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Manhattan Toy 2015 Mid-Year Toy



  • At Manhattan Toy we have been hard at work developing playful toys for kids of all ages. Playtime is a crucial part to every childs development, which is why our toys are designed to stimulate the senses while encouraging imagination and fun! As always, quality and play value are top of mind throughout the creative process and this mid-year we bring you some new additions that are focused and fresh to support your third and fourth quarter sales.

    New for baby you will find five adorable and innovative designs that are engaging and entertaining. We have also added some delightful new accessories forBaby Stella, Groovy Girls Special Edition dolls that flutter with delight, as well as some charming new additions to our puppet collection.

    As we approach an essential time of year for sales, we hope these exciting new additions bring you continued selling success!

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    Replaceable battery

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    Offered at 50% wholesale cost to put item on display in your store

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    Small parts

    Sounds including rattle, squeaker, bell and/or crinkle paper

    Patent pending

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    Baby 4-5Dr. Seuss 6Puppets 7Baby Stella 8Groovy Girls 9-10

  • 213390 Bitty Birds

    0 11964 47672 5

    213290 Play PyramidIS 10L x 10W x 9 H / 25.4cm x 25.4cm x 22.9cmPS 10.5L x 4.5W x 9.5 H / 26.67cm x 11.43cm x 24.13cm

    0+ Features crinkle paper, rattles, teethers, discovery

    mirror and squeakers. Each foam triangle section includes a variety of textures

    and tethered-on characters. Velcro-like closure holds pyramid shape. Lays flat or folds into dimensional pyramid. Folds for easy storage. Supports tummy-time play and cause and effect


    Pk 2

    213380 Lullaby Owl Musical Pull ToyIS 8L x 4.5W x 12H / 20.3cm x 11.4cm x 30.5cm

    3 Plays Top Of The World when pulled. Includes crinkle paper and plastic pull ring. Attaches to most strollers and cribs. Peekaboo owl moves up into the fabric tree trunk. Fosters cause and effect learning.

    Pk 4

    213390 Biy Birds Wrist Rale Set IS 6L x 1W x 2H / 15.2cm x 2.5cm x 5.1cmPS 6L x 1.5W x 8 H / 15cm x 3.8cm x 20cm

    0+ Includes one blue owl rattle and one yellow song bird

    rattle. Teaches cause and effect. Wrist rattles have Velcro-like closures. Features ribbons and a variety of fabric textures. Fosters development of gross motor skills.

    Pk 4

    213420 Garden To Go

    0 1 1 9 6 4 4 7 7 6 0 9

    213420 Garden To GoIS 4.5L x 4.5W x 4.5H / 11.4cm x 11.4cm x 11.4cm

    0+ Plush Garden To Go features 2 colorful bug

    characters attached by elastic cords. Includes rattle, fabric flowers, crinkle paper and

    ribbon loop for easy attachment to links. Grasping toy encourages hand-eye coordination and

    fine motor skill development.

    Pk 4

    213380 Lullaby Owl

    0 11964 47671 8

    213290 Play Pyramid

    0 11964 47463 9 | To order, call 1.800.541.1345 5 / Baby


    213400 Playtime Pond

    0 11964 47673 2

    213400 Playtime PondIS 34.5L x 27W x .25 H / 87.6cm x 68.6cm x .6cmPS 13L x 5.5W x 10 H / 33.2cm x 13.97cm x 25.4cm

    3 Includes 3 detachable hook and loop characters

    and mirror. Removable characters include a frog chime toy,

    rattle turtle and dragonfly with crinkle paper wings. Features squeakers, teether, discovery mirror,

    crinkle paper flower and a variety of textured materials.

    Supports cause and effect learning and fine motor skills.

    Pk 2m+

    4 / Baby


  • 153510 Snuggle Book

    0 11964 47708 1

    153520 Pull Musical

    0 11964 47709 8

    153510 HORTON Snuggle BookIS 7.5L x 1.25W x 10 H / 19.1cm x 3.2cm x 25.4cm

    3 Horton elephant book features 6 pages of colorful

    paper, crinkle sounds and a squeaker. Hortons book features hook and loop feet for easy

    closure of book. Includes ribbon loop for easy attachment to links. Encourages development of listening, vocabulary and

    memory skills.

    Pk 4

    153520 HORTON Pull MusicalIS 9.5L x 3.25W x 12.5H / 24.1cm x 8.3cm x 31.8cm

    3 Pull Hortons trunk to play Brahms Lullaby. Fabric loop with Velcro-like adhesive for easy

    attachment to most strollers and cribs. Includes crinkle paper ears and plastic teether rings. Fosters cause and effect learning.

    Pk 2

    153410 Fox

    0 11964 47703 6

    153425 Lion

    0 11964 47705 0

    153430 Moonwalkers3 styles, 4 of each

    0 11964 47706 7

    153440 Brrr! Buddies3 styles, 4 of each

    0 11964 47707 4

    Fuzzy LovesIS 6L x 5W x 7H / 15.2cm x 12.7cm x 17.8cm


    Assortment 10 pcs - 5 styles, 2 of each

    Pk 4

    Finger Puppet AssortmentsIS 1L x 1.5W x 3H / 2.5cm x 3.8cm x 7.6cm

    3+ Assortment of 12 pcs

    Pk 1

    6 / Dr. Seuss 7 / Puppets


    m+ | To order, call 1.800.541.1345

  • 153350 Anchors Away

    0 11964 47689 3

    153360 Liberty Dress & Sandals

    0 11964 47690 9

    151710 Darling Dish Set

    0 11964 47304 5

    Anchors Away

    153350 Anchors AwayPS 8.5L x 1W x 11.25 H / 21.6cm x 2.5cm x 28.6cm

    12 Pk 4

    153360 Liberty Dress & SandalsPS 8.5L x 1W x 11.25H / 21.6cm x 2.5cm x 28.6 cm

    12 Pk 4

    151710 Darling Dish SetIS 8.5L x 2W x 7.87H / 21.6cm x 5cm x 20cm

    12 Includes melamine sippy cup, plate, spoon and

    pretend play food jar. Jar and cup feature removable lids. Dish set is perfectly sized for Baby Stella. Supports the development of nurturing skills.

    Pk 4

    153370 Groovy Girls Noelle Holiday DollIS 3L x 2W x 13 H / 7.6cm x 5cm x 33cmPS 5.6L x 2.6W x 13.8 H / 14.23cm x 6.6cm x 35cm

    3+ Noelle has a fresh peppermint scent. Scent Technology by Celessence - an innovative

    micro-encapsulation delivery system. Gently hug doll to release scent.

    Pk 2

    153370 Noelle

    0 11964 47691 6

    8 / Baby Stella 9 / Groovy Girls

    Scented with


    153370 IS 3L x 2W x 13 H / PS 5.6L x 2.6W x 13.8 H /


    Noelle has a fresh peppermint scent. Scent Technology by Celessence

    micro- Gently hug doll to release scent.

    Pk 2






    Gently rub torelease scent.

    doll sold separately

    doll sold separately | To order, call 1.800.541.1345

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    Group One Associates 888-848-8807 Canada


    Atlanta, GA 225 Unlimited Atlanta Gift Mart, 203 Spring Street, Suite 1718 (Bldg 2)

    Dallas, TX Anne McGilvray & Co. 2332 Valdina St

    Las Vegas Toyology World Market Center Las Vegas, 455 S. Grand Central Parkway, Suite C-874

    Los Angeles, CA Toyology LA Mart, 1933 South Broadway, Suite #446

    Seattle, WA Jeff Saad & Associates Pacic Market Center Suite #224, 6100 4th Ave South

    Minneapolis, MN Ketz & Associates Minneapolis Gift Mart, 10301 Bren Road West - Blue 122

    10 / Groovy Girls

    153380 Nissa

    0 11964 47692 3

    153390 Cricket

    0 11964 47693 02 3

    153400 Breena

    0 1 1 9 6 4 4 7 6 9 4 7

    Groovy Girls FairybellesIS 3L x 2W x 13 H / 7.6cm x 5cm x 33cm

    3+ Features removable Velcro-like wings.

    Pk 4

    Wings Are Removable! | To order, call 1.800.541.1345

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