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    St. Martin’s Cloak

  • St. Martin’s Parish Church Directory

    Les Camps Methodist Church Directory

    Minister Rev Stephen Dallin 239144 Leadership Team Matt Snell 238479 Don Lowe 236010 Sarah Hendry 728412 John Le Poidevin 235516 Emma Wolfe 715095 Mark Le Page 248241 Deborah Durham 236582

    Rector Vacant 238303 Honorary Assistant Curate Rev Richard Bellinger 263203 Licensed Lay Minister Bev Hervé 730575 Licensed Lay Minister Martin Wilson 729856 Associate Youth Minister (Church Army) Sr Kate Hatton (mobile 07781 161572) 238305 Rector’s Warden Dave Hughes 236339 People’s Warden Vic Martin 236673 Hon Treasurer Neil de la Mare 237816 Organist & Choir Joan Le Flem 201108 Pastoral Coordinator Sally Windsor 256342 Mens’ Society Roland Guille 258364 Ladies of Faith Together (LOFT) Bev Hervé 730575 Music Group Joan Le Flem 201108 Cloak Magazine Advertising Carol Guille 258364 Community Cloak Coffee Mornings Sally Windsor 256342 Children and Family Worker / Roundabout Sr Kate Hatton (mobile 07781 161572) 238305 Community Centre Mr Brian Sarre (Manager) 231196 Mobile (07781 133012)

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    The Editorial Team C/O St. Martin’s Rectory

    La Grande Rue GY4 6RR

    Tel: 238303 Fax: 237710

    St. Martin’s Cloak

    No editorial this time, instead just to let you know at the end of September Les Camps Methodist Church started their adult and youth Alpha Courses.

    Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith. It is for anyone who is curious and is designed to encourage conversation and exploration of the Christian faith in an open, friendly and informal environment. Each week begins with both guests and servers sitting down together for a meal, followed by a short film and finishing with discussion on the topic of the week in small groups. It runs for 11 weeks and finishes mid-December.

    Les Camps have been hugely blessed with 36 adults and 10 youths taking the course, with the majority of those being newcomers or people on the fringe of the Church. The atmosphere is very warm and a lot of happy faces and laughter can be heard. For those serving Alpha there is a lot of excitement at seeing how God is working within the church.

    For further information about the course please feel free to contact: Rev. Steve Dallin – Tel: 01481-239144 or Email


    Helen Mahoney – Tel. 07911-712271 or Email h e l e n m a h o n e y @

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    School News Explora Dome

    To stimulate curiosity and a love of science, ‘Explora Dome’ came to St. Martin’s Primary School this term. The children in Years 1 and 2 crawled inside a special inflatable dome and were treated to a fantastic science show.

    Images were projected on the inside of the dome and the children were truly immeresed in their learning. Originally the dome was used as a planetarium, but now all sorts of different science experiences are offered. Our Year 2 children were given a tour of the Earth and learned about the planet, food webs and habitats. Year 1 travelled through the human body and found out what happens to our food from plate to poo! As you can imagine they all particularly loved learning about the final stages of digestion! The children loved

    the experience and we will be inviting the Explora Dome back next year for more scientific revelations.

    Elderly Visitors

    We are welcoming residents from Le Platon Care home each week to join in with Mrs Bramley’s class in Year 1. For the last six weeks elderly ladies and gentleman have joined the children to share story books and take part in the fun of the ‘Discovery Zone’. In the Discovery Zone the senior citizens play with the children as they paint, sew, mold playdough and build models. The children really look forward to our visitors coming and relationships are blossoming. Last week it was Rudi’s 92 birthday and the children sang Happy Birthday and made him a card, Rudi’s reaction was incredibly heartwarming! This project was inspired by Channel 4’s ‘Old people’s home for 4 year olds’. It has been wonderful to see

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    the interactions and both children and the senior citizens really seem to benefit from each other’s company.

    Happy 92nd Birthday Rudi!

    Epic Fridays

    We are offering all our KS2 children four ‘Epic’ Friday afternoons this month as part of our curriculum enrichment programme. The children will be taking part in a variety of challenging and contrasting learning activities in mixed age groups Year 3 to 6. The children have been allocated one of their four favourite activities out of a possible 11: water games at Les Beaucamps High School, Street Dance with Brandi Attewell, Epic Experiments, Horrible Histories, Animal Antics at the GSPCA, Epic Engineering, Epic Running, Messy

    Outdoor Adventures, Right on Robots, Unity the Unicorn (sewing project) and Clay Creations. We plan to run these

    activities in the spring and summer terms too and we just can’t wait to get started!

    Outdoor learning expert visits the school

    John Cree, a UK leader in outdoor education, ran a day’s training for St. Martin’s teachers this month. John held the sessions outside and worked with staff to develop exciting learning activities across the curriculum. One of the topics he worked on was

    World War II; he showed staff how soldiers would have made ink from oak apples to write home with and how they would have made a fire when there were no matches available. He ended the session with poetry and stories around the camp fire. John has inspired us to take learning outside and the children say that this is something that they would love to do more of.

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    Parish Matters As the end of the year approaches we have been busy in the Constables office getting ready for our Christmas Evening on Monday 11th December. The evening starts at 6pm. The carol singing kicks off outside the community centre at 6.15pm, which will be led by the Very Reverend John Guille this year.

    There will be a variety of stalls located in both the Parish Hall and the Community Centre selling something for everyone. Sustenance includes a hog roast, mulled wine, soup, cake and teas & coffees. Last

    but by no means least Santa will be here in his grotto.

    I step down as Constable at the end of the year and Mike Higgins

    becomes the Senior Constable. He is still on the lookout for a new Junior Constable to join him. If you are interested please contact the office and have a chat with him to find out more.

    I’ve enjoyed my time at the Constables office, in particular being involved in Parish Events and the Christmas Evening is one of my favourites, hopefully you’ll come and enjoy it too.

    Take advantage of the parish library!

    Books can be borrowed without charge from the Parish Hall on weekday mornings:

    Monday to Thursday 10am - noon

    Fridays 11am - noon

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    W A T S O N & SON LTD


    Les Cornus St. Martin’s, Guernsey

    T: 01481 239034 E:

    82% Guernsey Tourism êêêGold Award82%

    Saints Bay, St Martin’s. Telephone: 01481 235217

    Moulin Huet A Lovely Bay It seems only a few weeks ago that I was writing an article for The Cloak and wishing all of you a happy Christmas and a healthy 2017! Now another year has come and gone in no time. I wonder if it has yet been scientifically proven that the older we get the quicker the time passes. It is certainly so.

    Now the heading of this article is a little different. No news this time about our ongoing work at the PEH, although it is all still happening and our volunteers are still doing their utmost to ensure the areas we cover are looking at their best for the benefit of patients, visitors and staff alike. No, this issue is all about that jewel in the crown that is St. Martin’s and that is Moulin Huet, so please allow me to tell you a little story.

    Some six years or so ago when I had the privilege of being your Parish Constable, I initiated a clear up operation at Moulin H