Marius and Maria arrived from Romania to teach us Romanian dances

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p> Slide 2 Slide 3 Slide 4 Marius and Maria arrived from Romania to teach us Romanian dances Slide 5 The organization was perfect. If only I could remember the dances names. Slide 6 There was plenty of food The dancers met me whirling Slide 7 Dancers from Haifa, Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv &amp; Rehovot Slide 8 Couples dancing around the hall Slide 9 I still dont know why they position their hands thus Slide 10 The boys held their partners Slide 11 Reflection Slide 12 The onlookers know this dance from back home Hes not Romanian look at his shoes! Slide 13 They prefer to travel to Romania Slide 14 What beautiful Romanian boys and girls Slide 15 Marius group wonders which Israelis plan to join them Slide 16 He has a Romanian shirt Slide 17 Yehuda verifying that we dont skip over any dance Slide 18 Avinoam and Hava Nir, who invited the visitors and hosted them in their home Slide 19 She heard that its cold in Romania so shes knitting a blanket Slide 20 Hands intertwined Slide 21 What do the hands say? Slide 22 From both sides of the mirror Slide 23 Who can possibly remember how to hold hands in each dance? Slide 24 So the Romanians also change partners? Slide 25 And everybody enjoys this Slide 26 Is this a way to meet new partners? Slide 27 Or just to add a different flavor? Slide 28 My partner Clara wouldnt give me up They cant make their mind up Slide 29 Aviella presented the teachers with a gift Slide 30 Yehuda sang them a song in Romanian Slide 31 Not a crumb was left no wonder no one lost weight Slide 32 Smiles everyone! Slide 33 Finally a chance to relax Slide 34 We received no prizes So why dance? Slide 35 No medals Slide 36 Because dancing itself brings us happiness Slide 37 Keeps us young forever Slide 38 And that great togetherness feeling! Slide 39 There are those who prefer this kind of Sport Slide 40 Each on his own, but still together Slide 41 I left my house to come dancing when the sky was clear and the sea was blue When I returned it was foggy and windy - that took them out of their houses ! Slide 42 I can walk and learned to dance So they succeeded Photograph and edited Rachel Algom </p>