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  • Mark Lertvat (Speaker)Mike Jurney Andrew Levine Evan Davis

  • A system which maintains and organizes the administrative and financial aspects of high school clubs using a web interface.

    Users will be able to join clubs, view announcements and keep track of their events.

    Administrators will be able to grant funds, add/remove clubs and their members, and keep track of the available budget.

  • Josh Block - Math teacher and Faculty Advisor of the Horace Greeley High School student council. He is tasked with organizing and maintaining the rosters and budgets of all student council clubs.

  • The essential features of the system include the abilities toAdd/remove clubs Add/remove funds to/from clubs Track the total balance and balances for all clubs individually

    The final system will have many more features

  • The following features not already mentioned are not essential but are expected to be completed by the end of the semester

    Login Obviously password protected

    User Interface The content of the main page, although similar in style to all users, will display a unique set of tools depending on the level of access of the current user. The system SuperAdmins should have access to a broader range of tools and to more functionality within each tool than regular members, and within each club different user types - President, Treasurer, Officer, and Member should be able to perform different tasks. The user interface should present a user-specific selection of tools and tasks based on this information.Tools The system's functionality should be organized around a set of tools which will allow a logged-in user to perform tasks related to Finances, Club Management, Club Membership, and their Personal Information. These tools should provide only the functionality for which the user is authorized, and should not display tools for which the user has no authorization.Default View The default view, which should be presented to a logged-in user who is not currently working with any other tool, can present news, announcements or links to other club- or school-related resources.

  • Financial Tools The most important requirement of the Clubman system is that it manage and track requests for budget allocations and expenditure reimbursement. A tool must exist which allows the President or an Advisor for a club to request an increase in their club's budget. They must also be able to request that a reimbursement check be issued, and should be able to track the progress of these requests. This tool must also allow the SuperAdmin or Treasurer to approve or reject these budget and reimbursement requests. An overall budget for all clubs must be maintained, with debits and credits corresponding to budget allocations and reimbursement disbursements properly recorded.Request/Grant Budget Request/Approve Reimbursement Check Budget Summary Club Tools Add/Remove Clubs Membership Tools Add/Remove MembersModify Rank User Profile Tools List of Clubs Edit Personal InfoJoin Club

  • Server and Performance

    The system will run on a Linux-based server under the control of Josh Block. This server is being shared with other users, so the system should use as few resources as possible. The system should be able to handle 100 concurrent users of any type browsing at reasonable paces. The system should be able to handle at least 1500 registered students.

    Security and Privacy

    The most important security issue is protecting the database. This means that no user should be able to access, modify, or write any data without the proper permission. Privacy of club members is important. Name, username, and email should only be visible to those who have proper access, such as the SuperAdmin, or fellow club members. The School User Database

    We will be provided with a database of the username, name, and student ID number of every student in the school. We can request this from the school in any format that we want. This should be used to verify the identity of any student registering an account to make sure they attend the school

  • High School VandalsMay try to sabotage the websiteMay edit their personal info to display fake/vulgar email addresses

    We do not have much control over these issues, so we will probably not do anything about them.

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