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  • singular plural

    1st person I am we are

    2nd person you are you are

    3rd person he, she, it is they are

    What time is it? It is 8:30.

    It is noon.

    Qu hora es? Son las 8:30.

    Es el medioda.

    How was the weather? It was sunny.

    It was cold.

    Cmo era el tiempo? Era soleado.

    Haca fro.

    Ejemplo: preguntar la hora


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  • Numbers

    one hundred


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  • LindaI'am starving. Can We eat something?

    Me muero de hambre. Podemos comer algo?

    MirandaAs soon as we get to the hotel, you can order whatever you want from the hotel's restaurant.

    Tan pronto como lleguemos al hotel, puedes ordenar lo que quieras del restaurante del hotel.

    LindaI have a better idea. Let's go to the airport's coffee shop.

    Tengo una mejor idea. Vamos a la cafetera del aeropuerto.

    MirandaAre You out of your mind?. The food there is more expensive than in the city.

    Ests loca?. La comida de all es ms cara que en la ciudad.

    LindaI know that it's cheaper and more delicious in the city's restaurants, but I need to eat something or I will faint.

    Se que es ms barato y delicioso en los restaurantes de la ciudad, pero necesito comer algo o me desmayar

    MirandaAll right, I'll go with you but you have to pay.

    Esta bien, ir contigo pero tu invitas.

    LindaDon't worry. I work as hard as you do. I can pay.

    No te preocupes. Trabajo duro como para hacerlo. Yo pago


  • TomHey Max, Are you busy?

    Hola Max, Estas ocupado?

    TimNot really, why?

    No realmente, Por qu?


    I have to buy some things here in the supermarket.

    Can you come with me?

    Tengo que comprar algunas cosas aqu en el supermercado

    Puedes venir conmigo?

    TimOk, but we have to hurry because I have little time to help you

    Bien, pero tenemos que darnos prisa porque tengo poco tiempo para ayudarte

    TomFirst, I need some bread and some eggs

    Primero, Necesito algo de pan y huevos

    TimDo you want some potatoes?

    Quieres algunas patatas?

    TomNo, I don't want any potatoes. I'm trying to lose weight

    No, Yo no quiero nada de patatas. Estoy tratando de perder peso

    TimOh, come on! Potatoes are fantastic

    Oh, vamos! las patatas son fantsticas

    TomOk, but only a few

    Bien, pero solo un poco

    TimDo you like fish?

    Te gusta pescado?

    TomYes, I love fish. Please, get me some Ocean Perch

    Si, Me encanta. Por favor treme algunas Percas Marinas


    I'm afraid they don't have any Ocean Perch. What else do you need?

    Me temo que ellos no tienen ninguna Perca Marina.

    Qu otra cosa necesitas?

    TomI need some Salmon and a little sugar.

    Necesito un Salmn y un poco de azcar.


  • Horrible day, isn't it?

    Can you believe all of this snow we've been having?

    It looks like it's going to rain.

    It would be nice to be in Miami right now.

    I hear they're calling for tornadoes all week.

    We couldn't ask for a worst day, could we?

    How about this nice weather?

    Did you catch the news?

    Did you hear about that tornado?

    What do you think about this workers strike?

    I saw in the news today that the local radio is closing.

    I read on the paper today that they are finally going to explode the building around the new bridge.

    How about those Yankees? Do you think they're going to lose tonight?