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Map Edition - University of Texas at Austin · Il I I I I I Il I I I I I I I I Il I I Il Il I Il I I I I I I Il I I I I I I Ill 643014324319 NO. J632X2636 3-7000]. Enviar otras Release

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  • Source/System Identifier: G106199810611Library Control Number (LCN): 1061998Record Identifier: 253166Title: PERU 1:100,000. CLEMESI, PERU. [J632 2636].Series Identifier: J632Sheet Number: 2636Edition: 001Scale: 100000Publisher Name/Code: U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. Bethesda. 090000Secondary Publisher Name/Code:NGA Reference Number: J632X2636 National Stock Number: 7643014324319Inset:Coordinates: W 71 30 00 -- W 71 00 00 / S 17 00 00 -- S 17 30 00 Primary Geopolitical Description/Code: PERU/PESecondary Geopolitical Description/Code: PE/SPrimary (Significant) Date: 1993-01-01Item Classification/Releasability Constraints:U DSProjection Description/Code: TRANSVERSE MERCATOR - TRANSVERSE CONFORMAL CYLINDRICAL/TCHorizontal Datum Description/Code: WORLD GEODETIC SYSTEM 1984/WGEVertical Datum Description/Code: LOCAL MSL/3REllipsoid/Spheroid Description/Code: WORLD GEODETIC SYSTEM 1984/WEUGrid Description/Code: UNIVERSAL TRANSVERSE MERCATOR GRID/UTContour Interval Dimensions/Units: M0050Left Latitude (MBR): -17.500000000Left Longitude (MBR): -071.500000000Right Latitude (MBR): -17.000000000Right Longitude (MBR): -071.000000000PDF Version: 1.6

    LIMITED DISTRIBUTION Distribution authorized to DoD, IAW 10 U.S.C. §§ 130 & 455. Release authorized to U.S.DoD contractors, IAW 48 C.F.R. § 252.245-7000. Refer other requests to: Headquarters, NGA,ATTN: Release Officer, Mail Stop D-120, 4600 Sangamore Road, Bethesda, MD 20816-5003.Destroy IAW DoDD 5030.59. Removal of this caveat is prohibited.