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  • EDUCATIONSage Graduate School 2014 M.A.T. in Art Education K-12 New York State Teaching Certification K-12University at Albany, SUNY 2004 B.A. in Studio Art concentration in Painting minor in English
  • SHOWS AND HIGHLIGHTSGraduated Magna Cum Lauda 2004Roanne Kullakoff Award for paintingGroup shows atThe Albany History and Art MuseumTrainstation GalleryEmack and BolioAlbany Underground GallerySolo shows atThe Moon and River CafUncommon GroundsEmack and Bolio
  • WHO I AM
  • RULES FOR CLASSKeep an open mindKeep responses positiveAlways give 100%Have fun
  • GOALS FOR CLASSExplore what Art isDevelop fine motor skillsDevelop tools and techniques for self expressionLearn about art and design concepts
  • I am for the art of scratchings in the asphalt, daubing at the walls. I am for the art of bending and kicking metal and breaking glass, pulling at things to make them fall down.I am for the art of punching and skinned knees and sat-on bananas. I am for the art of kids smells. I am for the art of mama-babble. Claes Oldenburg I am for the Art . . . 1961-1970
  • CONTACT 466-4998