Mastering The Art Of Sports Photography With Your Digital Camera

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First things first; know your digital camera. I recommend taking note and practicing first all the settings that sports photography needed. You may find yourself going for the faster shutter speed, increased ISO and burst mode. Let's take a look at all these things on your digital camera and see how they can be applied to give you sensational sports photos. Arts & Entertainment: Photography - Click Link Now ==== ==== ==== ====


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    For sports enthusiasts, there's nothing more exciting than sports people playing their favouritegame. The sight of the field, rink or golf course initiates the thrill and anticipation. This, combinedwith digital photography, can provide some amazing photographic opportunities. However it's not amatter of point the camera at the person diving for the ball or puck and snapping away. It's a lotmore complicated than that.

    In digital photography sports can be quite challenging. The sports people do not present an easytask of being photographed because of the amount of high movement. However, you can indeedachieve great sports digital photography. Most excellent sports digital photography requires goodplanning and execution.

    Here are some exclusive tips for gaining fantastic sports shots in your digital photography.

    First things first; know your digital camera. I recommend taking note and practicing first all thesettings that sports photography needed. You may find yourself going for the faster shutter speed,increased ISO and burst mode. Let's take a look at all these things on your digital camera and seehow they can be applied to give you sensational sports photos.

    High shutter speeds:As with all moving objects, in order to capture the "frozen in time" look in digital photography a fastshutter speed is required. The faster the movement the fast the shutter speed will need to be. Indigital photography the general consensus is that the shutter speed needs to be faster than that ofthe subject. For example if you have a sliding puck across ice and there is a someone about totake a dive for it then its necessary to quickly mentally assess how fast that person might betraveling at. If they are traveling at approximately 50 kilometers (approx 32 miles) per hour thenyou may find a very fast shutter speed is needed for this digital photo.

    A very fast shutter speed in digital photography may be anything from 500th of a second or higher.For high speed movement you may want to consider an even faster shutter speed of 1000th of asecond or something in that range.

    Keep in mind that in digital photography a fast shutter speed works to reduce some of the lightwhich is why a higher ISO is often necessary. (I'll talk about that in a minute.) Usually a if a ball,such as a baseball going at around 145 kilometers an hour (90.09 miles per hour) a shutter speedof around 1/4000 will get you that "suspended ball in mid air" type of photo. For physicalmovement, such as someone leaping to catch a football, a shutter speed of 1/500 or over is agood place to start.

    Now this is all very well if your scene if well lit. But what if you are taking your digital photography

  • shots indoors at night and the light is not quite enough to provide enough light? In most instances,an indoor stadium at night time will be well lit, but that doesn't always ensure good digital photos.In sports photography we need to understand that we can only control the artistic value and inputof our digital photo and the control of the camera. We can't control the lighting on the scene beingsuch a public event. In digital photography sports photos we must realize that it's going to be achallenge to begin with. So here are something's you can in your digital sports photography toincrease the amount of light.

    If you have a light tool on your digital camera such as a histogram you can get a good idea of whatthe light levels are like on your sensor. With this handy tool you can adjust the ISO at the time ofyour pictures taking.

    Increase your ISO: A high ISO in digital photography simply means the sensitivity to light that yourdigital camera has. In a nutshell the more ISO you have increased the image to, the less light thesensor needs. In sports photography an ISO of 400 or higher can work really well. The downsideto this is that it does increase noise. To combat this you can use noise reduction software in thepost editing process such as Noise Ninja or increase the LAB mode in the post editing process.Don't be afraid to try a few shots at 400, 800 and even as high as 1600.

    Burst mode:In most sports digital photography this will be one of the settings you will turn to. Burst mode isalso known as 'continuous shooting'. This 'continuous' shooting mode allows you to get asequence of shoots in succession. You can increase your chances of getting that ideal "splitsecond perfect shot" that you might not be able to get by pre-emption or in normal shooting. Thisalso works so beautifully if your digital camera has a painfully long lag time. I've used this so manytimes to get around the high lag my Sony Cyber shot has got. Some cameras have 3 frames persecond and some go up to 12 frames per second. You simply select this mode and hold yourfinger on the shutter button and it will fire off as many shots in 1 second as it can.

    Okay so I've been talking about your digital camera and the setting's used for ideal sports digitalphotography, so what about any external equipment? If you have been thinking about this you'respot on. You can take as much time with your settings but there's not much point if you can't getclose to the action. There's no point having a picture with perfect lighting and perfect action if theplayers are like dots on a sheet of paper. You need a good telephoto lens if you can't get close up.A telephoto lens brings you closer because of its long distance capability. It will get you closer tothe action but will need a faster shutter speed.

    Many fantastic sports digital photos are taken with an emphasis on a very fast shutter speed, an fstop of around the 2.8 mark to blur the background and focus in on the subject. You may find thatif your sportsperson is visually separated from the background and you take the digital photographwith a telephoto lens you'll have a more shallow depth of field which can give you a more powerfulfeeling in your digital photo. You can get away with a good optical zoom lens, but you'll get farbetter digital sports shots with a proper telephoto.

    So what about the artistic side of sports photography with your digital camera? Plenty!

    Pre-emption and Emotion is the key to good art.When taking sports photography you probably won't find a more public display of human emotion.

  • The emotions of a sports person range from intense anticipation to extreme disappointment orextreme exhilaration. Pre-empting when these emotions take place is they key to getting artisticand impressive sports photos. This comes with practicing your digital photography.

    SO much pressure is placed on our athletes, expecting them to perform so we can enjoy the showand the investors can enjoy their returns. This is another reason why I say to get a telephoto lensso you can capture the emotions on their faces and their body language. It makes for superbphotography. For ideas on ice hockey, have a look at some ice hockey images that are great studytools.

    Don't just look at these digital photos, you must study them. Take on the attitude that studyingsports photography will improve your digital sports photos ten fold. You will have a style to emulateand copy to start with then eventually, when you become confident, you'll start to adopt your ownstyle.

    Happy shooting,Amy Renfrey

    To study digital sports photography check these sites out: and

    Amy Renfrey is the author of two major successful ebooks Digital Photography Success andAdvanced Digital Photography. She is a photographer and also teaches digital photography.Her educational ebooks takes the most complex photography terms and turns them into easy tounderstand language so that anyone, at any level of photography, can easily move to a semi-professional level of skill in just a very short time. Shes photographed many things from famousmusicians (Drummers for Prince and Anastasia) to weddings and portraits of babies. Amy alsoteaches photography online to her students which can be found at

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