Massively Multiplayer Blockchain Real-Time Strategy Game It is a real-time browser multiplayer strategy/role-playing

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  • Massively Multiplayer Blockchain Real-Time Strategy Game

  • What is Crypto Space Ship?

    ● It is a real-time browser multiplayer strategy/role-playing game.

    ● It is commonly called MMORPG -> but we prefer MMBRPG (Massively Multiplayer Blockchain Real-Time Strategy Game).

    ● It is set in a fictional space: The Crypto Space

    ● The backend, that is, the whole logic of the game is a Smart Contract.

    ● It runs on any implementation of the EVM - Ethereum Virtual Machine

    ● The reward for winners is the Gas Platform (RBTC)

  • What about Spaceships? CSS Token

    ● Spaceships are unique, transferable, collectable and evolve as they acquire experience playing on differents games. They are based on Token # 721. *

    ● Each CSSToken has

    ● Unique ID

    ● Name and Color

    ● Launching Block

    ● Level - Degree of Experience

    ● Generation

    ● QAI Modules

    * Possibly for the final deploy in # 828, since we want them to be compossable.

  • How does a CSS Token evolve?

    ● The CSS Token Generation 1 has 6 QAI Modules (Quantum Artificial Intelligence)

    ● As the owner of the spaceship plays certain games with their spaceship, they gain experience points.

    ● When the spaceship reaches certain points of experience, it levels up and can train some of the QAI modules

    ● The QAI modules improve the overall performance of the spaceship: Attack, Defense, Construction Speed, etc.

    Only the player's ability can make a spaceship evolve more quickly, and only the player decides how it evolves.

  • And… what is the game all about?

    ● The game is a finite scenario (each game is a different contract) with a specific objective. It starts in a block and ends with the victory condition.

    ● It is necessary to have a spaceship. A single spaceship (CSS Token) per person (address) may be playing on one stage at a time.

    ● A ticket must be paid in order to play .

    ● The aim of the game is to conquer one or several planets and keep it in exchange of a certain amount of blocks

    ● The winner takes the accumulated pot (the tickets of all the players).

  • And… the dynamics of the game?

    ● The Spaceship (CSS Token) joins the game with a disposable and upgradeable hull.

    ● The QAI modules of the CSS Token are connected to the hull

    ● To be able to upgrade the hull, it is necessary to collect resources: Energy, Graphene and Metals.

    ● 64x64 box map for a maximum of 600 players per Game.

    ● Each box has a different resource density: to greater density and greater level + production per block.

    ● Resource Collection Structures from level 0 to level 10 and Internal Structures from level 0 to level 4

  • ● Resource Collection Structures

    ● Internal Structures

    ● The Fleet design: When constructing the hangar, each player has points to be able to distribute among different attributes for their fleet: Attack, Defense, Distance and Load.

    ● Hangar: To build the Attack / Defense fleet

    ● Resource store - warehouse

    ● WOPR: Crypto Ion Cannon, Resource Converter or Ship Reparer

    ● Molecular Converters of Graphene

    ● Metal Collectors

    ● Solar Panels x 6

  • What is the purpose of the fleet? ● The fleet allows to defend the spaceship and attack the other spaceships of the game.

    ● It allows stealing resources from enemy spaceships or transporting resources to allied spaceships.

    ● Conquer and defend planets.

    ● According to the design (distribution and number of points) the fleet has a cost

    By their design

    ● Keeper: Defense Spaceship

    ● Predator: Attack Spaceship

    ● Inteceptor: Spaceship traveling a long distance.

    ● Galleon: Spaceship transporting many resources

  • Screens of the Game

  • Screens of the Game

  • Deploy Plan:

    ● Premium: RSK Main Net

    ● Free: RSK Test Net or Private Node