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March 2013 Bulletin

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Congregation B'nai Israel's March 2013 Bulletin, Sylvania, OH

Text of March 2013 Bulletin

  • March 1-31, 2013 19 Adar-20 Nisan 5773

    Congregation Bnai Israel 6525 Sylvania Avenue

    Sylvania OH 43560 p. (419) 517-8400 f. (419) 517-8401

    A Congregation Affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

    146 Years of Consecrated Service to God, Torah

    Family Shabbat and Consecration Saturday, March 23, 2013

    All the joy of a regular Family Shabbat

    stories, activities, junior choir, friends, special kiddush, and more

    Plus a celebration of the sweetness of Jewish learning with our Kitah Alef students

    Consecration class:

    Andrew Davis son of Hope and Greg Davis Aidan Mahoney son of Stephanie and Joel Mahoney Sophia Skiles daughter of Erin Labbie and Jeremy Skiles Louis Abernathy son of Shani and Richard Abernathy

    Services start at 9:30 Festive Kiddush lunch to follow

    Sisterhood Shabbat

    Saturday, March 16, 2013, 9:30AM Services will be conducted entirely

    by our talented Sisterhood women Special Kiddush Luncheon following

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    Farewell, Transition and Renewal

    The departure of Rabbi Moshe and Meira Saks and their lovely family from our midst leaves a large void in our congregation, our community, and our hearts. As we bid them tsetchem lshalom, we wish them success in their new endeavor in Scranton, PA, and much nachas in anticipation of the upcoming marriage of their daughter Rena. On a personal note, Jan and I are deeply indebted to them for their menshlichkeit in welcoming us to this community where we have benefitted from an exemplary if short-lived Rabbi-Hazzan relationship which we will always cherish. We pray that their reception in Scranton will be as enthusiastic as we have experienced here. During this transition period, as currently under discussion by the board, I will be assuming some rabbinic responsibilities to the extent my already busy cantorial schedule permits. I am counting on your indulgence during this time, for as I assume some new duties, others may be dropped out of necessity on a priority basis. Now, as the person solely entrusted, albeit temporarily, with the spiritual welfare of our congregation, I wish to assure you that I will continue to bring the same sense of caring, compassion, and engagement that I have tried to apply in carrying out my cantorial duties. As a second generation Holocaust survivor, I was raised on the Aharonic dictum Love peace, pursue peace, love people and bring them closer to the Torah. (Ethics of the Fathers 1:12) The departure of our ever-reliable Julie Brunner from the maintenance and kitchen departments after many years of dedicated service adds another challenge. She too will be sorely missed and we wish her much success. But with the help of devoted staff, board and laity, I believe that together we shall emerge from this transition with vitality! There are many wonderful upcoming events and projects that I hope you will support, including Sisterhood Shabbat, Family Shabbat and Consecration, Mens Club Shabbat, Teen/Camp Shabbat, even a Bnai Israel trip to South Africa in November! In addition I hope to start an adult choir, train a gabbai group, and revive the vital Hessed Committee at the request of the Ritual Committee and support of our Board. As a firm believer in the daily minyan as a lifeblood of our shul, I attend every morning and some afternoons, though I teach in the afternoon. It is an urgent necessity to increase involvement so that we always have our daily minyan. With my day beginning before 7, the scheduling of many evening events, plus activities all weekend, puts a strain on clergys schedules for which your patience and understanding is needed if things take longer than youd like. This month I will be visiting my dear mother Miriam in Cape Town where we will honor her at a party for her milestone 90th birthday. I will also be firming up arrangements for our congregational trip to South Africa in November. On my return I look forward to greeting you at Pesach services beginning Tuesday March 26th at 9:30am, when we will celebrate the opportunity for renewal that Pesach presents with a special Rededication Ceremony and concluding with Yizkor on Tuesday April 2nd. Jan and our children Mayron, Ari and Hayley, and Jackie join me in wishing you all a chag Pesach kasher vsameach. Hazzan Ivor Lichterman


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    Monday, March 25 Erev Pesach

    Morning Service/Siyyum Bechorim ................ 7:00 a.m. Light Candles...7:30 p.m. No evening service

    Tuesday, March 26 First Day Pesach Morning Service.9:30 a.m. Light Candles...8:30 p.m. No evening service Wednesday, March 27 Second Day Pesach

    Morning Service.9:30 a.m. Mincha Afternoon Service 6:00 p.m.

    Thursday, March 28 Morning Service ............................................. 7:00 a.m. Evening Service ............................................. 5:45 p.m.

    Friday, March 29 Morning Service ............................................. 7:00 a.m. Evening Service ............................................. .6:00 p.m. Light Candles...7:30 p.m.

    Saturday, March 30

    Morning Service ............................................. 9:30 a.m. Mincha, Seudah Shlisheet, Maariv, Havdallah...7:45 p.m.

    Sunday, March 31

    Morning Service ............................................. 9:00 a.m. Evening Service6:00 p.m. Light Candles...7:30 p.m.

    Monday, April 1 Seventh Day Pesach Morning Service ............................................. 9:30 a.m. Evening Service..6:00 p.m. Light Candles ................................................. 8:30 p.m.

    Tuesday, April 2 Eighth Day Pesach

    Morning Service ............................................ .9:30 a.m. Yizkor.10:45 a.m. Mincha Service .............................................. ..6:00 p.m.

    Passover ends at 8:43 p.m.


    SIYYUM BECHORIMSIYYUM BECHORIM Fast of the First BornFast of the First Born

    Because the firstborn of the Israelites were saved from the tenth plague, tradionrequires thatallfirstborn Jewishmales fast fromErevPesachunl theSeder.The fast iscalledTaanitBechorim.However,thelawstatesthatwhenanyJewhearsthecompleonofa tractateof theRabbinicLiterature, it iscause tocelebrate. Suchacompleonwill takeplaceonMonday,March25th,at7:00a.m.atCongregaonBnaiIsrael.ItiscalledaSiyyumBechorim,andthosewhoparcipateareexempted fromthe fast.Allarewelcometothisservice;itisnotlimitedtothefirstborn.


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    Mehirat Hametz The Selling of Hametz Preparation for Passover The ceremony of removing leaven (bedikat Hametz) is to take place Sunday, March 24. Hametz may be eaten until 10:00 a.m. on Monday, March 25. The Passover home atmosphere is created each year by the traditional practice of thoroughly cleansing the home in all parts, and by the removal of hametz, or leaven, in preparation for the welcoming of Pesach, as well as throughout the Passover days, both at home and away. The term hametz is applied not only to foods, but also to the dishes and utensils in which the foods are prepared or served during the year. Any manner of hametz (leavened food or utensils) owned by a Jew during the Passover holiday is forbidden to use forever. Since conditions make it impossible to literally fulfill the Biblical command to destroy all leavened products, our sages instituted a practice called Mehirat Hametz, the selling of hametz, so the Torahs command would not be completely ignored. Jews are reminded of the necessity to divest themselves of ownership of hametz and make their home ritually ready.

    The sale of hametz is conducted between a representative of the community (the synagogue) and a non-Jew. After Passover the hametz is repurchased by the Jewish community. If you would like Cantor Lichterman to sell your hametz please fill out the form and return it to the synagogue office not later than Friday, March 22, immediately following morning minyan. Dont Sell All your Hametz! When cleaning out our cupboard and pantry in preparation for Pesach consider donating unopened packages of hametz and canned goods to a food pantry. Items such as crackers, rice, cookies, lentils, tuna, and peanut butter will be gratefully accepted by these organizations and passed on to those whose cupboards are empty. Let those who are hungry this Passover season share in your celebration by receiving food that you might otherwise sell. Food can be brought to the synagogue where a receptacle will be clearly marked..

    Authorization for Sale of Hametz

    I, the undersigned, fully empower and permit Hazzan Ivor Lichterman to act in my behalf to sell all hametz possessed by me knowingly or unknowingly as defined by Torah and rabbinic law, and to lease all places wherein hametz owned may be found. This transaction will be in effect for the duration of Pesach. Must be in the office by Friday March 22, 2013. And to this I hereby affix my signature on this _________ day of ____________, in the year 2013.

    Signature __________________________________________ Telephone _______________________

    Address ___________________________________________ City _____________________ State ________ My check is enclosed to the Cantors Discretionary Fund in the amount of $___________________.

    If you would like a copy of this years Rabbinical Assembly Pesah Guide please use this link. If you would like a hard copy please come into the office and one can be provided for you. If you would like to view wonderful material for use at your Seder, please look at the following website:

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    February was a short but extremely busy month. We had the pleasure of joining the Mens Club in our first World Wide Wrap program. The 4th-6th graders proudly utilized their tefillin which they built and decorated during Religious School. The school joined together to wrap and roll and learn about the mitzvah of tefillin. The annual Jewish Disabilities Awareness month event was an incredible experience for all who participated. Grades 2-5th learned about bullying from Bill Geha, co-director of Americas Pride and Intervention and Prevention Coordinator for Sylvania Schools. Americas Pride, a nationally acclaimed drug prevention and character building group, also performed and had breakout sessions with our students. The 6th-10th graders had the very special opportunity to hear speaker, writer, author, Jeff Alt teach about Life Lessons: Growing up with a Brother with Disabilities. The month concluded with the Purim awesome Purimspiel, Megillah reading and Purim Carnival. We are looking forward to consecration on March 23rd during our Family Shabbat Service. We hope to see there. March 3- RS Mar 17- RS Mar 6-RS Mar 20- RS Mar 10-RS Mar 23- Family Shabbat and Consecration Mar 13 RS Mar 24- Model Seder- grades 2-7th

    Kim Brody, Religious School Principal

    Ian Wise showing off his home made tefflin.

    Greg & Marty Davis wrapping their tefillin.

    Carolyn Glasser & Ella Wilson

    Jewish Disabilities awareness program

  • 6


    March 6: no lounge night March 13: Israel Clue

    March 15-17 Senior retreat March 24: Card loading lunch 12:00 p.m. $15

    March 27: no lounge night, Passover For more information contact [email protected]

    Dear Congregants, Thank you to all of those who donated to the Tea Party Fundraiser for USY. We really appreciate your support. There is still time to donate for those of you who havent yet! Thank you very much and enjoy your tea, Shayna Zack & Zoe Yaffe USY Co-Presidents

    Zoe Yaffe & Dahlia Zack getting ready for the


    Ben Yaffe getting a little

    wet at the Purim carnival

    On behalf of the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees, I would like to wish Rabbi Saks the best of luck in his new position in Scranton. In addition, we wish our long-serving building supervisor, Julie Brunner, good luck with her move to Indiana. And we all should go out of our way to welcome Thor Jones, who is taking over for Julie and her many responsibilities. Be sure to say hello to him when you see him. As you all know, there have been many changes, and change can be scary. But with change comes excitement and innovation, reconsideration and creation. First, the Rabbi Search Committee has been evaluating candidates, looking with careful deliberation and thoughtfulness. At this time, the committee has chosen not to invite to Toledo any of the 11 candidates already received. We are exploring with the Rabbinical Assembly our options, which include looking at more varied candidates and considering an interim placement. Second, the staff and the Executive Committee are working with Hazzan Lichterman to ensure that all congregational needs, from simchas to funerals, from teaching to inspiration. The Hazzan has been a positive and willing partner in finding creative ways to meets the demands of everyone at CBI. We at Congregation Bnai Israel have so much to be proud of our warm, welcoming community, our commitment to Conservative Judaism, our devotion to K'lal Yisrael and it is times like these that we should all take the time to acknowledge our special strengths. I, the Executive Committee, and the Board of Trustees are looking forward to the future.

    Meira Zucker

    Presidents Corner

  • 7




    Passover Books & Toys Matzah Boxes Kiddush Cups Haggadahs

    Matzah Covers Matzah Ball Salt & Pepper Sets & Spreaders Horseradish & Salt Water Sets Ten Plague Bags & Ten Plague Puppets

    HOURS: Wednesdays 10am 3pm Sundays 9:30am-noon

    If you need to shop at another time, call the office, (419) 517-8400

    Gift Shop Committee: Phyllis Diamond, Cindy Palmer, Roanne Katzman Gift Shop Treasurer: Lexi Schlicting


    Please join us for a lively discussion of the books carefully chosen by our co-ordinators, Sharon Rappaport, Sharon Stein and Cathy Sperling. Coffee and kibbutz are also provided. All book club meetings are held in

    the CBI Library 11:00 a.m.- 12:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. at the home of Sharon Rappaport. We look forward to seeing you!

    Tuesday, April 9 My Russian Grandmother and her American Vacuum

    Cleaner, by Meir Shalev

    Tuesday, May 21 The Tenth Song, by Naomi Ragen

    The 10th Song has been changed from Aug. 27th. at the request of the members

    Tuesday, August 27 Day After Night, by Anita Diamont

    Special Book Club meeting Thursday, June 20

    Joint meeting with Temple Shomer Emunim to be held at noon at Charlies on Central and Sequoia.

    Once We Were Brothers, by Ronald H. Balson

  • 8

    Special Birthdays

    Special Anniversaries


    Feb. 9 Yaakov & Eliana Jiang in honor of their conversion Feb. 23 Inge Horowitz in honor of Rabbi Moshe & Meira Saks and family Mar. 2 Bill & Luann Garber in honor of the anniversary of Bills Bar Mitzvah Todah Rabah Hope Davis & Dara Musher-Eizenman for Tot Shabbat

    SOAP Synagogue Organized Afternoon Program

    NO SOAP in March

    SOAP will resume in April

    We would like to welcome to the Bnai Israel Staff

    Rhoda Miller-Synagogue Outreach Coordinator Thor Jones Maintenance

    Ellen Federman 3/14 William Garber 3/2 Jerold Gold 3/27 Susan Kale 3/15 Lucas Podolsky 3/26 Rita Malkin 3/23 Alan Mintz 3/20 Chuck Traugott 3/24 Sydney Walkin 3/4 Ellie Williams 3/20 Jennifer Wise 3/18 Sherrie Zaft 3/25 David Zucker 3/28

    30 Years Bruce & Sheila Post 3/17 25 years Jeff & Alison Sherman 3/26 David & Meira Zucker 3/27 10 years Daniel Rapport & Judy Leb 3/5


    2013 Cemetery Closings

    Monday, March 25 Close 4:00 p.m. Erev of Passover Tuesday, March 26 Closed Passover Wednesday, March 27 Closed Passover Sunday, March 31 Close 4:00 p.m. Passover Monday, April 1 Closed Passover Tuesday, April 2 Closed Passover Close Friday at 4:00 p.m. and all day Saturday for Shabbat. NOTE: Purim & Chanukah, holidays with special ser-vices & rites, do not require cessation from daily routines.

  • 9

    We owe a deep debt of gratitude to Deena, Sophie & Meira Zucker ( 3Z productions) who co-wrote Gagamegillah & to Irina Zaurov our fabulous director.

    Special thank you to Paul Causman for the beautiful program

    Director Irina Zaurov Assistant Director Deena Zucker Stage Manager Kyle Schwartz Script by 3Z Productions Produced by Congregation Bnai Israel and 3Z Productions Costumes by Abby Schwartz and Irina Zaurov CAST: Fagie Benstein, Emmie Brody, Paul Causman, Adam Davis, Andy Davis, Greg Davis, Phyllis Diamond, Lila Goldman, Lauren Kohler, Eric Lauber, Hazzan Ivor Lichterman, Jonah Musher-Eizenman, Margaret Roberts, Rabbi Moshe Saks, Abby Schwartz, Kyle Schwartz, Ella Wilson, Deena Zucker, Meira Zucker Special thanks to: Bob Rae, musical director extraordinaire The band: Bob Rae, piano; David Petitjean, guitar; Austin Villarreal, percussion. Hazzan Lichterman, sheet music forager Hope Davis videographer.

    Photos from our magnificent Gagamegillah.


  • 10

    An Open Invitation to Congregants and Community Members: Be Part of The Conversation of the Century From the incomparable Rabbi Harold Kushner to the inspiring young teacher Rabbi Adam Greenwald, this October, Jews from all over will flock to a historic gathering in Baltimore, Maryland. There will be a Shabbaton filled with meaningful prayer, learning with celebrated scholars, workshops with visionary leaders, and performances by cutting-edge artists. The event is a once in a century opportunity to talk over the biggest questions on your mind about inspiring Jewish meaning in your own life and in the lives of your family and community. It's called the Conversation of the Century, hosted by the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism to mark its 100th anniversary, and the entire Jewish community is invited. You can come to any part or all of the event. On October 11-12, there will be a joyous Shabbaton, with renowned prayer leaders and exceptional scholars. On October 13-15, the days will be packed with stellar speakers, great performances and of course, extraordinary conservations. You'll bring home inspiration and ideas, new approaches to Jewish living, and new ways of creating a kehilla kedosha, a sacred community. Find continually updated information about speakers and programs, and registration details, at And make sure to join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.

    Announcing Bnai Israel 13 day trip to South Africa, hosted by Hazzan Lichterman. Departing November 6th 2013. For more information contact

    Cantor Lichterman at 419-517-8400 or [email protected] or Lee Kwait at 419-841-6871.

  • Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo Upcoming Events

    RSVP to 419-724-0354or [email protected]

    The Senior Adult Programs of the Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo are supported in part through your campaign dollars and through a generous grant from the Jewish Senior Services Supporting Organization. All events are part of the Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo and occasionally take place at the various synagogues. Please note registration deadlines for all programs! To register for a Jewish Federation Senior Program, please call 419-724-0354 or email [email protected]

    To register for a Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo senior program, please call 419-724-0354 or email

    [email protected]

    Special Notice:Please note that our trips are open to all seniors and

    reservations and payment are due at the time of the request to hold your space. We will accept reservations on a first-come basis since space is limited. A waitlist will be formed as needed. No confirmations will be mailed; your credit card charge or cancelled check will serve as your confirmation. Please fill out an Emergency Contact Form if you will be traveling with us for the first time.

    For questions about a program, please contact Ren Rusgo at 419-724-0365 or [email protected] or Mary Lou Whittaker at 419-531-2119 or [email protected] Please note registration deadlines for all programs. To register for a program, please call 419-724-0354 or email [email protected]

    Wednesday, March 6Hooray for Hollywood 1 p.m. depart the Federation Campus, 6465 Sylvania Ave.(2 p.m. at Stranahan Theater)$20 per person includes transportation and ticket

    Its the all singing, all danc-ing Movie Musical Hooray for Hollywood -featuring the most famous song and dance moments of the last 50 years of movie history - RECREATED LIVE ON STAGE AT THE STRANAHAN THEATRE!Payment is required at time of registration. Registration is required by Friday, February 22.

    Thursday, March 14A Taste of Passover1 p.m. at Congregation Bnai Israel, 6525 Sylvania Ave.$5 per person

    Join us for an untraditional Seder. Instead of flipping page by page in the Haggadah we will jump around, learn about new traditions, try new flavors that represent all the various regions

    of the world and so much more!Payment is required at time of registration. Registration is required by Friday, March 1.

    Thursday, April 25Six-Word Memoirs on Jewish Life by Larry Smith, founder of Smith MagazineNoon at Congregation Bnai Israel, 6525 Sylvania Ave.$5 per person, includes lunch and book

    Jewish Senior Services, Jew-ish Family Service Senior Adult Center and the Department of Jewish Programs are pleased to present Six-Word Memoirs on Jewish Life.

    LARRY SMITH is the founder and editor of SMITH Magazine. Anticipating the mi-croblogging explosion, SMITH launched the Six-Word Memoir project in November 2006 in partnership with Twitter with a simple online challenge asking: Can you tell your life story in six words?Payment is required at time of registration. Registration is required by Monday, April 15.



    Live from NYs 92nd Street Y uses satellite technology to simultaneously broadcast 92Ys renowned educational and cultural

    programming to community organizations across America.

    Joy Behar with Judy GoldTuesday, March 12 at 7 p.m. Temple Shomer Emunim, 6453 Sylvania AveLive broadcast begins at 7:30 p.m.Wine & cheese reception

    Registration required by Monday, March 4 to 419-724-0354 or [email protected]

    All families with young children are invited to join us for a handson celebration of Passover! We will learn about the plagues, sing a few silly songs, make our own Bdikat Chametz kits and do so much more! Dress for a mess!

    For questions about this event, please contact Ren Rusgo at 419-724-0365 or [email protected]

    Supported by PJ Library, the Gary and Andrea Delman Family Foundation and the Department of Jewish Programs.

    Tuesday, March 124:30 5:45 p.m.Romanoff Patio & Leonard LoungeJewish Federation Campus6465 Sylvania Avenue

    FREE: Please bring paper products to benefit the Jewish Family Service Food Bank in lieu of a fee.

    Registration is required by Monday, March 4 to [email protected] or419-724-0354 to ensure we have enough supplies!

    Passover In A Box

    You are cordially invited to join us for the second event in our series of live broadcasts.

    The Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo gratefully acknowledges Ruth and Ralph Delman for sponsoring the 92Y Series in Toledo. This program is a cooperative

    effort of JFGT, JFGT Department of Jewish Programs and Temple Shomer Emunim. Special thanks to Grand Lubell Photography and Beautiful Blooms by Jen.

    Super Sunday is March 17 beginning at 10am!

    Please answer the call for Campaign 2013: filling the needs in our community at home, abroad and in Israel.

  • 12


    In Memory of JAMES LEVISON Ronald Lowden


    FRANCES SWOLSKY, Beloved mother Elaine Aubin Jeff & Sherry Phillips

    In Appreciation of

    CATHY SPERLING The Crafty Ladies **


    In Memory of

    JAMES LEVISON Jim & Diane Perlman

    Yahrzeit JULIUS BOXENBAUM Helen Boxenbaum ** HARRY D. CHABLER Allan & Ellen Chabler ** LOUIS LIPSZYC Jacob Lipszyc *** IDA RUBIN, Mother Merv & Marlene Russell

    In Honor of

    JUDY ERD, Grandsons Bar Mitzvah Clara Rona LEON WILLIAMS, Birthday Marty & Beth Kaback ***


    In Memory of

    MIRIAM LEEPER-KENDE Phil & JoJo Markowicz ** JAMES LEVISON Stuart & Kim Brody Lee & Gail Kwait **


    ROSE LEVISON Lee & Gail Kwait ** HARRY ROSENBLATT Marian Tarschis IDA RUBIN, Grandmother Corey Russell



    WILFRED WILLIAMS Frieda Williams **

    In Honor of MARIAN GOLDNER, Special birthday Janet Rogolsky




    In Memory of

    KATHERINE SHENOFSKY Marty & Harriet Davis


    Yahrzeit WILFRED WILLIAMS Paula Creed ***



    IDA SALZMAN Bill & Eva Touran


    In Memory of

    JAMES LEVISON Ronald Goldman Jeff & Diane Goldstein Steve & Susan Moskowitz

    In Appreciation of HAZZAN IVOR LICHTERMAN, Mishaberach prayers Lou & Diane Steingroot ***


    In Honor of

    RON & WANDA WACHSMAN, Marriage Howard & Karen Rosenbaum



    MASHA WEISSFELD, Beloved mother The Weissfeld Family



    SANDER SIMON, Beloved father Bernice Katz & Shirley Yaffe



    SAM GALLIS, Beloved father, grandfather & great grandfather

    Sondra Gallis & Family

    ABE SMITH, Beloved father & papa Sondra Gallis & Family



    Regular Contributions are $10.00

    Please note: More generous contributions will be indicated in the following ways:

    * denotes Bnai Mitzvah-$13.00 ** denotes Chai-$18.00

    *** denotes Silver-$25.00 A box denotes Gold-$50.00

    A bold box denotes Platinum-$100.00

    Shabbat Prayer Book $65.00 Etz Hayim $100.00 Tree of Life Leaf $100.00 Tree of Life Stone $1000.00 Memorial Plaque $500.00 Kiddush Lunch $250.00

    %"9 %$&; Contributions for March

  • 13

    In Memory of ELAINE APPLEBAUM Nancy Katz



    RABBI MORRIS ADLER Eli Benstein *** DORIS GOLDBERG Stu & JoJo Goldberg

    BEATRICE KAPLAN, Mother Chuck & Sharon Schwartz & Family * SHIRLEY SATTLER Andrew Sattler **

    In Memory of

    JAMES LEVISON Ira & Kathy Levison *** Ron & Debbie Melser ** Harry Schulman SHELDON RUBIN Joe Shugarman DR. DONALD STEINBERG Arlynne Gold **

    In Honor of

    HARRY NISTEL, Special birthday Larry & Phyllis Levey **


    In Memory of

    SHELDON RUBIN Inge Horowitz

    Good Health Tribute

    SUSAN ZANVILLE Michael & Lois Burke * WENDY GOLDSTEIN Inge Horowitz

    In Honor of

    BLAIR GRUBB & BARBARA STRAUS, Special anniversary Chuck & Fran Weinblatt RON & WANDA WACHSMAN, Marriage Inge Horowitz **




    HARRY LEVISON, Beloved father Alfred Levison ** ROSE LEVISON The Ira Levison Family ** CHARLES LIBER Elsie Liber ** IRIS MILLER Rhoda Miller & Family * SOL WEXLER Rhoda Miller & Family *

    In Memory of

    MIRIAM LEEPER KENDE Mona Abraham & Marvin Abraham Jerry & Arlene Russell Chuck & Sandy Traugott JAMES LEVISON Mona Abraham & Marvin Abraham Jerry & Arlene Russell Bert & Debbie Spangenthal Chuck & Sandy Traugott

    In Honor of

    RON & WANDA WACHSMAN, Marriage Chuck & Fran Weinblatt



    ARTHUR BERKOWITZ Kathryn Linver **

    In Memory of JAMES LEVISON Kathryn Linver

    In Honor of

    RON & WANDA WACHSMAN, Marriage Dick & Alix Greenblatt



    SHELDON RUBIN Mike & Yael Liber **

    In Memory of MIRIAM LEEPER-KENDE Hazzan Jamie Gloth & Bina Carr Harvey & Edna Rosen

    In Honor of

    RON & WANDA WACHMAN, Marriage Sharon Rappaport



    MORRIS GERSZ Judith Gersz & Family




    Phyllis Diamond ...531-5005 Ruth Sitzmann ..........................843-7718 Marilyn Reinstein ....882-8757

    In Memory of JAMES LEVISON Mervyn & Marlene Russell David Diamond, MD Phyllis Diamond Bill & Helene Sherman

    In Honor of

    YAAKOV & ELIANA JIANG, Conversion Evelyn Auslander MARILYN STEINBERG, Special birthday Belle Swartz

    MANUEL GOLDMAN David & Lila Goldman


    RON & WANDA WACHSMAN, Marriage Eli & Fagie Benstein

    Want to make a difference? Become a board member! If you or someone you know is interested in serving on the Bnai Israel Board please contact Kandee at [email protected] or Rhoda at [email protected]

  • 14

    In Memoriam

    The synagogue family mourns the loss of its member:


    We extend condolences to our members who mourn the loss of a loved one:

    March 1 Adar 19.. Rabbi Morris Adler, Ralph Harris, Erwin Hoffman, Sofya Kurman, Monroe Marcus, Theodore Resnick, Claire Schall March 2 Adar 20.. Max Hersh, Jean Liber, Usher Markowicz, Oscar Soldinger March 3 Adar 21.. Fannie Benjamin, Isador Berkowitz, Jennie Bloom, Albert Burg, Jacob Cohn, Margaret Goodman, Manuel Tarschis, Joe Nemo Wexler March 4 Adar 22.. Dora Dalesman Marion Manoff, Arnold Sells March 5 Adar 23.. Rose Arnovitz, Julius Boxenbaum, Celia Harris, Mollie Jaffee, Rose Scheer, Hazel Stahl March 6 Adar 24..Sadie Aiduss, Ruth Berenson, Anna Friedmar, Doris Goldberg, Sam Levison, Diane Markowicz, Helen Wilk March 7 Adar 25.. Sam Goodleman, Leland Rubenstein, Mollie Siegel March 8 Adar 26.. Sarah Cohen, Lillian Moss, Ida Rabinowitz, Harmon Rusgo, Maurice Shuer, Bertha Toplin March 9 Adar 27.. Richard Friedmar, Sam Goodman, Ralph Kwait, William Schuller March 10 Adar 28.. David Botsch, Leo Lesky, Ben Levine, Lottie Sattinger, Bernard Schulak, Selma Shore, Phillip Smullin, Jack Worshtil March 11 Adar 29.. Sophie Beilowitz, Irwin Fruchtman, Thelma Heines, Jennie Herscovitz, Gerald Singer, Alvin Weinstein March 12 Nisan 1..Arthur Berkowitz, Lawrence Berman, Sadie Greenspoon, Anne Kalmanson, Ruth Smith, Ruth Walker, Evelyn Zohn March 13 Nisan 2..Jacob Braveman, Clara Shuer March 14 Nisan 3.. March 15 Nisan 4...Marvin Yaffe

    March 16 Nisan 5.. Ruth Dorf, Samuel Friedman, Bernard Green, Joanne Guttman, Phillip Katz, Harry Lasky, Anna Levitin, Jennie Lieberman, Saul Zimbler March 17 Nisan 6.. Iris Miller, Julian Roberts March 18 Nisan 7.. Julius Hess, Blossom Jacoby, Harry Liebes, Samuel Parnes, Edward Waldman March 19Nisan 8...Rose Blumberg, Golda Gelzina, Edward Meyer, Yakov Tenzer March 20- Nisan 9..Samuel Cohen, Ervin Epstein, Norton Goldstein, Murray Kerper, Isadore Schuller March 20 Nisan 10..Dorothy Dorf, Leonard Gallis, Ida Garfinkel, Minnie Hersh, Zelick Simon March 22 Nisan 11..David Eisen, Harry Shoffer March 23 Nisan 12.. Jessie Becker, Helen Cohen, Leo Hoffman, Clara Sherman, Milton Tarloff March 24 Nisan 13.. Tonia Helberg, Helen Hersh, Dora Rubin March 25 Nisan 14.. Eileen Burg, Sam Friedmar, Jonas Hacker, Lillian Kaminsky March 26 Nisan 15..Esther Bracker, Martha Friedman, Abramham Kanter, Rose Shore, Max Vinson March 27 Nisan 16.. Mark Edelstein, Peter Phillips, Seymour Swartz March 28 Nisan 17..Isaac Gudelman, Beryl Harris, David Klapfish, Sol Wexler March 29 Nisan 18.. Albert Agron, Helen Danziger, Murray Friedman, David Lieberman, Vivian Reinstein March 30 Nisan 19.. Samuel Korman, Goldie Landskroner, Becke Mann, Mary Shulman, Bert Walkin, Henry Weinstein March 31 Nisan 20.. Joseph Fraidenraich, Anna Negrin, Mathews Negrin, Moisses Negrin, Sophia Negrin


    Memorial plaques will be dedicated on Yizkor during April 2, 2013


    SAVE THE DATE March 26 & 27 the office will be closed for Passover April 1 & 2 the office will be closed for the conclusion of Passover April 6 Tot Shabbat May 5 Mens Club Shabbat May 11 Family Shabbat The rummage sale is June 2-4. Start saving your treasures now!

  • 15

    Daily services

    Sundays: 9:00 A

    M M

    on.-Thurs: 7:00 A

    M, 5:45 PM

    Friday: 7:00 A

    M, 6:00 PM


    9:30 AM

    , see schedule PM









    Y W









    Y SA









    Convention in


    5:00 p.m. service

    6:06 light candles

    Ian Mahoney B

    ar M

    itzvah US

    Y C

    onvention in D

    ayton P

    arsha Ki Tisa

    6:00 p.m. service

    7:08 Shabbat ends








    Religious school


    Y C

    onvention 10:00 a.m

    . 150th anniversary com


    1:30 p.m. K


    6:00 p.m. service

    6:15 light candles

    Parsha Vayakhel/

    Pekude 6:00 p.m

    . service 7:16 S

    habbat ends








    Religious school

    Change clocks


    1:30 p.m. K


    7:00 p.m

    . U


    Lounge night 1:00 p.m

    . Federation A

    taste of P



    Y senior retreat

    in Cincinnati

    6:00 p.m. service

    7:23 light candles




    Y senior retreat

    Parsha V

    ayikra 7:15 p.m

    . service 8:24 S

    habbat ends








    Religious school


    senior retreat in C


    1:30 p.m. K


    1:00 p.m

    . SO


    7:00 p.m

    . U


    Lounge night

    Exec. C

    om. 6:30

    Board m

    tg. 7:30 p.m


    6:00 p.m. service

    7:30 light candles


    Family S

    habbat Parsha Tzav 7:15 p.m

    . service 8:32 S

    habbat ends








    Religious school

    Model S

    eder Lipszyc w


    No K










    Y PESA



    E CLO


    6:00 p.m

    . service 7:38 light candles

    Parsha Chol


    oed 7:30 p.m

    . service 8:89 S

    habbat ends 31


    O R

    eligious school

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    CONGREGATION BNAI ISRAEL BULLETIN 6525 Sylvania Ave Sylvania OH 43560 Address Service Requested

    Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage

    PAID Sylvania, OH Permit No. 42


    STAFF Ivor Lichterman...Hazzan

    [email protected] Kandee Storm ......................... Office Manager

    [email protected] Kim Brody ............... Religious School Principal

    [email protected] Lou Steingroot...Bookkeeper Rhoda Miller..Community outreach coordinator [email protected] Fagie Benstein/Sharon Rappaport ..Co ...Sisterhood Presidents David Zack....Mens Club Presiden Hillary Budd..Youth Advisor Zoe Yaffe/Shayna Zack.USY Presidents


    President ........................................ Meira Zucker Vice President ...... Hope Davis, Ellen Federman, Debbie Spangenthal Secretary ..................................... Alix Greenblatt Treasurer ................................... Ron Wachsman


    Eli Abramson, Jeannette Bernstein, Jill Kripke, Faylayn Liber, Rhoda Miller, Dara Musher-Eizenman, Michael Portnoy, Bruce Post, Arnold Remer, Fran Weinblatt

    The cost of sponsoring a Kiddush is: Standard Kiddush - $250.00; or Standard plus kugel - $275.00; or Standard plus kugel and lox - $325.00. This cost is based on the regular 50-70 Shabbat attendees. The cost includes paper goods and plastic linens. Please let us know if you anticipate more than the regular 50-70 Shabbat attendees as that will also impact the cost. Your name will also appear in the weekly Torah Guide as the sponsor of the kiddush and will be highlighted in the monthly congregational bulletin. You may also decide instead to host a kiddush luncheon. In order to host a luncheon, you must hire an approved caterer and contract directly with the caterer to prepare and provide the food. When using a caterer, there is a $100 charge to use the kitchen from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. each day that it is used by the caterer, and $100 charge during each evening after 5 pm. If you would like to have the tables set, we can set the tables and you would be charged hourly for the time. Alternatively, if you wish to have tables set, and you have the time and wish to do so, you may set the tables yourself. If you would like linens, you can call and contract directly from Merideth (419-531-9977). The shul will order linens for you from Morgan (419-243-2214) only if you have the precise number of linens required three weeks before your event. You may choose to hire waitstaff; the caterer must arrange this for you. Also, if you wish to use dishes, there will be an additional hourly charge for a dishwasher. Again, your name will also appear in the weekly Torah Guide as the host of the kiddush and will be highlighted in the monthly congregational bulletin. The information here is a general guideline. If you do wish to sponsor or host the Kiddush please let Kandee know, and we will generate an estimated invoice for the shul's cost. As always, we very much appreciate your support of the shul.

    Interested in Sponsoring a Kiddush?