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March 17th Bulletin

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EGCC Church Bulletin

Text of March 17th Bulletin

  • EGCC

    March 17, 2013 Worship at 10:30am Sunday School at 9:00am

    (All ages)

  • GodGodGodGod

    * Please feel free to stand or be seated during the singing

    ** Junior Church is for children in grades pre-K - 4th grade in the Education wing. Age appropriate lessons, activities & snacks are provided.

    (Children are dismissed for Jr. Church )

    Requests for a recording of today's service may be made imme-diately following the service at the media booth. The recordings can be picked up one week from the date of request at the booth.

    Podcasts of recent sermons are available on our website!


    March 17, 2013


    Welcome & Ministry Opportunities (Nate Caldwell)

    Hymn of Preparation




    Offering/Offertory (Worship Choir)

    Call to Worship

    Morning Prayer

    Message (Pastor Cliff)

    Scripture Reading (Michelle Kraines)

    Songs of Praise & Worship

    Closing Hymn

    Hymn of Praise

    Opening Prayer (Robb Marshall)

  • We invite your infants and toddlers to our nurseries where there is a

    competent staff waiting to care for them during the service.

    This Week (3/17):

    Crib: Julie Harrison Crib: 10:30 - Cindy Marshall, Haleigh Sweet, Mikayla Briaddy Toddlers: 10:30 - Debbie Resue, Kristina Mills

    Next Week (3 /24): Crib: Michele Kraines Crib: 10:30 - Rachel King, Betsy Gideon, Alise Dowling Toddlers: 10:30 - Kim Switts, Jason Perregaux

    We welcome you to our worship service this morning and pray that you will be blessed in the presence of the Lord Jesus.

    It is our desire to glorify God as a community of Christ followers who love God, love people, and make disciples because Jesus is the way,

    the truth and the life.

    If you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus or have ques-tions about your faith, please feel free to speak with Pastor Cliff, Pastor Phil or one of the Elders.

    Communication Cards ~ please feel free to use these cards to ask for prayer or to update information.

    If you are a visitor, we would like to have a record of your visit. Cards may be placed in the offering plate or given to an usher on your way out of the sanctuary.

    Mark Your Calendars!

    March 17 4:30pm Roller Skating at Rollarama

    March 18 6:45pm Lose it for Life

    March 19 7:00pm Elder Meeting

    March 20 6:00pm Wednesday Night Program

    March 24 Palm Sunday

    Care Group Meetings

    March 25 7:00pm Camp Turf Training

    March 27 6:00pm Wednesday Night Program

    March 28 7:00pm Maundy Thursday Service

    No Youth Basketball

    March 29 Good Friday

  • Consider helping us decorate our sanctuary for Easter with the donation of a Easter flower or two in memory or honor of someone dear to you. The money received will be used to

    purchase live Easter flowers (hydrangeas or lilies) The cost of the flower is $23.

    Place your donation in a flower envelope found in the pew racks, then put it in the offering plate or

    bring/send it to the church office no later than March 24th.

    A listing of those remembered and by whom will be included in the church bulletin.

    If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Kelly

    Easter Flowers

    Easter Collection/Schenectady City Mission

    The Schenectady City Mission will be hosting their annual Easter Din-

    ner. This year, the Mission would like to send their dining guests

    away with a few toiletry items. We would like to show our love to

    these families by helping with this effort. Heres a list of items we

    will be collecting, in order of importance: Shampoo, Conditioner,

    Deodorant, Razors, Toothpaste, Little packs of tissue, Soap,


    Please bring your items to the Giving Chest located

    in the Hall of Missions NO LATER than Wednesday

    March 27th. Thank you!

    Community Outreach CollectionCommunity Outreach CollectionCommunity Outreach CollectionCommunity Outreach Collection

    During the month of March, the Community out-reach team will be supporting a program called

    Healthy Schenectady families. We will be collect-ing books such as ABCs, Good night Moon, The Little Engine that Could etc. For a complete list of

    books, please visit the board above the Giving Chest in Hall of Missions. As always, we thank you for your support of our commu-nity. We look forward to expressing our Love for the family by providing them with a number of new books!

  • Easter ChoirEaster ChoirEaster ChoirEaster Choir

    The Choir is looking for singers who would like to join them for two special

    Easter anthems on March 31. One will be 'The Messiah Medley' from our

    2008 Christmas Musical. If you are interested in singing please contact

    Sandie @ [email protected]

    Palm Sunday Worship March 24, 10:30 am

    Maundy Thursday Communion Service March 28, 7:00 pm

    Easter Sonrise Service - Lakeridge Farm March 31, 6:30 am

    (Breakfast to follow - at EGCC at 7:30am)

    Easter Worship Celebration March 31, 10:30 am

    6:30 a.m. at Lakeridge Farm

    Reminder - bring chairs & blankets. If it is raining, the Sunrise Service will be moved to our Sanctuary. If in doubt, drive to Lakeridge Farm 1st. Any questions the morning of, please call Nate at 1-417-593-6536. Join us for breakfast following the service back at EGCC at 7:30am..

  • Lose It For Life is not about dieting. Its not about

    exercising. There are no quick fixes, magic diets, or

    promises of a thin body. Losing the weight and

    keeping it off may have more to do with changing

    what youre thinking and feeling at any given mo-

    ment than what youre eating or whether youre in a regular exercise

    program. Lose It For Life is about creating a lifestyle of permanent

    weight management that emphasizes the whole you: your spirit,

    mind, body and emotions. Come join us on Monday, March 18th

    at 6:45pm - No cost!

    Weekly Finance Report:

    Weekly Budget: $8,073

    Tithes & Offerings: $6148

    The Pastoral Search Committee thanks the congrega-tion for their ongoing prayers on our behalf. We have received 72 applications and are signifi-cantly reducing this field through detailed review of resumes, sermons and statements of belief. We will

    be increasing our communications with remaining candidates in the near future as we continually seek Gods will for our church.

  • A Membership Class will begin on April 7th and run for 9 weeks. Anyone interested should contact either Pastor Phil or the church office to sign up. This also includes teenagers who are interested. The classes are necessary for membership, but those at-tending are free to join or wait.

    The 20s and 30s Class is set to begin again on April 7th! This class will continue to serve EGCC attendees who are high school graduates up through their 30s. The primary focus of this class is to encourage and em-power the future leaders of our ever-growing,

    ever-evolving church. This is a unique type of class for EGCC in that it is a discussion based class that focuses on issues as they relate to Christian Life. This class is run in a discussion format and there is often a video integrated into the lessons.

    One aspect of the recently developed Senior Pastor job

    description was that he be able to build bridges to the

    local community. Bridge building is our responsibility

    as well. This nine week course will discuss how we

    might practically develop new bridges to reach those

    in spiritual and physical need in our neighborhoods

    and communities. We will be using the early church

    and a book entitled "The Church of Irresistible Influence" as our guide for

    this conversation. This class, facilitated by Will Gideon, will begin on April

    7 and will meet in classroom B.

    Bridge Building

    Upcoming Adult Sunday School Classes

  • Attention High School Seniors!!

    The Diaconate Board will be accepting applications for the 2013 Terry O'Donnell Memorial Scholarship from graduating Seniors who will be continuing their education next year. High School Seniors can get a scholarship ap-

    plication from the Narthex, the Church Office or see either Nate Caldwell, Phil Sears or Cindy Phillips (representing the Diaconate).

    Applications must be returned by April 28th and the Scholar-ships will be awarded near the end of the school year.

    Camp Turf is a 3 day, spring break camp (April 3rd-5th, from 10am - 4pm each day) for students in grades 6 through 9. Camp Turf is the combined effort of Grace Chapel and East Glenville Community Church that is based out of Cheryls Lodge at Turf Community Park

    (25 Fern Lane, Clifton Park). Some of the activities will take place outside of Turf Community Park. For these activities, driving transportation will be provided by our camp counsel-ors. Camp Turf is open to students from Grace Chapel, East Glenville Community Church, and Turf Community Park. Each

    day of camp will consist of fun events, team-building activi-ties, food (students should eat breakfast before arriving, but lunch will be provided), and a Christian message. Transporta-tion will be provided from EGCC to Cheryl's lodge each day - we will be leaving at 9:30am from the Church parking lot. Adult Volunteers Still Needed for Camp Turf! We could use a few more counselors and drivers. If you are able