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MARRIAGE BONDS O F BEDFORD COUNTY · PDF fileMARRIAGE BONDS O F BEDFORD COUNTY VIRGINIA 1795 - 1800 Bedford bounty was formed from Lunenburg County in 1753 ... Cpnsent of John Hunter,

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  • M A R R I A G E B O N D S

    O F

    B E D F O R D C O U N T Y

    V I R G I N I A

    1795 - 1800

    Bedford bounty was formed from Lunenburg County in 1753

    Campbell bounty was formed ffrom Bedford County i n 1781

    Franklin County was formed from Bedfored and Henry Counties in 178U

    By Earle S. Dennis and Jane Smith

    Copyright, 1932

  • M A R R I A G E B O N D S

    O f

    B E D F O R D C O U N T Y

    V I R G I N I A

    1755 - 1800

    William Austin and Esthers Alexander, Jan, 23, l ? 8 l . Robert Alexander, surety.

    Richard Adams and Elisabeth Prui t t , Sep. 12, 1781. Robert Prui t t , Surety.

    RftghHgi-^gfejrjrixajffl^^ Sasrax

    Richard distin and Fanny Neal, Aor. 13, 1??3. John Pate, surety. Consent of Zachariah Neal.

    Robert Armstrong and Jane McElwaine, Aug. 23, 178k. Saml. Mc %waine, surety.

    James Adams, batchelor, and Mary Irvine, spinster, both of this County, Mar. k, 1776. J^ames McMurray, surety. Consent of David Irvine, father of Mary.

    Thomas Austin and ^ancy North, Dec. 15, 1788. John N Qrth, surety. Consent of Abram North, fatherof Nancy.

    William Anderson and Sally Early, Dec. 23, 1783. David Jones, surety. Consent of James Callaway, guardian of Sally.

    Josiah Ahsurst and Rebeckah Kennedy, J u l . 25, 1793. Samuel Hatcher, surety.

    Samuel Ayres and Betsey Richardson, Oct. 27, 179U- John Cundiff, surety.

    Leroy Apshear, barchelor, and Elizabeth Bradley, spinster, Oct. 2li, 1769. William Bradlyy, surety.

    John Anderson, batchelor, and Ann Butler, widow, Jun. 22, 1772. John Hook, surety.

    Mark Anthony, and Emelia Leftwich, Dec. 12, 1799. John 4ithony, surety. C o nsent of

    ihos. Leftwich, father of Emelia.

    Barnabas Arther, batchelor, and Martha Talbot, spinster, May 26, 1755. William Arther, surety.

    Robert Armistead of Gloucester County, and S u g an na Morris, Feb. 12, 1778. William Armistead, surety. Consent of Sam. Morris, father of Susanna.

    Elisha Adams and Franky Hudnall, Feb. k, 1783. % l l i a m Adams, surety. Consent of W. Hudnall, father of Franky.

    William Anglea and Sarah Mitchell, Apr. 5, 1797. John Hancock, surety. Consent of Beelender Ross.

    Thomas Adams and Betsy Adams, Jan. 28, 1799. George Thomas , surety. Consent of William Adams, father of tetsey.

  • Beginm n^ aet p a g e 2

    page 2. Jesse Anderson and lizabetiu JtfTes, Jun, 21, 1791. Thomas Johnson, surety. Gonsentbf John Jones, fatherof Elizabeth.

    Robert Anderson, of Benrico County, and Mary Read of Befored County, March 29, 1781*. William Read, surety,

    page 3. William B0yd and Nancy Read, Sep. 21, 1797. Francis Read, surety, page l i . John Bates and Mary Jones, Nov. 10, 177lu Alexander Gibbs, surety.

    Consents 'Mary Jones, dau. of Wm and Elizabeth Jones, born 17li9, 25 Sep., l e f t to the care of ichard and ^ary Nance, grandfather and mother desires with the assent ofsaid Mary Jones that you w i l l grant John Bates license as they desire to be joind together in the holy state of Matrimony as we are willing to declare en oath the above i s true age of said Mary Jones. "

    Gffe Baber and Peggey Jones, Jan. 31, 1798. William Halley, surety. Consent of Julus Jones, father of Peggey.

    George Thmmas Brown and lizabeth Best, Nov. 1792. Levi Best, surety. Consent of Druzilla Best, mother of Elizabeth.

    Jonathan Basham and Elizabeth Jones, Mar 1786. Jonathan Basham, surety. Consent of William and Elizabeth Basham$ and of V i s o n and Elizabeth Jhons, parents of Elizabeth,

    page 6 John Bilbro and Fanny Jones, Nov. 21, 1800. Ahomas Newell, surety.

    Thomas Bryant and Mabel Burnett, Dec. 11, 1793- SeubBHmiiagtaBBxmMiitHiii. Anderson Milton, surety. Consent to marry "my daughter", signed

    by Absalom and Ann Milton, page 7 Adam Boyer and Patsey Brown, Oct. 8, 1796. homas Brown surety.

    John Brown and ifon Burnley, Jan. 20, 1775. J 0 e l Burnley, surety. Consent of -"-srael Burnley, father of Ann.

    William Brown and Sarah Payne, Dec. 7, 1789. " i l l i a m Payne, surety. Consent of John and Mary Payne.

    Daniel Brown and Polley Ca Uaway, Aug. h, 1781. James Steptoe, surety,

    page 5

    Reuben Brown and Betsey McGehee, Mar. 25, 1800. David Saunders, surety.

    Elisha Burnett and E i i B a b e t h Milton, Feb 25, 1799. Absalom Milton, surety,

    page 7. William Buford, Jr., and Jartha H i l l Logwood, Oct 11, 1783. Henry H i l l ,

    surety. Consent of ihomas Logwood, father of Martha, page 8 Henry Brown and Fanny Thompson, Jan. 7, 1792. John Patrick, surety.

    Consent of John Thompson, father of Fanny.

    Richard Brown and Sarah Womax, Dec. 2. 1791;. John Folden surety. Consent of San

    Sarah Bancock "This i s to certify that I, Sarah Hancock has no objection

    aginst the maredg that i s dependin betwixt Richard Brown and my daughter. "

    John Black and Jenny Read, Dec. 29, 179li. Moses Deoley, surety. Certificate of Francis Reid, father of Jenny, that she i s of age.

    Alexander Brown and Vilet Barton, Fen 20, 1791. Brer Barton, surety,

    page 9

    John Brown and Constant Clark, Sep. 23, 1799. Isham Clark, surety,

    page 10

  • ..ylr i - '.y names of a selected gro- "P^PF page j .

    page 10 ^

    James Brown and Elizabeth Woody, May 13, 179U. James Brown, Jr., surety. Consent of William W00dy, father of Elizabeth.

    James Brown and Rhoda Reese, Oct. 2, 1792.

    George Brown and Sarah Brown, Nov, 2U, 1783. Julius Jones, surety. Consent of Sarah Brown, motherof the above Sarah.

    Shadrack Brown and Hannah Mitchell, Oct. 15, 1787. Isaac Mitchell, surety. Consent of Uohn Mitchell, father of Hannah.

    Shadrack Brown and Tabitha Hall, Oct. Ik, 1799. Elisha h a l l , surety. Consent of agdalean Hall, mother of Tabitha.

    William Walton Bnsh, and E i i z a D e t h Sharp, Aug. 22, 1796. George Sharp surety.

    Stark Brown and Tabitha Rigby May 8, 1779. farnes Gatewood, surety.

    Henry Brown and gusanna Hix, Nov. 5, 1793. Patrick Hix, surety. Certificate of usanna that she i s of age. "Witnesses, Patrick Hiz and &xjf

    Caty Hix.

    Q.ayburn Bnown and S arah Harmon, Mar. 8, 178l. Peter Harmon, surety.

    Robert Church and Matty Sharp, Aug. 27, 17871 Adam Sharp, surety.

    Page 11. John Campbell and Nancy Jones, Sep. 19, 1785. Stephen Pratt, surety.

    Consent of artin Jones, father of ltancy.

    Page 12 Jimmy cundiff and iucy Brown, Mar. 29, l800. Jesse Brown, surety.

    Consent of Daniel Brown.

    John Campbell and Mary Brown, Apr. 26, 1790. Isham Galloway, surety. Consent of Manly and Janey Brown, parents of Mary.

    Page 17 Ezekiel Downing and Rachel Brown, Jan. 30, 1778. Thomas Brown, surety.

    Consent of Thomas Brown. Page 19

    Moses Dooley and Huldah Sharp, Apr. 2, 1796. John Sharp, surety.

    Page 21 Jacob Eckhols and Jenny Jones, Jul. 12, 1796. CHarles Caffery, surety.

    Consent of Julius Jones, fatherof Jenny. William Ferguson and Elizabeth Brown, Mar. 7, 1787. Jeremiah Ferguson,

    surety. Consent of Wm. Brown, fatherof Elizabeth.

    Page 2h John Armour Finley and Elizabeth Cook, May l l i , 1785. Samuel Finley,


    Page 25 SDacid Oreen and Ann Jones, Dec. 27, 178^. Charles Harman, surety.

    David Gibbs and Jemima Jones, Aug. 13, 1778. Robert Stevens, surety. Consent of William Jones.

    Elijah Gates and Elizabeth Chiles, Feb. 23, 1782. James Steptoe, surety. Consent of John hiles, father of Elizabeth.

    John Grant and Edy Brown, J u l . 19, 179ii. No surety.

    Page 26

    Jacob Grubbs and Nancy Turner, Sep. 26, l800. James Turner, surety.

    Page 28 John Henderson and Elizabeth Mann, Nov. 2, 1780. David Caldwell, surety.

  • Page 28. FajbBiing Hix and Rhoda Turner, Mar. 20/" surety. Consent of Isaiah Turner, father of Rhoda.

    John Hunter and "usanna Preston, V - 16, 1785. Joel Preston, surety. Consent of Thomas Preston.

    Page 29

    lienry Haynes and Tabitha Tanner, May 1 7, 1781i. Elijah Turner, surety.

    Page 30

    ^ ^ C n ^ f ? l n r n e T ' D e C * 26> 1 7 8 ^ E l i J a h 'furner, surety. SConsent of Elijah Turner, father of Sally. y

    < William Henderson and Locky Trigg, Nov. 22, 1779. Robert Alexander surety. Consent of Mary Trigg, motherof Locky.

    Peter Hunter and Lucy Qoff, Aug. Ii*, 1797. Joh &off, surety. Consent of Joseph G0ff. ' *'

    Francis Hunter and Jane Wright, Nov. 30, 1787.. John Wright, surety. page 31. g

    Robert Harper and Margory Payne, Dec. 21, 17#7 "i l l i a m Payne, surety. Consent of John Payne, father of Margory. surety.

    Page 31* Alex. Hunter and Martha Hairston, Jun. 3, 1769. Hugh Hairston, surety.

    Consent of Robt. and Ruth Hairston. reT>y.

    John Howell and Latfiney Oaks, Dec, 22, 1795. Thomas Arthur, surety. Consent of Fanney Dixon, mother of Laviney.

    John Hopkins and Polly Turner, Sep. 1, 1800. Frazier 0*ey, surety.

    Page 35. Joseph Hones and Betsey Coats, Apr. 15, 1797. John A n thony, surety.

    Cert if icate of Betsey that she i s 28 years old.

    Julius Bones and Rachel Eads, May, 3, 1790. Isum Galloway, surety. Consent of Rachel herself. " . v *

    Thomas Jones and ^usanna Ramsey, Dec. 23, 1786. A d ^ Y o u n s u r e t Certif icate of ^usanna that she i s 23 years o ld /

    John Jennings and Ann Chiles, Nov. 18, 1772. John C h i i e s , surety.

    |age 36

    D a V d

    a u ^ t ^ fd P a t 5 e y +

    A p r * 9> 1 7 9 k ' J o h n N < * t h nd Wm. North sureties. Consent of A b r a h a r a N o r t h i t h e f a t h e r o f P a t s e y #

    David Hones and Elizabeth Bradfute, Sep. 18, 180Q. Robt. Bradfute, surety.

    f a he r ' o f l a i l l y A n

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