etika, dont 1 to water the plants. They will die if you do not 2) them 3 ) a


    Etika : Okay, Dad. I wont forget.

    The next day, Etika forgets to water the plants. Then two days later...

    Father : Etika, the plants are 4) . Ive told you to water them. Did you water them


    Etika : Ummm.... Yes, I did.

  • - 13 -

    Father : But, why are the plants dead now? Dont 5) to me.

    Etika : I dont lie, Dad.

    Father : Lying is a bad habit, isnt it? Now 6) me. Did you water the plants yesterday?

    Etika : Actually.... I forgot, Dad.

    Father : So you didnt water the plants.

    Etika : No, I didnt. Im 7) I 8) I wont forget next time.

    Father : Promise me you wont lie next time.

    Etika : I promise.

    Answer the following questions in your pair. 1. Do you like flowers?

    2. If yes, what is your favourite one?

    3. Can you state five kinds of flower?

    Read the following dialogues. Fill in the blanks. Then, act them with your friends. Nina : Niko, can you do me a favour, please?

    Niko : Of course, what can I do for you?

    Nina : Would you be so kind as to take care of my cat. Im going to Bogor tomorrow to

    visit my uncle, he is sick. Ill be there for about two days.

    Niko : Id be very happy to take care of your cat. I love cats.

    Nina : Great. Thanks.

    Niko : Should I bathe it?

  • - 14 -

    Nina : No, its not necessary.

    Work with your partner to answer the questions. 1. What is Nina asking Niko to do?

    2. Where will Nina go tomorrow?

    3. Why is Nina going there?

  • - 15 -

    LETS PRACTICE Section 8

    Write a description for each of the following pictures (animal and plant). Use the words given next to the pictures. These guiding questions will help you to make good descriptions. 1. What is the name of the animal or plant?

    2. Where does it live?

    3. What are the physical features?

    Its legs and arms

    Its color

    Its fur or feather s

    4. What is the unique about it?

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  • - 17 -

    MODULE 2


    In this module, you will learn how to: read and understand short and simple descriptive in the form of monologues and dialogues about wonderful places..

    write short and simple descriptive about wonderful places. understand short and simple transactional and interpersonal texts involving inviting someone, accepting and rejecting the invitation.

    Practice to speak about wonderful places.

    Lets Build Our Knowledge

    Section One

  • - 18 -

  • - 19 -

    Use the words in column A of Task 3 to describe the following pictures.

    Look at the example

  • - 20 -

    1. Bali is one of the tourism resort in Indonesia. It is a beautiful place. It has very clean and fertile land.

    2. ...




    Section Two

    Find the meaning of these words in your dictionary and pronounce it.

  • - 21 -

    Use the words in task 1 to complete the following text.

    Borobudur Temple Borobudur is a Buddhist 1)monument in Central Java. It is one of the most interesting

    tourist 2). In Indonesia. It was built in the ninth 3) .. Borobudur has 2,672 reliefs and 504 Buddha 4). The reliefs illustrates the 5) of pilgrims to three levels in Buddhist cosmology. Those three levels are Kamadhatu, Rupadhatu, and Arupadhatu. Borobudur

    is still used for pilgrimage. Once a year Buddhists in Indonesia 6) .Vesak there.

    Arrange the jumbled words to make good sentences.

    1. interesting has Bali places many.


    2. temple is Magelang Borobudur in located


    3. has very panorama good Guci


    4. Purin students many come to holiday on.


    5. you- come- like- my- party- birthday- would to?

    Rewrite the sentences below after correcting the verbs in the brackets.

    1. Mary wants (visit ) Bali next holiday.


    2. Pring Sewu Restaurant Tegal (be) the famous restaurant.


    3. My brother (have) some articles about tourism resort in Central Java.


    4. Our school usually (hold) the study tour on holiday.

  • - 22 -


    5. Prambanan temple (be) very sacred temple.


    Section 3


    Look at the table below.

    A / AN THE

    Ive got a car ( There are many cars and Ive got one)

    Im going to clean the car tomorrow ( = my car )

    Can I ask a question?

    ( There are many questions, can I ask


    Can you repeat the question, please?

    ( = the question you asked )

    Is there a hotel near here?

    ( there are many hotels is there one near here? )

    We enjoyed our holiday. The hotel

    was very nice.

    ( = our hotel )

    Paris is an interesting city.

    ( there are many interesting cities and

    Paris is one )

    Paris is the capital of France.

    ( there is only one capital of France)

    Lisa is a student

    ( there are many students and Lisa is

    Lisa is the youngest student in her


  • - 23 -

    one ) ( there is only one youngest student

    in her class )

    Fill in the blank with (a/an) or (the).

    1. A carrot is vegetable. 2. I havent got . watch. 3. Jamaica isisland. 4. Dont forget to turn off .light when you got out. 5. What is largest city in Canada? 6. A hammer is tool. 7. ..Borobudur temple is far from Tegal. 8. Guci is place we can take bath with the warm water. 9. Pringsewu restaurant isfavorite restaurant in Tegal. 10. Jane is.interesting person. You must meet her.

    Some of the articles in the sentences are true and some of them are wrong. Rewrite

    these sentences and correct them if necessary.

    1. We enjoyed our holiday. The hotel was very nice.

    . 2. Can I ask a question? Of course. What do you want to ask?

    3. You look very tired. You need the holiday. 4. Wheres Tom? Hes in the bathroom. . 5. Enjoy your holiday and dont forget to send me a postcard. 6. I like this room but I dont like the color of carpet. 7. We live in an old house near the station.

    8. What is a name of director of film we saw last night?

    9. Can you open the door, please?.

    10. What is the name of this street?

    Find Adjectives in the following puzzles, and list your findings.

  • - 24 -

  • - 25 -

    Lets Study the text Section 4

    Answer the following questions based on your condition.

    1. What do you know about Bali? 2. Have you ever gone there? Or have you ever seen Bali island on TV? 3. What kind of place is Bali? 4. What do you find there? 5. Do you want to go there? 6. How do you go there? 7. With whom do you want to go there? 8. Do you like to go there with your family or your friends?

    Read the text below loudly.

  • - 26 -

    Generic Structure My Home Bali

    Identification Bali in an island in the Indonesian archipelago. It is in the

    south of the equator and has warm weather all the year. The rainy

    season is November to April, but it can rain anytime. Bali is 120

    kilometers wide from east to west and 80 kilometers from north to

    south, so everyone is quite close to the sea. Bali is shaped like a

    diamond. Mount Agung, a volcano, is 3,142 meters high and is

    visible from far away. Most of the people are Hindus. There are

    many temples and many religious festivals.

    Description Tourism is the most important industry. Many tourists visit

    Bali to see the beautiful scenery and interesting festivals, to swim

    in the warm seas, to look at beautiful mountains and valleys, and to

    shop for inexpensive and beautiful clothes, paintings and wood


    Answer the following questions based on the text above.

    1. Where is Bali located? _______________________________________

    2. How wide is Bali from east to west? _______________________________________

    3. How long is the rainy season in Bali? _______________________________________

    4. What does the tourism industry in Bali offer us? ______________________________________

    5. What for do many tourists visit Bali? ______________________________________

    6. What is the synonym of the word close in the sentence so everyone is quite close to the sea of paragraph 2? ______________________________________

    7. What is the most important thing in Bali? ______________________________________

    8. What mountain is found in Bali? ______________________________________

    9. Are there many temples in Bali? ______________________________________

    10. Does Bali have warm weather in 6 months? ______________________________________

  • - 27 -

    Find out the meaning of these words in your dictionary.

    1. Archipelago =. 2. Equator = 3. Island = 3. Volcano = 4. Warm =. 5. Weather =.

    Section 5

    Answer the following questions based on your condition.

    1. Have you ever visited museum? ...

    2. What museum have you ever visited? Where is it located? .

    3. What can you find in that museum? .

    The must-see Ambarawa Railway Museum

    You can easily be accused of committing a tourism sin if youre in Semarang and failed to visit the Ambarawa Railway Museum.

    This museum is situated less than an hours drive from the capital of Central java. During the Dutch colonial days. Ambarawa was a military zone

    and the railway station was used to transport troops to Semarang through

    Kedungjati. It is at 474 m above sea level, giving you unpolluted fresh air to


    The Ambarawa Railway Museum is well-maintained. It is a medium-

    sized building. The railway route is offered to visitors. You can enjoy the

    beautiful panorama during the route. All in all, this is a truly exciting

    treasure to visit.


    1. Whaat is the text mainly about? 2. Where is it located? 3. How did the Dutch use the Ambarawa railway station? 4. Why can we breathe fresh air there? 5. Why is it a must for us to visit this place?

  • - 28 -

    Find the difficult words from the text above in your dictionary and write them down.

    Words Other words

    1 2... ... 3.. 4.. 5. 6. 7. . 8.. .

    Listen to your teacher reading the leaflet below.

  • - 29 -

    Section 6

    Answer these questions based on the text below.

  • - 30 -

    Answer the following questions.

    Decide whether these statements are true (T) or false (F)

    1. The hotel is old and dusty. ( T / F ) 2. The architecture resembles a building in America. ( T / F ) 3. There are only 100 rooms in the hotel. ( T / F ) 4. According to the brochure, the rooms are small and comfortable. ( T / F )

  • - 31 -

    5. There are two beds in each room. ( T / F ) 6. Self-service is the hotels motto. ( T / F ) 7. The hotels staff is very polite. ( T / F )

    Lets Practice

    Section 7

    Complete the dialogue with the suitable expressions in the box.

    Practice the dialogue below with your partner in front of the class.

    Dialogue A

    Teysar and Elien are talking about their plan in holiday.

    Teysar : Its nice to visit some wonderful places with our family. Elien : Are you going to spend your holiday with your family, Teysar?

    Teysar : Yes, Im. What about you? Elien : Im still confused. My family never talks about it. Teysar : If so, would you like to join my family to visit Borobudur temple

    next holiday.

    Elien : Id love to. Read the dialogue and observe the italic sentences.

    Dialogue B

    ( Keysa invites his friend, Fikri to come to his house to discuss about holiday


    Keysa : I think we should discuss about our holiday program

    at my house.Would you like to come to my house at

  • - 32 -

    7. p.m ?

    Teysar : Im sorry I cant. I must study English because Ill have a test tomorrow. Keysa : What about on Sunday morning, Keysa?

    Teysar : Its O.K. I agree with you.

    Read the review carefully and practice them in your daily conversation.

    Lets Practice Section 8

    Answer these questions. 1. What will you say if you want to invite your friend to somewhere?

    2. What will you say if you cant accept the invitation from your friend? 3. What will you say if you accept the invitation?

    Complete the dialogue below with the expressions in the box

    At break time, Ilma is reading a book in class, then suddenly Ismi comes and greets him. Ismi : Hi, Ilma. (1) ? Ilma : Well, Im reading an English book. Were having a test tomorrow, remember? Ismi : Wow. (2 )... Ilma : Not at all. I just dont have anything else to do. Ismi : By the way, Im going to have a birthday party at Guci this Sunday. Im thirteen now. Ilma : Happy birthday, Ismi. (3).. , youre a teenager now. Ismi : Thank you. Id like you to come there. Ilma : Im terribly sorry, (4). . I have to go to my grandmothers house this

    Sunday. She is ill. Ismi : Im sorry to hear that. I hope shell get well soon. Ilma : Thanks. When they are talking, Elien comes.

    Elien : Hi, what are you two talking about? Ilma : Ismi is going to have a birthday party at Guci this Sunday. Elien : Really? Happy birthday, Ismi. Ismi : Thank you, Elien (5).. ? Mira : (6).. . Dewi : Great.

  • - 33 -

    Find articles and photos of an interesting place in your town, such as PAI, GUCI, CACABAN, PURIN, WIDURI etc. You may find the articles and photos in the newspapers, magazines, or the Internet. Make the description as interesting as possible and give it to your teacher. You may suggest the class visit the place.

    The following questions may help you write the text. 1. What is the name of the site? 2. Where is it located? 3. Could you describe the features of the site? - the panorama of it

    - the facilities offered - the strength of that place

  • - 34 -

    Write a postcard to your friend about your holiday like the example above.

  • - 35 -


    ( MODULE 1-2 ) 1. My parents .a mango tree in front of the house. a. has c. are having

    b. have d. is having

    2. She at me. a. smile c. is smile

    b. smiles d. is smiles

    3. The catall the plates on the table. a. break c. is break

    b. breaks d. are break

    4. Fanny does sing. a. like c. to like

    b. likes d. is like

    5. They are Japanese. They. Spanish very well. a. dont speak c. doesnt speak b. are speaking d. is speaking

    Questions for number 6-8. Complete the following paragraph with the suitable


    There is a new hotel in my city. It is a four star hotel. It is located downtown.

    The hotel is not very big but the (6). is very beautiful. It looks like a classic castle in Europe. According to the brochure, it has 100 rooms, a fancy restaurant,

    complete sports (7) including a swimming pool, tennis court, gym and sauna, there are also a coffee shop and a karaoke room . The pictures of the rooms in the

    brochure are very (8). The rooms look very comfortable. They contain a big spring bed with big pillows, a nice sofa, a wardrobe and a television system with

    programs from all over the world.

    6. a. person c. manager

    b. architecture d. swimming pool

    7. a. facilities c. games

    b. athletes d. rings

    8. a. nice c. big

    b. ugly d. bad

    9. Lia got 9 in English test.

    Rudi got 8 in English test.

    Vina got 7 in English test.

    From the data above we know that Lias score. of all. a. high c. the highest

    b. higher d. the most highest

    10. The train runs 90 km / hour

    The bus runs 80 km / hour

    The car runs 75 km / hour

    From the sentences above we know that the car runs the .. of all. a. slowest c. most slowly b. slower d. more slowly

  • - 36 -


    In this module, you will learn how to:

    read and understand short and simple recount text in the form of monologues and dialogues about unforgettable holiday.

    write short and simple recount about unforgettable holiday. understand short and simple transactional and interpersonal texts involving asking, giving and rejecting items, agreement and disagreement.

    Practice to tell about unforgettable holiday.

    Section 1

    Look at the following picture. Where do you think they are? What are they doing?

    Fill in the word map with the activities which people usually do in their vacation.

  • - 37 -

    When you are traveling, you may have problems.

    The following expressions describe the peoples feeling. We often use colourful expression to describe how we feel. Try to match the following expressions with the

    feelings they describe.

    .. 1. My stomach is growling. A. angry

    .. 2. I cant keep my eyes open. B. embarrassed

    .. 3. Im jumping for joy. C. tired

    .. 4. Im seeing red. D. nervous

    .. 5. Im feeling blue. E. scared

    .. 6. Im on pins and needles. F. hungry

    .. 7. Im shaking like a leaf. G. sad

    .. 8. Im ashamed to look at them straight H. happy

    in the eye.

    Section 2.

    Study the following Explanation.

  • - 38 -

    Fill in the blank with the correct verb forms below the questions.. Look at the example.

    1. Fredy went to Samarinda last year. 2. Asep his brother to the airport yesterday. 3. Ridlomuch money in his holiday last month. 4. Sanusi me to go to the travel agent three days ago. 5. Last holiday, Lailaan English course. 6. Two days ago, Elizabeththe free ticket to Hawaii.

    Go take accompany

    Attend win spend

    Make questions using the italic words as the answer. Look at the example.

    Example :

    Vina danced very beautifully on the stage last night.

    How did Vina dance on the stage last night?

    1. My uncle went to Bali two days ago. 2. My family spent the holiday in Guci last week. 3. The teacher explained the lesson clearly in front of the class. 4. The gardener planted the flowers behind the field.

  • - 39 -

    5. The farmer watered the plant rice very hard.

    Lets study the text Section 4

    Answer the following questions based on the reading text in task 1.

    1. Where did the writer go last week? 2. Where did he stay? 3. What did the writer do in the morning? 4. How did the writer feel when he rode on horseback? 5. Where did the writer and his friend go before they got home? 6. What did the writer think about his holiday?

  • - 40 -

    Section 5

    Look at the picture and answer some questions relating to it.

  • - 41 -

    1. Where are they? 2. What are they doing? 3. Are they happy?

    Answer the following questions. Share your answers with your classmates in groups

    of four.

    1. Where did you spend your last holiday? 2. What do you think of the plaace? 3. How is the place like? 4. How did you feel during your holiday?

    Listen carefully to your teacher reading the monologue and complete the text.

    Holiday in Kupang

    Last month I 1) went to Kupang with my brother to visit our aunt. On the first

    day, our cousin 2) us to Rote. From Guci, we took 1,5 hours on the fast ferry. The waves there 3)very strong. We 4) a fishing village there. After that, we went on a small boat to see a seaweed farming project. Well, finally, we 5) back home in the evening. That was one of our 6)days in Kupang and we were so happy.


    1. When did the writer go to Kupang? 2. With whom did he go there? 3. Where did they go on the first day? 4. What did they do there? 5. How did they feel during that day?

    Section 6

    Answer the following questions based on your situation.

    1. Have you ever gone to movie? 2. What for did you go there?

  • - 42 -

    3. How did you go there? 4. With whom did you go there? 5. Did you enjoy watching the movie there?

    Read the text below aloud.

    After the movie was over, I left the cinema quickly. My watch showed 11.30 p.m.

    as I got on to my bicycle. I pedaled hard on my bicycle and was soon speeding home. My

    thought went back to the movie I had just seen. It was a scary story. I could remember

    clearly a woman screaming as she was being attacked by a monster. Somehow that

    frightful scene stayed in my mind and I could not forget it.

    The road was dark and quiet. I had to pass a graveyard on the way home. As I

    approached the graveyard, I heard some sounds behind me. I was frightened and began to

    cycle faster. The sound came nearer and nearer. Then I heard a familiar voice calling me.

    I looked back and saw Hadi, my classmate. He had also seen the movie and was

    frightened too. He had cycled after me so that he would not be alone. Both of us laughed

    out loud over our behavior.

    Work with your partner to answer the following questions.

    1. What time did the writer watch the movie?

    2. What kind of movie did the writer watch?

    3. Why did the writer begin to cycle faster?

    4. Why did Hadi cycle after the writer?

    5. What does the word he in the sentence he had cycled after me so that he . refer to?

    Lets Practice Section 7

    Study and practice the following dialogues. Then, pay attention to the explanation.

  • - 43 -

    Act out the following dialogue with your friend.

    Budi and all his classmates are going to Dufan. Budi is chatting with his best friend,


    Budi : Its very exciting today. Dani : Yes, it is. Im having so much fun. Budi : Which is the most exciting game for you here?

    Dani : Well, I must say that roller coaster is the most exciting game.

    Budi : Yes, I agree. The roller coaster gave me an unforgettable experience. I think I want

    to ride it again.

    Dani : Yes, me too. By the way, are you chewing gum?

    Can I have so\me?

    Budi : Yes, of course. Here you are.

    Dani : Thanks.

    Budi : Do you want the new banana flavour? It tastes good.

    Dani : Not for me, thanks. I dont like bananas.

    Answer the following questions based on the dialogue in Task 2.

    1. What is Danis opinion about the most exciting game? 2. What about Budis opinion about it? 3. Who is chewing gum in the dialogue?

    4. Which flavour doesnt Dani like? 5. Does Budi like banana flavour?

  • - 44 -

  • - 45 -

    Work with your partner. Make your own questions using the phrases below. Then, ask

    each other.

    1. Whats your opinion .... ? 2. May I have.... , please? 3. What do you think about . ? 4. What is your feeling about.. ? 5. Can I have.. , please ?

    Section 8

    Work in pairs. Ask your classmate about their last holiday. To make it easier, use

    the following questions.

    1. What did you do on your last holiday? 2. Did you visit some interesting places? 3. How many days did you spend on your holiday? 4. What did you do there?

    Section 9

    Write a story about your last holiday. Use the questions to guide you.

    1. Where did you go for your last summer holiday?

    2. How did you travel?

    3. Who went with you? Did you go alone or with someone?

    4. What did you do during your last holiday?

    5. What interesting things did you see during your last holiday?

    6. What did you like about your last holiday?

    7. What did you dislike about your holiday?

    8. How did you feel during that day?

  • - 46 -









    Tell the class about your last holiday. Tell what you did from the beginning to the end.

  • - 47 -


    In this module, you will learn how to:

    read and understand short and simple descriptive in the form of monologues and dialogues about first experience.

    write short and simple recount text about first experience. understand short and simple transactional and interpersonal texts involving denying and admitting facts.

    Practice to speak about first experience

    Lets Build Our Knowledge Section 1

  • - 48 -

    Answer these questions with your friends. Share you answer with your

    other classmates.

  • - 49 -

    Section Two

    Answer the following questions based on your condition.

    1. Have you ever written a letter? 2. Have you ever written a letter about the first experience you ever had? 3. Do you have a pen pal?

    Study the dialogue and the letter below.

  • - 50 -

    Answer the questions based on the dialogue and the letters above.

    Pay attention to the examples below.

    1. Andre wasnt at school last week because he was ill. 2. Selina wasnt at school yesterday because she was at the dentist. 3. Benu wasnt at school last Friday because he was ill.

    Write your own sentences like the example above. The subject of the

    sentences are available for you.

    1. The doctors .. 2. The teacher 3. The secretary and the manager.. 4. My parent... 5. Ahda and Azkia..

  • - 51 -

    Section 3

    Fill in the blank with the suitable words in the box with the correct form

    of verb. Look at the example.

    Make questions with the answers provided.

    1. We arrived there by bus . ( How )

    2. I prepared a long blue gown. ( What )


  • - 52 -

    3. My friend prepared a colorful gown. ( Who )

    . 4. After that, we went home sadly. ( How )


    Answer the following questions to make a diary. Write your answer on spaces provided.

    1. What did you feel when you got up on Sunday? 2. What did you do after you take a bath? 3. What did you do on Monday morning? 4. What did you do after school on Monday morning? 5. What did you eat for breakfast on Tuesday morning? Was it delicious?

    October 2009

    Sunday, . . .

    Tuesday, . .

  • - 53 -

    . . Tuesday . . .

    Section Four

    Task 1

    Study the following sentences.

  • - 54 -

    Task 2

    Read the dialogue below .

    Dialogue 1

    Rahma : Look at this, Dad. I got 9 in my English Daddy : Wow, its great. What about Lias? Rahma : She only got 7, Dad.

    Daddy : What about Danus? Rahma : She got 6, Dad.

    Make the correct form of adjective below based on the dialogue above. 1. Danus score is good enough. ( good ) 2. Lias score is..than Danu. ( good ) 3. Rahmas score is. Of all. ( good )

    Dialogue 2

    Pay attention to the dialogue below.

    Choose the correct answer by choosing a, b, c, or d.

  • - 55 -

    Task 3 Complete the sentences by using the positive or the comparative degree.

  • - 56 -

    Lets Study The Text Section Five

    Task 1

    Answer the questions below. 1. Do you like fishing? 2. When did you go fishing for the first time? 3. With whom did you go fishing? 4. Where did you go for fishing? 5. How long did you go fishing for the first time?

    Task 2

    Give a tick to the correct statement based on the reading text above.

  • - 57 -

    Task 3 Read the text carefully and answer the questions.

  • - 58 -

    Section 6

    Task 1

    Answer the questions below based on your condition. 1. Do you have a diary book? 2. When do you usually write your diary? Before sleeping or after sleeping? 3. Do you always write the sweet experience on your diary? 4. Do you usually write your bad experience on your diary?

    Task 2

    Read the following diary.

  • - 59 -

    Task 3

    Answer the questions below based on the diary above. 1. When did the writer write the diary? 2. When was the writer born? 3. What happened to the writers class when he entered the classroom? 4. What did the writer do then? 5. Did the writer have the first experience in his/her life after having birthday party?

    Lets Practice Section 7

    Task 1

    the example below.

  • - 60 -

    Task 2

    Task 3

    Task 4 Study other expressions below.

  • - 61 -

    Section 8

    Task 1

    Task 2


  • - 62 -













    Task 3

















    Task 4

    Tell your story in front of your friends.

  • - 63 -



    1. Rani : Can you do me a favor, please?

    Anti : Yes. Of course ...............

    a. Can you help me ? c. Please, help me !

    b. What can I do for you ? d. I think I have a headache

    2. Deni :Can I bring your book, Sir?

    Mr. Andre : I can bring it by my own.

    a. Yes, please c. Of course

    b. No, thank you d. Sure

    3. Hilman : May I borrow your dictionary?

    Sita :Sure, .

    a. here you are c. really

    b. thats all right d. I dont think so

    4. NANA : .............. another cup of tea, please?

    WAITERS : Yes, of course.

    a. Do you think c. Can You

    b. Would you think d. May I have

    5. Vita : Ive told you to water the plant. Did you water them ?

    Hilman : Ummm . Yes, I did

    Vita : But why are the plant dead now ?

    Hilman : Really, ...................

    a. May I help? c. I dont lie

    b. No, I disagree about that d. I would love to

    6. SATRIA : Abi told me that you have bought the ticket to see Walis concert.

    ABI : ............. I bought the ticket last week

    a. Thats true c. Its not correct

    b. Im afraid, its correct d. Thats it

  • - 64 -

    7. ANDI : What do you think about our new classroom?

    FREDY : ........... We need to clean it.

    a. I think its too small c. I think its very dirty

    b. I think its very untidy d. I think there are too many pictures

    8. Dela : ................. our new teacher?

    Andi : I think she is a very good teacher. She is very nice and explain the

    lessons very well.

    a. Have you seen c. May I have

    b. Do you like d. What do you think about

    9. Ratih : Would you come to my birthday party tonight?

    Asep : .. I will come.

    a. I dont think I can c. I am sorry

    b. I dont think so d. Sounds great

    10. Ita : Would you like to come to my house tonight?

    Candra : I am afraid I cant. I have to study for the examination.

    a. I am sorry c. Well done

    b. I dont think so d. Thats all right

    Read the following text and answer questions 11 to 15

    Pring Sewu Restaurant Tegal is a place where you can find that kind of

    atmosphere. It is located on Jl Tegal Pemalang no. 7 Kramat Tegal. With the telephone

    number 0283 3318138.

    Pringsewu restaurant offers us its main menu such as toasted Gurameh, oxtail

    soap, teh poci, and durian ice. This menu has made some people really addicted to have a

    meal in this restaurant. Completed with durian ice and teh poci your meal will feel much

    more delicious.

    Besides its main menu. We can have some kinds of events in this restaurant

    because it also provides us a large hall to hold a meeting. So, we can have a birthday

    party, wedding party, seminar, feast, farewell party, thankfulness ceremony, ritual

    ceremony etc. Everything concerning with the equipments for those events are provided

    in this restaurant. You will be treated by the whole staffs here with full of hospitality.

    11. What does the text tell us about?

    a. Pring Sewu Restaurant Tegal

    b. The location of Pring Sewu Restaurant Tegal

    c. Main menu in Pring Sewu Restaurant Tegal

    d. Some facilities in Restaurant Tegal

    12. Can we book any food via telephone in Pring Sewu Restaurant Tegal?

    a. No, we can not c. Certainly not.

  • - 65 -

    b. Yes, we can d. Certainly can not

    13. What does the word us in the sentence Pring Sewu Restaurant offers us refer to? It refers to a. The reader c. The reader and the writer

    b. The writer d. The reader and the owner

    14. The word equipment in the text above has the same meaning as the word. a. facilities c. furniture

    b. tools d. devices

    15. Which one is not belonging to the main menu of Restaurant Pring Sewu?

    a. Gurameh c. teh poci

    b. toasted Gurameh d. oxtail soap

    Read the text carefully to answer questions number 16-19.

    The White House is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C.

    It is a huge house where the president of the united States of America stays and works

    during his term. People first recognized the building as the Presidential Palace and

    Theodore Roosevelt gave the name White House in 1901. Adapted from: Microsoft Encarta Library Reference, 2008.

    Answer the questions based on the text in activity three.

    16. Where is the White House is located?

    a. at Pennsylvania c. at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

    b. in Washington D.C d. at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C

    17. stays and works during his term. What does the word his refer to? a. the president c. the president of USA

    b. the prime minister d. the president and prime minister of USA

    18. When did people give it the name?

    a. 1901 c. 1999

    b. 1991 d. 1119

    19. What is the synonym of the word huge? a. big c. small

    b. crowded d. noisy

    20. TV is Rp 1.500.000,-

    Fan is Rp 500.000,-

    Computer is Rp 2.000,-

    From the sentences above we can conclude that TV isthan fan. a. cheaper c. cheapest

    b. more expensive d. the most expensive

    (21-23).Complete the following paragraph with suitable words.

    This characters name is Puck-Wudgie. (21) .. has a fat head, big bulgy eyes with long eyelashes, a pig-like nose, and a wide mouth with a big silly grin. On its

    enormous ears it (22) log dangling earrings with frills. Its hair and neck are long. It has a round stomach with a ..(23) belly button, not the big one, four stubby arms and two stubby legs. It loves dance all night to punk music.

  • - 66 -


    a. It

    b. Its

    c. They

    d. Their


    a. having b. have c. had d. has


    a. little b. large

    c. long

    d. huge

    Read the text to answer the questions number 24-28.

    Giant Sequoia, the Ancient Tree in Danger

    Just like its name, Giant Sequoia is indeed big. Its height can reach 66

    meters. It can have a trunk as wide as eight meters at the base. The biggest tree

    today is 83 meters in height and 12.1 meters in diameter.

    Giant Sequioa is also a very ancient tree. This tree, for instance, is about

    5100 years old. Ecologists say the tree can live that long because of its

    resistance to climate, disease or insects.

    But recently, their species are in danger. Fire attacked the Giant Sequioa

    monument last month. Millions of firefighter struggled to put up the fire.

    24. Why is the Giant Sequioa in danger? Because. a. the tree is too old live longer

    b. the tree is resistant to climate, disease or insects

    c. millions of firefighters struggled to put up the fire

    d. fire has attacked the Giant Sequioa national monument

    25. The tree can live long. What makes it live long?

    a. its strength c. its giant size

    b. its resistance d. its appearance

    26. How tall is Giant Sequioa?

    a. it is 66 meters c. it is 12.1 meters

    b. it is 83 meters d. it is 5100 meters

    27. The main idea of the 2nd

    paragraph is a. Giant Sequioa can live long

    b. Giant Sequioa is resistant to all condition

    c. Giant Sequioa is a very ancient tree.

    d. The reason of why Giant Sequioa can live long

    28. The antonym of the word Giant is. a. tiny c. huge

  • - 67 -

    b. immense d. enormous

    29. Andi : We are in a hurry. How should we go, Dul?

    By bike or motorcycle.

    Dullah : I think motorcycle will be better, because it isthan bike. a. Fast c. slow b. Faster d. slower

    30. Tio : How do youto school? Wawan : By bicyle.

    a. Go c. went b. Will go d. have gone

    Read the text to answer questions number 31 33.

    Dear Meriam,

    God bless you! I would like to invite you to my farewell party on Wednesday,

    November 16th, 2009, at 7.00 oclock. The party will be held at my house in Jl.

    Ahmad Yani 25, Tegal.



    31. When will the party be held?

    a. On Sunday c. On Thursday

    b. On Wednesday d. On Saturday

    32. What is the purpose of the letter?

    a. to invite c. a request

    b. to inform d. to ask

    33. Which statement is NOT TRUE ..

    a. Sarah will invite Meriam to her birthday

    b. Sarahs birthday party will be held on November

    c. Sarah hope Meriam will not be late

    d. Sarahs birthday party will be in a hotel

    Read the text to answer number 34 to 38


    Spot is a regular house cat. He is an adorable cat. He has orange fur with white and black

    spots. I like to cuddle him because his fur feels soft. Every morning I give spot milk.

    Spot does not like rice, so I give him cat food. Spot is an active animal. He likes to run

  • - 68 -

    around the house. He likes to chase everyone in my house. When he feels tired or sleepy,

    Spot usually sleeps on the sofa in the living room or sometimes under the table.

    34. The definition of spot is in the ...

    a. fourth sentence c. first sentence

    b. last sentence d. next sentence

    35. Where does spot sometimes sleep?

    a. in the dining room c. in the house cat

    b. under the table d. under the sofa

    36. Every morning I give Spot milk The word I in the fifth sentence refer to ...

    a. the Spot c. the Reader

    b. the Cat d. the Writer

    37. The purpose of the text is ......

    a. To describe the spot c. To describe the reader

    b. To describe the writer d. To entertain the cat

    38. Does spot like to chase everyone in writers house?

    a. Yes, he does c. Yes, I do

    b. No, he does not d. No, I do not

    39. She ...... smiles to everyone.

    a. on time c. yesterday

    b. now d. always

    40. The cat ......... all the plates on the table.

    a. break c. is break

    b. breaks d. are breaking

    41. Arrange these words into a good sentence!

    You come to would my birthday party? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

    a. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 c. 4-3-2-1-5-7-6

    b. 4-1-2-3-5-6-7 d. 4-1-2-5-6-3-7

    42. Arrange these words into a good sentence!

    Sister will a party birthday my have tonight. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

    a. 6-4-3-1-2-5-7-8 c. 6-1-4-3-5-2-7-8

  • - 69 -

    b. 6-1-2-5-6-7-3-4 d. 6-1-2-7-3-5-4-8

    Complete the following paragraph to answer questions number 43 47

    Mrs. Abdurahman 43) a doctor. She 44) a sharp nose, wavy hair and

    creamy yellow skin. Mrs. Abdurahman is tall, slim and 45)... She works in a

    big hospital in the city. She 46). from eight oclock in the morning until five in

    the afternoon. Everyone 47) her.

    43. a. are c. is

    b. was d. were

    44. a. has c. had

    b. have d. was

    45. a. beauty c. ugly

    b. beautify d. beautiful

    46. a. work c. worked

    b. works d. working

    47. a. like c. likes

    b. liked d. is like

    Complete the following paragraph to answer questions number 48 50.


    I 48).. to a botanical garden. It (49) large, landscaped parks where

    plants were grown for scientific purposes and for public display. People could stroll down

    flowers bordered paths or sat on benches and admired the beautiful plants. Most of the

    plants 50) . labeled with their popular as well as their scientific names.

    48. a. went c. go

    b. gone d. goes

    49. a. is c. was

    b. were d. are

    50. a. is c. was

    b. were d. are

  • - 70 -

  • - 71 -

  • - 72 -

  • - 73 -

  • - 74 -

  • - 75 -