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Portfolio of Marketing/Social marketing to the Jewish Community

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  • 1. Strategic Marketing Targeting theJewish Community Yoni Mozeson[email_address] 052-607-6981 US line- 718-838-1554

2. CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: - Award-winning Creative at major advertising agencies like Ogilvy, producing campaigns for Fortune 500s like American Express, Citibank, Duracell, Apple, Smith Barney and P&G- Partner at boutique Marketing/Social Marketing agency specializing in Tech/biotech and Major Jewish Organizations - Director of Marketing at Israeli high-tech start-ups 3. Thiscampaign helped MASA secure increased funding by highlighting the urgency of their mission on behalf of American Jewry The campaign targeted JAFI, Jewish Federations leaders, and vital influencers within the Jewish community 4. 5. 6. This recruitment campaign attracted record-numbers offormer Birthright attendees to sign up forlong term MASA programs 7. 8. 9. This ad ran once in the New York Times. It was denounced by the White House and the Government of Israel. A prominentAmerican Jewish Newspaper featured it on the front page, calling it The Ad That Shook theMiddle East Several weeks later, on the insistence of the US Congress, the President reneged on sending US troops to the Golan Heights as stipulated in the Oslo Accords 10. 11. Perhaps the longest-running adfor a Jewish Organization. This has unfortunately kept the domestic abuse hotline busyfor over 15 years whileserving as a major image campaign forfund raising and attracting State funding 12. 13. During the dark days of theIntifada ,these ads raised millions for Israel Emergency Solidarity Fund - which later became One Family 14. 15. 16. 17. Yeshiva College and Stern College for Women needed a highly sensitive recruitment brochure to attract newly observant students to their Mechina program It covers everything from students concerns that it wont be chilled enough to parents fears that getting religion means your childrenwont get a job 18. 19. A leading Israeli post high school Yeshiva found their recruitment efforts hampered by the lack of a unique message. Strategic research not only pinpointed their major strength, it identified a benefit which resonated well with High School seniors.This old vs. new website was part of a strategic campaign of viral videos, social marketing andrecruiter training. 20. Old website New website 21. This video positioned Mechinat Yeuds1 year old program in the crowded arena of Israeli post High School Yeshivot for boys To get heard, we bucked the trend offast-cut videos, promising everything to everyone. Opting instead to strategically focus on the stark differences betweenYeud and its competition.The story is delivered by one articulate student who is not afraid to tell it like it is. Watch this 58 second clip . 22. Click on the photo to play 23. These ads were the cornerstoneof the launch ofNefesh BNefeshin the US and Canada.They were accompanied by a video featuring the newtheme line:Live the Dreamand aVirtual Pilot Tripon the NBN website 24. 25. 26. further about what you are doing.Yoni Mozeson[email_address] 052-607-6981 US line- 718-838-1554 Strategic Marketing Targeting theJewish Community