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Marketing Postgraduate Taught Courses Jane Penrose Postgraduate Directions, Senior Partner Slide 2 Current Provision Qualifications awarded in Geography and Environmental Sciences (HESA) Slide 3 So what's new? Markets size, extent and balance Technology delivery and marketing Competition Student attitudes to choice and opportunity The customer service imperative Money pricing and funding An unpredictable buyers market? Slide 4 The route to success? Understanding your market Segmentation Exploring underexploited markets Effective marketing - the communication of value Sustained, excellent customer service Slide 5 Understanding your market What are you selling? What are they buying? Names content AND/OR market expectations AND/OR futures? findability? Pricing and funding the value/investment equation: recycling money Slide 6 Current Markets: Obvious Home and Overseas Current final year ugs Specific professional markets Subject/Department based marketing Slide 7 Current Markets: Underexploited CPD students Alumni (repeat business and influencers) Socrates/Erasmus/JYA Overseas already in the UK Marketing by segment Slide 8 Segmentation: a quick guide Current students age and stage? where from? who pays? other applications? aspirations? information routes? value points? entry qualifications? timing? Alumni What did they go on to? Decliners The wider context what else do they do? By course, by department, by institution Different courses, common markets? Slide 9 Segmentation: the results Information, not assumptions Comparison with stated purpose of course Major and minor markets: choices Customer preferences The basis for a marketing strategy/operational plan Slide 10 Effective marketing Using evidence to plan campaigns Show understanding of markets The so what? test benefits not features; what does unique really mean? Real life examples/success stories Integrated campaigns: emails, direct marketing, advertising (with care), events, print, blogs etc Their information needs, your priorities Be specific Slide 11 Effective marketing Market to segments, not by subject Imagination and lateral thinking Engagement: direct communication Calls to action, effective landing points, data Follow up and follow through keep them warm Measuring effectiveness Customer service and expectation management Strategic premium pricing and studentships the communication of value Slide 12 Questions? or contact me on Or 07739 457182